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Silverado Mirror Turn Signal Not Working

Silverado Mirror Turn Signal Not Working

Silverado is a powerful truck with a mirror turn signal that helps the other vehicles see the next move. They are essential for safe driving and help communicate with the other vehicle’s driver that you are about to switch the lane.

Silverado mirror turn signal does not work due to a fault in the wiring connection and loose wires. Sometimes the fuse of the bulb is blown, resulting in the malfunctioning of the turn signal. Moreover, the defective alternator does not charge the battery when the engine is off, resulting in low signal power. Finally, replace the damaged bulbs with new ones if they are not working due to a corroded or damaged relay switch.

If the other vehicle is in the blind spot, the mirror signal helps them visualize the indication.
The mirrors have high-intensity light-emitting diodes that are placed behind their glass.

It is tough to figure out the problem as there are a lot of electrical connections in modern trucks.
The problem may be due to bad bulbs or fuse, wire, connectors, and flasher units, resulting in shutting down signals.

Blown fuse

When the fuse blows, the signals are not functioning as the electric power shuts down completely. If the circuit gets too much power, it will blow a fuse due to a short circuit.

The metal ribbon inside the fuse melts due to overloading, as many plug-in appliances draw power from them. Therefore, to check the blown fuses, you have to locate the fuse panel in your Silverado.

It is present on the driver’s side, and the fuse block is located at the corner of the instrumental panel. After this, you must find the fuse for the mirror turn signal by checking the switch.

The fuse 16 helps control the light of front and back turn signals. If the fuse is not connected to the small piece of metal with blades, it is melted and needs replacement.

You can replace all the blown fuses by ensuring they have the same current in them. Any fault in the fuse results in failing the device to turn on, and if not replaced, results in melting of metal connecting the blades of a fuse.

Wiring issues/Loose connections

The signals are not working due to the poor connection of the wires, and sometimes the wire loses its covering.

The loose connections produce the spark and damage the whole system if not fixed on time.

In addition, the turn signal is problematic as the mirror moves in or out of position and tends to cut the wires or loose connections due to folding.

For this, you have to take out the device by unplugging all the wires carefully. Then, behind the mirror, you see the exposed part of wires due to back and forth movement.

The black covering is removed, and the copper wire is visible that causes the malfunctioning of the turn signal.

Twist these wires together, and you can cover them with black electric appliance tape, ensuring that the engine is turned off.

Connect the wires by fixing the mirror with the housing, and the turn mirror signal of your Silverado starts working.

Bulb or side mirror marker needs to be replaced

Sometimes the turn signal is not working due to the old fused bulbs, or the side mirror marker is damaged.

For example, it fails due to the burn-out bulb placed over time and not supplying power.

First, you have to take out the housing in the forward direction by slightly pressing it from the bottom to expose the top portion.

Put the flathead screwdriver on the exposed area, and pull the mirror’s housing away from the vehicle. You have to remove the light from the housing by unhooking the wires away from clips.

Push the gray portions inward to get the side mirror marker out, and gently remove the bulb by uncoiling the wire.

After this, you have to replace the old light with the new one and put the side mirror marker into the housing.

Ensure that the light goes with the wires and fix the light by taking the wire out of the way. Next, put the bulb back into place, and clip the wires on the housing.

Finally, put it back on the mirror by clicking the housing part on the socket. Sometimes the bulb needs to be replaced due to a blown fuse caused by a spark or filament breakage.

For this, you have to push it in a forward direction and remove the screw. Then you have to pull the lens down and unplug all the wires.

In the next step, remove the connector from the lens, and you will see the bulb. Replace the new bulb with the old one, and fix it. Next, connect all the wires, and put back the assembly into the housing.

My Silverado lights cause a problem as they flicker when I turn on the indicator and then switch off. After this, I replaced my bulb with the new one by removing the mirror, and they started working.

Faulty alternator and bad turn signal relay

The alternator gives power to electrical appliances like headlights, turn signals, internal lights, and media systems. Any defect in the alternator results in the closing of the mirror turn signal.

You can check the alternator with a digital multimeter to see if the engine components do not power the turn signal.

If they cause a problem, replace them as soon as possible to avoid further damage to the other electric appliances.

The bad turn signal relay is due to the torn-off flasher, and do not let the signal lights to turn on. It may be problematic for the other vehicle as they do not understand their next move.

Its relay is present in the fuse box and labeled on the back of the cover. First, you have to separate the bad signal relay from the box and remove the cover with some pointed object.

Sometimes the contact point of the coil is corroded or burnt out due to any spark. Take sandpaper, and fit it between the contact point to clean the rusty area.

After cleaning the contact point, put the cover back by ensuring that the PCB goes right into the line. Then, put back the signal relay into the fuse panel as placed before, and cover the lid.

Now, turn on the signal lights by starting the truck, and it works. However, sometimes the relay signal is not good and needs to be replaced with the new one.

Corroded bulb sockets

The electrical connection is broken due to overheating, damage, melting, and corrosion of the socket.

You have to check the connection by using a test light, and the problem is in the ground connection if the light does not enter.

Remove the bulb by taking out the mirror assembly and examining the bulb. If the bulb is in good condition and the lights are still not functioning, check the bulb sockets.

If the socket has a rusty look or is corroded, there is no electrical contact and does not let the signal blink.

When you wash the Silverado, the exposed part lets the water enters the bulb resulting in the corrosion of the sockets.

Sometimes the rust is due to the leaking material in the socket and causes damage to the sockets. You can prevent corrosion by using lithium grease that helps the oxygen and moisture to enter the metal surfaces.

You can also use fine-grit sandpaper or wire brushes to keep the rust out and not deteriorate the surface.

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