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Can You Put a Bidet on an RV Toilet?

Can You Put a Bidet on an RV Toilet?

When you travel on an RV, you can bring your whole washroom with you anywhere by installing a bidet in their toilet. Due to its significant benefits, every motorhome, fifth wheels, and travel trailers have at least one bathroom fitted to their floor plan.

Can You Put a Bidet on an RV Toilet? You can put a bidet on an RV toilet by PEX tube, male adapter, and Tee-Connector. It will require some modification to your plumber fitting, so you have to choose that perfect fit. Portable bidets, rechargeable bidets, permanent bidets, and handheld spray are the types of bidets available in different shapes and sizes that you can install in the RV toilet.

These are becoming more popular, and their demand is increasing day by day. Commonly, these vehicles contain a shower, toilet, and sink, but you can add a bidet to them for your convenience. Their installation can also customize your needs.

You can install them in the spacious bathroom of your homes if they are not pre-installed. However, many people prioritize creating a functional and convenient bathroom, so it is best to give the washroom a luxurious and modern look.

Some people have been using them worldwide, but their popularity has increased, especially in America. Although many people think that it is not easy to use, some do not imagine a life without using it.

If you generally use them in your home, you will want them in your RVs when you travel a long distance for more days.

How to put a bidet on an RV toilet?

You can install them in your washroom, and you can fix them separately if there is a space in your bathroom. Portable types are the best option because it has own water reservoir.

They are the bathroom fixtures that clean the genitals without touching your hands. Instead, water will come from the source with high pressure and directly clean the butt.

If you are not comfortable with handheld spray, try another type that is attached to the toilet. It can be built-in and attached to the bathroom. For RV washrooms, the attached ones are the better option as there is limited space.

You can wash the bathroom after using these gadgets. It will take water from the water tank to press the button and flush them after use. It will not waste extra water as the back tank and bidet has the same freshwater reservoir.

The bidets that fit beside the bathroom are easy to fix, while those attached underneath their seats are tricky. It should be fit and according to the plumber fitting. It will not so much time and instrument.

What will you need?

You will need:

  • A bidet
  • Tee-Connector of PEX 1/2 inches
  • The male adapter of PEX is 1/2 inches
  • An extra PEX tube
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench

Remove old toilet

Remove the old toilet seat with the help of a screwdriver and attach a new bidet seat with it.

Cover the rig with a sewer cap while working; otherwise, you will feel a bad smell from that side. After detaching the old seat, place it in the garbage bag and throw it in the waste area to avoid mess.

You can also put them in the existing ones by purchasing new ones according to the current seat’s length, width, and size. 

Mark and cut the PEX pipe

Measure and mark the pipe where you want to cut to attach the tee-connecter. Then, put the bidet on the seat and measure the distance of the PEX pipe that will reach their pipe.

Mark with pencil on this point for exact cutting. If you do not get the precise location, you can fix it later.

Cut the pipe carefully by using a sharp cutter to prevent a bumpy and unbalanced surface. Try this process to avoid scratches and significant gaps on the tube.

Attachment of PEX pipe to Tee-Connecter

Connect the PEX pipe to the tee connector at both ends. You will see the T shape of PEX tubes after connecting them to the adapter.

Add an extra PEX tube to the tee-connecter with a loose end. The purpose of its attachment is to connect it to the pipe.

Attach the male adapter to the loose end of the PEX push to connect the tube. It has a lining around them that will fit and tighten when you add it to the washroom.

Connect the T shaped valves with the toilet

It’s time to connect the T-shaped pipe with the toilet seat and tighten the screw with a screwdriver. It is the water supply to the bidet and bathroom for washing.

If these pipes are made up of plastic, then hand tightening is preferred. 

Attach the one end of the T valves with the tank at the bottom. Take a wrench and unscrew nuts at the bottom of the water tank after closing the shut-off valve.

When you lose, it will be empty, and a tiny amount of water will reserve. Keep a bucket to fill with water and a towel to clean the hands. Next, connect the one end of the T valves with it and again tighten the screws of the water supply.

Mount the new bidet toilet seat

The toilet seats are made of plastic, so they can be handled with care because an extra force can break them. Insert nuts or bolts into the holes and tighten them with a screwdriver or wrench depending upon the material of nuts and bolts. Place the seat on the rim and match the holes for passing the nuts.

Sometimes its seats are attached to the toilet through plastic nuts, and it also joins the seat and rim with metal nuts and bolts. In the end, slide its seat on the mounting plate until it fits in its specific location.

Attachment of bidet seat to the water supply

Their seat has its water supply hose for a continuous supply of water. Attach the one end of the T valves with the water supply hose at one side.

Double-check the connections carefully, and all the hoses are ideally used. Next, open the shut-off valves of the water tank, and it will fill the water in the tank.

Test the waterline and try your bidet

After making a good connection, you should check the water line whether it is leaking or not. For this procedure, you will need the help of another person who will open the water, and you will see the pipe with concentration. If it is not leaking, then go ahead for further process.

Sit on the seat and try their appropriate position. Then, open the water and look if it reaches to wash and clean the genitals. If you have done with all the procedures, start using your RVs washroom.

Do you need a special toilet for a bidet?

You can also place them on the commode’s seat. You will not need any special toilets for their installation on the commode’s seat. So here you are, adding it to your RV washrooms for convenience and ease to use.

If their seat does not have a pipe hose, you can buy a new seat from the market and replace it with the existing ones.

Do bidet seats fit all RV toilets?

Now their seats are available in every size according to the size of the commode’s rim. Mostly the RV washrooms are neither too big nor too small; they have a medium size so that you can fit the bidet seat on them quickly.

You do not need to worry about their fitting in any washroom. Instead, buy their seat according to the measurement, and you can fix it yourself without any hesitation as it does not require extra plumbing.

What are the types of bidets for RV toilets?

You have to select the bidet according to your requirements and the size of the toilet. Here are some of their types:

Portable bidet

The portable ones are the most convenient option to have in your RVs. It is small in size, and you can bring it with you anywhere you are going on tour.

It contains a handheld spray water bottle that activates when you squeeze and spray water through its nozzle. The portable type is manual and chargeable; both are of good quality and work perfectly when used.

It is a hand spray bottle that you use instead of tissue paper. When tourists, especially, hikes are going on tour, it will be the best option to carry a portable one because they will not find toilets everywhere.

Rechargeable bidets

A rechargeable electric type is a small gadget that will not require any plumbing and specific connections. Charge it and fill it with water; you will only press a button to spray water for cleaning.

Permanent bidet

It is a separate appliance in the bathroom and not attached to the toilet. However, it is present beside them to provide a sufficient supply of water. You can install it in an RV, but it will require plumbing and extra fitting.

The vehicles do not have enough space for extraordinary arrangement of things, so it does not suit well. 

Handheld bidet

It does not need special fitting and plumbing for attachment.

It is a separate device that can be installed in your bathroom. You do not need a bucket of water and a pipeline to use it. It is a water sprayer draw available in different sizes and styles.

How much does it cost to install a bidet on an RV toilet?

The average cost required to purchase them is about $550 to $1550. It depends on the quality of plastic that is used for their manufacturing. 

If you are using the metallic PEX pipe, it will cost slightly higher than then metallic PEX tubes. Try to purchase the flexible and high-quality seats for your RV for $2000 for long-term use.

It will only take an hour to fix it. You can reduce the time duration if you are an expert. The plumber will do it in half an hour with the perfect arrangement.

You should keep all the required materials before starting your work. Check all the connections before going on a long tour. If you are in a hurry, he will fix it within 25-30 minutes.

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