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Common Problems with Nexus RV

Common Problems with Nexus RV

Nexus RV was started in 2012 by Claude Donati and Dave Middleton.

They are manufacturing different classes of motorhomes which vary from one another in the latest technologies. However, many people prefer them due to their 3-burner cooking stoves.

Common Problems with Nexus RV include loose water connections or plumbing issues that come in them due to the loose screws between pipes and leakage of water. Its power steering is hard to move due to faulty mounting bushings and racks. The battery wiring is also incorrect, which will cause difficulty for electrical appliances to work.

They have some issues with their motorhomes, but they satisfy their customers by giving them complete flexibility to change the interior design according to their own will. For example, they can change the cabinet structures and flooring system on the interior side.

Loose water connection

Water connection is vital for most tasks, including kitchen and washrooms. The link between water and the fitting of pipes also plays a critical role.

If the fitting of pipes is not good, it will cause many problems. In addition, the use of low-quality pipes causes poor maintenance issues and gives the poor interior look.

The water is leaking from the water tank due to the poor quality of plastics. In addition, the damage to the water tank is due to exposure to high temperatures.

If they are present at the location where direct heat comes to them, they are more vulnerable to damage.

The overheating is due to a water tank where direct heat comes from the sunlight on the outer side.

The leakage of water comes in the interior side of walls, and it will also damage the paint coating of the wall.

The paints that start to come off the interior surface also make the interior dirty. The water also leaks from the pipes due to their loose joints.

Joints are necessary to make different connections throughout the motorhome, and they connect one pipe to another.

If the screws that combine these joints are loose, water also comes off from them. The leakage in the kitchen is due to the heating environment, the strength of pipes becomes less.

One of my friends told me that he had another RV in 2016. This RV does not have any leakage problem in its interior side or from pipes.

You should use pipes with a high quality of plastics that last for a longer time. Moreover, you should also tighten the screws from the joining point to prevent these problems.

Fault in battery

Batteries are a vital part of vehicles’ movement and ignite the spark plug.

The overheating can cause the failure of the battery electrical and wiring system. Batteries are parts that give electricity to the whole RV.

If the wire connection becomes loose, the battery cannot provide electricity to the motorhome. As a result, people feel difficulty turning on their electrical appliances.

Moreover, when batteries become weak, it will also cause sudden shutting down of fans, Air conditioners, and electrical heaters.

The water fluid is also essential for its efficient functioning; if the water level is low, it will take more engine power and cause overheating.

The battery’s problem comes from the accumulation of corrosion on their terminals for a long time.

The accumulation of these materials will indirectly reduce current flow, and people think that their electrical appliances are faulty.

The corrosion comes on terminals when you don’t regularly maintain their cleanliness. You should clear their terminals after every six months by using warm water.

If you feel that any electrical appliances are not working well, you should check the battery wiring.

You should also use good insulator tape around wires to prevent overheating and melting.

Steering problems

People who use Nexus RV also complain that they face many steering issues, and one of them is that their steering moves towards one side.

The movement of steering to one side is due to poor alignment of the vehicle and loose steering racks. It will also cause a problem if there is any fluid leak from the pumps or tubes.

In fluid leakage, the steering rack will not function adequately, and it will also make their movement hard.

Due to less friction, you need more force to move your motorhome in other directions. Sometimes these racks are worn out, and you can feel the vibrating sound coming from them.

The vibrating and clunking sound becomes more prominent when you drive RV at high speed with damaged steering racks.

Many people also complain that their power steering becomes heavy after driving them long-distance, and it occurs due to worn-out belts.

Mount bushings are also present side by side to absorb the energy produced by bumps; if they become loose or torn out, you can hear a popping sound and more jumps.

You should resolve this issue by regular maintenance and proper inspection. For example, check the hydraulic and steering fluid leakage while driving or going on a long trip.

You can also check the mounting bushings and racks if any damage is present or they become loose.

Swaying issues

Many people who use Nexus RV complain that they feel swaying issues when passing through other motorhomes because of crosswinds.

It commonly occurs due to the length of the trailer that has significant and because their sides are not aerodynamic.

The swaying problem will also come due to more weight on one side. In addition, the overloading causes bouncing and will also disturb the focal point and gravity.

Moreover, the high speed will also cause bending at one side because of less stability. In addition, this less stability will also increase the risk of accidents.

Sudden and abrupt turning of your motorhomes at high speed will also cause this problem. The excessive weight at the bake of the trailer and sudden brakes with this overloading increase the risk of bouncing.

Furthermore, wearing wheels due to road hazards or poor air inflation will make your motorhome bouncy.

Driving them on uneven and bumpy roads will poorly affect the shock absorbers and struts, which will indirectly cause swaying problems.

The damaged brake rotors, when comes in contact with the brake pads then it will result in bouncing of vehicle.

Some people also face bounciness while changing their gears due to poor and faulty transmission systems.

You should not overload the trailer back to cope with this problem and prevent road accidents.

Poor quality seats

The seats are a significant part of every vehicle because people always demand comfortable chairs for the long journey.

People in this modern era always prefer power-adjustable seats to move in a possible direction to see clearly in the mirror.

This motorhome does not provide a large angle for seeing to clear the view from the front mirror.

This hitting with road hurdles will damage or bend the axle system. Moreover, the other issue with seats is the scrapping of their vinyl sheet from the front or backside.

The scrapping of this sheet is due to the use of poor-quality vinyl covers. The tearing is also expected due to their oldness; they lose their strength when they become old.

It will also occur due to exposure to heat from the engine compartment.

The heat that directly comes from the sun will cause scraping and damage these vinyl sheets. The tearing of these covers also gives a bad look to the interior.

Poor plumbing is a significant issue in this RV, and the dripping of water increases the humidity level, which results in scraping off the seat coatings.

People often also place harsh materials on them, which will produce scratches on their surfaces.

Vinyl covers also need baby oils or some moisturizers to keep them damp. If moisture comes off from their surface, cracks will produce on the outer and inner sides of seats.

You should tackle this problem by applying oil to their surface to keep them moisturized. In addition, you should not place any heavy objects on them to prevent scratches.

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