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Common Problems with Safari Condo Alto

Common Problems with Safari Condo Alto

Safari Condo Alto trailers are made with lightweight aluminum material. However, it has all the necessary appliances and furniture for a convenient journey.

Common Problems with Safari Condo Alto include the low ground clearance that damages the lower part and affects the vehicle’s stability. Furthermore, you will face water shortage and refilling issues because it has a small water tank. In addition, the low heat resistance makes the internal cabin warm. Its seats are uncomfortable which are not suitable for a long journey.

There are a few issues with these trailers, but still, they are famous among the people because of their size.

Poor Sewer Hose

There is a sewer hose at the lower side of the trailer to dispose of wastewater from the gray and black water tank.

You will need a sewer pipe for this purpose; attach one end of the pipe to the sewer hose and the other end to the disposal.

Sometimes its sewer hose is damaged due to the corrosion in the internal lining. It happens because it remains in contact with water and moisture.

When you turn the valve, the wastewater will drip from the corroded region and damage its parts.

Many people complain about the breakage of the hose. The use of low-quality plastic hoses causes them to break earlier.

The plastic material also melts due to the excessive heat at the lower compartment of the vehicle. In addition, the old and worn-out sealing around the hose leaks the water from its sides.

If the water is dripping near the hose, you should check the hose pipe. Sometimes the use of low-quality sealing between the joints also leaks the water.

The flow of greasy material from the tank also blocks the hose, and water will flow backward. Moreover, using the same material over a while offers the growth of mold and mildews.

People throw garbage, paper towel, tissue, and a bundle of papers in the toilet. These solid materials gather around the outlet hole.

Furthermore, the people traveling with their infants also waste the diapers in the toilet, blocking the passage of wastewater flow.

You should change the sewer hose and seal it properly when attaching the pipe with it. Do not waste the solid garbage through the toilet in the safari Condo trailers.

Small Water Tank

Freshwater is an essential part of your journey in the vehicle. You cannot travel without it because you need water for washing, toilet, and cooking.

It has a small water tank with a few gallon water holding capacity. Once, I faced a water refilling issue during my trip because there was no water in the freshwater tank of the safari condo alto trailer.

When the small black tank fills, more water will not go into it, remains in the toilet bowl, and smell will spread all around.

If the freshwater tank is small, it will cause trouble for you and your family. It is enough for the two persons, but if you are going with your children and other family members, then it is not enough.

When the number of people increases, they will wash their hands and use the toilet. Moreover, the tank valve and outlet blockage will not allow the water to come out.

In this situation, people think that there is no water in the tank. Some people face the water shortage issue where the refilling option is unavailable.

Take additional freshwater gallons along with and refill the default tank.

It is better to empty the gray and black water tank after some time. However, you cannot replace the built-in small tank with a larger tank because it only carries the small water tank.

It is better to fill the tank with freshwater before it empties. 

Low Heat Resistant

The company made this vehicle with high-strength aluminum. It is a lightweight metal with maximum holding capacity.

Its exterior is excellent in weather disasters such as rain for a longer time. Although there is a layer of sealer on the outer and inner surface of the wall, people face heat issues.

When you tow this trailer with your truck for a comfortable journey in the summer season, it will not resist the heat and allow it to enter into the vehicle.

It will increase the internal temperature and damages the upholstery of furniture. One more significant thing to increase the heat in the interior is the roof vents.

This vehicle has fewer roof vents for the flow of air. The proper aeration through the windows and roof maintains the cabin’s temperature.

Sometimes people park their travel trailers in the rain; it damages the body’s outer layer. The enamel and sealing of the outer surface cracks provide the pathway for heat.

The vehicle’s exterior is not much heat resistant; that is why it warms the internal environment. Therefore, you need an air conditioner to normalize the temperature to be comfortable.

It increases the cost of fuel and puts a burden on your budget. Instead, park the vehicle in the shade or cover it with a full-size cover to protect it from heat and dust. Moreover, you should not park it in an open area and sun.

Seat Problems

It offers free space for the seating and furniture arrangement. You can set the things according to the need and reduce or increase the size to make the space.

It has an uncomfortable seat which will cause trouble for your back and neck. The manufacturer did not make the seats according to the shape of the back.

The angle of the seats in the trailer is not suitable for the people. In addition, the low-quality material used in the seat upholstery is suppressed when you sit on it.

Many people complain about the break of the wooden frame of seats. It happens due to the moisture and use of low-quality wood for furniture.

Excessive heat and cold in the internal environment also discolor the leather and fabric covers. The seats also lack headroom and proper sitting place.

You can make your journey comfortable by placing the cushion at your back and neck region. It is better to change the old upholstery with the new and premium quality foam.

Arrange the seat in this order that you can use for sleep as well. You should complain to the company for making comfortable seats.

If the wooden furniture is not going well, you can replace it with metallic furniture but apply the protective coat to prevent moisture damage.

Less Ground Clearance

The ground clearance is the space between the lower parts of the vehicle to the ground. The company makes the trailer with low ground clearance for better gravity and stability.

This RV has low ground clearance, so you cannot take it off the roads. In addition, the lower part will get dents and scratches when you go through the terrains and bumps.

Sometimes you will lose the steering control when the speed bumps hit the lower part. This is because the engine has to do extra work to pull the vehicle from the rough places with lower ground clearance.

It also puts the extra load on the tires, and they will spin around their axes without moving the vehicle. In addition, the tire tread will rub with the roads, damaging its pattern.

As a result, the surface of the tires becomes thin, and its traction with the roads also decreases. In addition, the thinner tires burst earlier as compared to the thicker and superior quality.

When these tires contact the terrain and rough places, they will burst abruptly. It is also difficult for the professional to go under the vehicle for repair and maintenance.

The low ground clearance of the RV makes the hole in the gray and black water tank. You can enjoy your journey with this trailer without facing any trouble.

Do not take the vehicle from the rough path; it is better to adopt the clean and level road even you have to do extra travel. 

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