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Common Problems with Avida Motorhome

Common Problems with Avida Motorhome

Avida is an Australian-based company manufacturing its RVs since the 1970s. They are also making motorhomes with unique designs and the latest features.

Common Problems with Avida Motorhome include faulty slide-out that can cause the entry of water in the inner side. The doors and windows of the motorhomes are not correctly closed, increasing the risk of entry of insects and dust in the interior side and the AC. Moreover, it also becomes unstable and starts to shake when you drive at high speed. The brakes also fail due to their frequent application or problem in rotors and brake pads.

People face some of these problems, but they purchase them due to their luxurious exterior structure. Moreover, it also has long beds and long-living rooms to comfortably adjust all the family members.

Entry of insects and dust

The entry of insects in the Avida motorhome is difficult to manage because of their harmful after effects.

It will damage the interior, furniture, wall paneling, and damage the food material. In addition, the windows and doors of these vehicles are not adequately seals which can cause the entry of bugs and dust into them.

People who are weekend warriors mean that they go for outings on weekends. Unfortunately, they start the engine after 7 to 8 days, and due to inadequate closing of windows, and doors dust can quickly enter them.

Dust accumulation can also decrease the life of the equipment. Moreover, it will also block the working of AC.

AC will not work efficiently if their filters contain insects and dust; coolant will not correctly flow in them.

In this condition, AC will take more voltage to work from the battery, and it will also decrease the battery’s life due to drainage of high power.

The dust accumulation is also harmful to wooden floors and cabinets. The wooden material is more susceptible to dust damage than stainless steel and other materials.

The dust that presents on the sides of slide-outs also causes difficulty in their opening and closing. The dust on the leather sofas also allows the molds and bugs to overgrow.

You can prevent your furniture, other accessories, and food material from dirt, bugs, and insects by sealing them with plastic covers.

Moreover, you can also correctly seal your doors and windows entirely by adding good-quality rubber sealants.

You can also use disinfectant sprays to prevent the entry of insects on the interior side.

Slide-out leaking problem

Slide-out plays a significant role in your motorhome when you have less space to accommodate more people and luggage.

Many people add them to increase the interior space to make them more roomy, large, and extended.

These are removable, and you can remove them when not in use. Many of my cousins who use this motorhome for camping complains that their slides out cannot fit properly and cause leakage.

The leakage is common in water which is harmful to its parts. In addition, it will increase the humidity level from standards, and that’s why the electric heaters or furnaces will not work correctly during the winter season.

The leakage commonly occurs due to rainy days and wet roads. The water will also damage the groundwater and cause electric shocks in the inner side.

The entry of moisture will also make the carpets wet, and it will also make smell and allow the access of molds to grow there.

The excessive moisture also makes people uncomfortable because of dampness on beds and couches.

In addition, the other problem that slide outs have is when they are rolling, they will damage the aluminum material.

The aluminum cuts off due to their inward and outward movement. So you can use the dehumidifier to decrease the moisture content coming from the leakage.

You can also use stainless steel cover to prevent damage compared to aluminum sheets under the slide outs.

Poor control at high speed

Stability is the main point to prevent your vehicles from accidents, and unstable ones show some problems.

The Avid motorhomes lose their stability; when you drive them at high speed on highways, they will start to shake.

This issue is expected due to the attachment of heavy-weight trailers, making them difficult to control. It will also occur due to the long length of the trailer.

This problem also comes when traveling in hilly or mountainy areas with uneven road surfaces.

It will also occur when you don’t inflate the tires properly; the over and under-inflation of wheels makes the Avida RV unstable at high speeds.

The problem also occurs due to the low quality of shock absorbers that cannot absorb the energy coming from jumps.

The instability at high speed will also make the people uncomfortable, and it will also increase the risk of collision due to unnecessary movements at one side.

The steering racks, axles, and mount bushings will make the RV less stable.

You should tackle this issue by checking the alignment of tires and steering wheels. It will also be better to inflate the tires properly before driving and inflate them with standard air pressure.

Faulty sockets

Sockets are a significant part of the RV to turn your electrical appliances and other equipment. The problem comes in the socket, due to which many people face difficulty turning on their bulbs.

Due to the sockets having less current supply, turning on heavy-duty electrical appliances like refrigerators, ovens, and AC is also challenging.

The current supply is less if any dust is present inside the switches, which causes a problem in the flow of electric current.

This issue will also occur due to residues of the melting of wires. The current supply is also less if the battery has less power to generate electricity.

Many people say that sockets are accumulated with dust that switches cannot go inside them.

When people add AC or any electrical appliances switches in, they will produce a burning smell due to low voltage or current.

The wires of the AC or ovens start to melt due to overheating. It will also increase the risk of danger due to the chances of a fire from the sparking of switches.

You should tackle this issue by cleaning the switches from the inner side. You can use warm water to remove the residues of oxides and the melting of wires.

You can also use high voltage adapters to fix this problem. It will also be better to remove sockets if you feel any burning smell to reduce the risk of damage.

Brake problems

Brakes are a significant part of the vehicle to control them at high speed. They will also protect people and motorhome collisions due to the application of brakes.

The issues come in them when you add excessive weight at the back of the trailer. It will make it difficult for the driver to keep the RV stable and apply the brake urgently.

Due to overloading, the braking rotors will also damage because of more friction between the braking pads.

The brakes will also stop working if there is any leakage in the brake fluid. The brakes will also stop working when fewer brake fluids are in them.

Air bubbles will also come in the fluid and make the brakes challenging to apply. When you frequently use them on busy roads, they will also fail to work.

The overheating will also damage the braking pads and internal wires. Brakes hoses are also an important component; if any cracks appear due to dust, the brake will fail to perform its function.

The failure will also come if their parts are bad and of low quality, which does not last long. You should resolve this problem by preventing overheating of braking pads. It will also be better to check any leakage from the hoses.

If you are going camping on weekends, then it is necessary to check the brake fluids in the master cylinders.

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