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Common Problems with Highland Ridge RV

Common Problems with Highland Ridge RV

Highland Ridge RV started in 2013, and it is a subsidiary of Jayco. They are famous in the market due to their luxurious trailers and 5th wheels. In addition, their travel trailers are durable and lighter in weight that is easy to tow.

Common Problems with Highland Ridge RV include faulty interior LED lights that stop working and its paint peeling off from its walls due to changes in temperature and humidity. In addition, its floor becomes soft and spongy from the areas near the sink and bathrooms. The propane regulators also go wrong due to their loose valves, nuts, and bolts, which can also cause gas leakage. 

They also revolutionize their trailers to give better quality to their customers. For example, the roofs of their RVs are PVC-based, durable, and heat and cooling resistant.

Tires problem 

Tires are the necessary part of every vehicle for their movement. Therefore, tires should be of good quality to provide a smooth and comfortable ride.

They also have better friction with road surfaces, producing fewer bumps on uneven roads. You cannot drive if there is some problem with them.

Many of my friends who used Highland Ridge RV complains that tires blow out after some time. The blowing off tires is due to their low quality.

The blowing will also occur when you inflate them properly, which means adding more than the normal pressure.

In addition, this issue will also occur if some road hurdles come In contact with these tires. These hurdles damage the tread surface of the tires.

The blowing is also proper if you add more weight to your trailers than their luggage carrying capacity.

Excessive weight can put pressure on the RV tires, which will blow out due to more friction. Moreover, some people are also afraid to inflate their tires too much.

The tires will start to sag and blow out after adding your luggage when inflating them inadequately. In addition, if some damage causes overheating in tires, it will also cause their rupture due to high temperature.

You should read the owner’s manual to check the standard pressure of tires so people can inflate them according to standard value.

You can also add your luggage according to luggage carrying capacity so tires will not wear out. If the tires become damaged ultimately, you should replace them with the new high-quality ones.

Peeling off paint

The travel trailer walls are painted with beautiful colors to give them a luxurious look. Sometimes, the paint peels off the walls after a few months.

The peeling can occur due to the high moisture level in the interior side. In addition, you can see this issue on the sides of showers or faucets of the kitchen.

These areas have high exposure to water all the time. That’s why the paint starts to peel off from this area.

In addition, this issue also comes near the stove because of heat production that can damage the varnish easily.

This issue will also occur in the Highland Ridge trailer due to the overuse of heaters which can cause the adhesion loss of the paint. Sometimes the excessive dryness also causes this issue. Finally, if your trailer has direct sunlight exposure, it will damage the layer.

You can resolve this by using high-quality paint that can stay longer. In addition, you can also fix it by reducing the moisture at an appropriate level.

You should also use a primer before applying varnishes to the walls. You should also take care not to apply paints on dirty walls to prevent scraping.

Failure of propane regulators

Propane regulators are a significant part of the propane tank for controlling pressure. They contain valves that handle the pressure from the propane tank when you attach them with any appliances.

It will control the pressure and prevent your appliances from high gas pressure, which can cause a problem.

If the pressure remains high, it will increase the chance of ignition. These regulators fail to work when there is some issue in their valve.

The valves become loose due to the loosening of their nuts and bolts. Sometimes the valves are also damaged due to frequent use and unable to control the pressure coming from the propane tank.

The issue with these regulators also increases the chance of gas leakage from the valves. When these regulators go wrong, the flames of your stoves become yellow due to low gas pressure.

You can recognize this issue in your travel trailer if you hear a popping noise from your stove while turning them off. Also, if you feel any smell of propane leakage from the interior, you should check the regulators to resolve this issue.

Moreover, these tiny gadgets also have a life that can go wrong when they become old; their strength and durability will decrease.

When they become old, enough propane will not supply the appliances, and you cannot turn on your stove without fuel.

When you feel the leakage or change in color of the flame, you should change the regulator to resolve this issue.

You can also replace the valve with a new one if the problem comes due to the valve. It is also necessary to tighten their nuts and bolts to control the pressure adequately.

Problem with interior lights

The interior LED lights are necessary for the trailers to lighten up your interior. However, people complain that their LED lights cause different issues.

They start to flicker after some time because of low-quality bulbs and a loose wiring connection between the bulb and the circuits.

People also complain that they hear the buzzing sound when they turn their bulbs On. This sound comes due to the overloading of circuits with heavy electrical appliances.

The heat is also produced from these bulbs due to the low-quality semi-conductors. Therefore, when the temperature becomes high due to cooking or other chores, their light also becomes dim due to high temperature.

The other issue that comes in it includes dimming and flickering due to their low quality.

The low-quality bulbs also have less durability, and they cannot last for a longer time, and their fuse blows out due to overheating or minute excessive current from the circuits.

The LED bulbs of the kitchen are more vulnerable to failure because they are more exposed to a heating environment like cooking and smoke from the kitchen.

If the current fluctuates, again and again, it will cause the blowing off their fuse, and bulbs will fail to work.

You can also fix the brightness issue by maintaining the interior temperature. The high temperature will dim lights, and you cannot feel good.

You should also replace the old bulbs with new ones of good quality and last longer. If you feel the heat coming from your LED lights, you can install heat sinks to reduce the adverse effects.

Soft spongy floors

The floors of this trailer are made of wooden material to make them lighter and increase their durability. However, using wooden floors is not beneficial because soft spongy patches form on their surface for various reasons.

When wooden material is susceptible to water exposure for a longer time, it loses its strength, and its structure becomes soft.

These patches are standard in the sink area and outside the bathroom due to their continuous exposure to water.

In addition, their wooden floors are also of low quality that when people place some heavy objects on them for a longer time, they start to become fragile.

Furthermore, it will also happen when you drag your heavy furniture from one place to another. This problem will also occur due to dust when you don’t change your carpets for a long time.

Its floors also become fragile and soft when one piece of furniture is at its place for an extended time. Therefore, it is better to resolve this issue because it can also cause sagging or complete damage.

You should remove the carpets for some time so that air can pass through this surface. In addition, you should also clean and dry the surface correctly after washing them.

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