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Good Sam RV Insurance vs Progressive

Good Sam RV Insurance vs Progressive

Good Sam RV insurance and progressive RV insurance are two leading service providers in the field.

RV insurance is a mandatory requirement in many US states like all passenger vehicles. However, it depends on the RV condition, credit history, coverage plan, and deductible amount. 

Both Good Sam and Progressive RV insurance have their pros and cons. Good Sam has better pricing, a coverage plan, and additional benefits like hitch coverage and personal injury during an accident. At the same time, Progressive RV insurance has better customer care and support facilities ratings. However, choosing insurance depends on your specific coverage requirements, RV type, and available budget.

This article will facilitate RV owners in choosing the best insurance company for their recreational vehicles. For this purpose, we will compare the main features of two well-reputed and reliable service providers in the field.

The purpose of this comparison of Good Sam RV Insurance vs Progressive is to enlighten the RV owners regarding all aspects of insurance. Furthermore, it facilitates them to choose the best plan by looking at an actual picture depicting important facts regarding both.

Coverage plan

Both Good Sam and Progressive insurance have their coverage plans for various kinds of damages or losses to your RV, personal belongings, and any medical emergency. The basic coverage plan for both includes:

  • Total loss replacement.
  • Damage to personal items.
  • Emergency expenses in case of a covered loss to your RV.

Good Sam has additional benefits like medical coverage for personal injury and hitch coverage for damage to the hitch receiver.

The special coverage packages for full-time RVers with no house as they use it as their permanent residence.

Moreover, it is a broker and offers its services to its customers through third-party insurance companies like Progressive.

Application procedure

Progressive insurance has an online system available 24/7 to get quotes by selecting various coverage options.

It will take a few minutes until you get an estimated package price. However, you can apply online, via telephone, or visit their office in person. But it will result in additional charges if you use it online or on the phone.

Good Sam insurance also offers the same facility for online quotes, but you cannot reach them on Sundays.

In addition, their application form is more extensive, with multiple questions requiring detailed information that is time-consuming.


Good Sam has more economical coverage plans as compared to Progressive.

You can start your policy from as low as $60-$70, while Progressive policy starts at $120-$130 per year.

Overall you will get the same coverage and features with Good Sam at considerable economical rates.

For example, I purchased a travel trailer worth $35000. Progressive gives me a quotation of $500 per annum, including roadside assistance and other basic coverage features.

Good Sam has provided a quote of $300 for the same package, excluding the roadside assistance plan that I can separately buy-in $70-$80.

These policy rates are for basic coverage, and exact numbers vary according to your RV status, driving record, and amount of deductible chosen for both policies.

Customer care

Progressive has better customer support than Good Sam. They have 24/7 online support or by phone call all across the US.

In addition, they have an online claim reporting and tracking system. Whenever you face a covered loss, call their helpline, and they will guide you to the nearest repair facility and provide towing services. They will also arrange for your stay at the hotel and food charges.

Good Sam also claims to have 24/7 online support, but customers have complaints regarding their complex claim procedures.

Moreover, reports mention no customer support on Sundays. 


Customers’ trust in a company plays a vital role in availing their services. Better Business Bureau collects data regarding various firms and gives them ratings based on user reviews and complaints filed against them.

Both companies have an excellent rating of A+. Moreover, there are mostly positive reviews regarding satisfactory services to their customers. Other ratings based on user data can vary on different forums.

User reviews

User reviews matter most when choosing an insurance company for your RV because they are from real-life situations.

According to several survey data, customers have shown satisfaction regarding online support and claims processing of Progressive.

In addition, they have praised the behavior and knowledge of their agents. At the same time, Good Sam has positive reviews regarding its low cost and better coverage plans.

Therefore, we surveyed customers using these companies to score a 5-star rating for both companies’ customer care, pricing, and coverage plans.

According to data compiled from 653 users, Good Sam has a score of 4.5, 5.0, and 4.9, respectively. In comparison, Progressive has an overall rating of 4.9, 4.5, and 4.8, respectively. 

Additional services

Both firms also offer certain additional services or roadside assistance packages.

It can be a part of your covered loss, and you can also separately purchase them. In addition, progressive has allied services, including roadside assistance, pet injury coverage, and full-timer liability.

Moreover, you can also get roof protection plus service to cover damage to your vehicle roof and collateral damage to your vehicle or belongings.

Comprehensive coverage includes compensation for harms from any non-domesticated bird or animal to your RV.

Good Sam also offers roadside assistance and other additional packages like full-timer’s liability and comprehensive insurance due to any non-collision accidents. However, it does not include Roof Protection Plus and pet injury in its packages.

Vehicles covered

There is no difference between insurance companies regarding coverage of various vehicles types. They include all kinds of motorized and non-motorized RVs.

Moreover, there are class A, B, and C motorhomes in motorized RVs. All travel trailer types include large cargo and horse trailers, conventional travel trailers, fifth-wheel trailers, and small utility trailers.

Other recreational vehicles included in the list are pop-up campers and truck campers.

According to US road laws, you need to avail the mandatory insurance for motorized RVs and non-motorized RVs above a specific value.


Both companies offer multiple ways to save money on various packages. For example, progressive will offer a discount if you avail the insurance with other personal property like a home or boat.

You will also get low quotes if you are the vehicle’s original owner and have a clean driving history with no major accidents in the last 3-4 years.

If you get an advance quote before purchasing your RV, Progressive will offer you a reduced price. Other savings options are homeowners, paperless documentation, and continuous insurance.

They also give rewards for loyalty in terms of small and large accident forgiveness and reduced deductibles with time.

If you drive less frequently, you can also avail yourself of low mileage discounts. In addition, you can save money by getting a Good Sam Club membership, disappearing deductibles, and storage options.

Progressive has better options to save a lot of money per annum in this category of discounts and incentives.


Good Sam is a larger company with multiple insurance companies quoting for it. However, it offers better coverage plans and reasonable rates.

On the other hand, Progressive has excellent customer care, Roof Protection Plus, and several discounts.

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