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Common Problems with Eclipse RVs

Common Problems with Eclipse RVs

Eclipse RVs started in 2003, and they are continuously struggling to provide innovative and high-quality products to their customers. 

Common Problems with Eclipse RVs include gas leakage from their stoves due to a damaged O-ring or faulty connecting pipe. They also have a low-quality chassis structure with a low-strength metal material. In addition, the quality of sofas and dine-in chairs is also poor; and people complain about the damaged upholstery. The coolant also leaks from the boiler tube of the refrigerator, which decreases the working of refrigerators.

They have some common issues with their vehicles, but their designs are the latest and look luxurious; that’s why people like to purchase them.

In addition, their travel trailers are larger in length and also have a broad interior. Moreover, they are lighter in weight, making their towing easy with any pickup truck.

Poor quality frame

The frame is the chassis structure that supports the vehicle’s weight while providing stability. The chassis structure contains low-quality metal during manufacturing, increasing the risk of damage.

Due to this, low-strength metal material will start to deform its structure from the normal, which disturbs the control of RVs.

The frame will also be at risk of damage when they slightly hit road hurdles and potholes. The collision with other vehicles can also deform its structure, and the trailer cannot maintain its structure and stability.

Sometimes people also complain that when their vehicles collide with one another, their frames start to bend even at a low speed.

The bending or change in the integrity of the chassis structure will also cause swaying or poor alignment. Due to low quality, the rust will also come on the surface, producing visible cracks.

Moreover, damage to this structure will also cause misalignment that will cause bending at one side.

Sometimes it will also produce uneven noise like squeaking and creaking sounds from sides or rear side. The damage will also pose more weight on the sides, producing wear and tear of shock absorbers.

You can resolve this issue that you should avoid to drive them on bumpy roads or uneven surfaces. In addition, if you feel any uneven noise, inspect the chassis structure from the lower side.

You can also reduce the associated rust damage by preventing moisture on their surface; if you feel swaying on one side, you can also repair the frame with the help of an expert technician.

Low-quality sofa

This trailer also has sofas in their interior for comfortable sitting during gossiping with friends and families.

Couches are also significant because people can sit on them for relaxation. Moreover, they also give a luxurious look to the entire interior of the RV.

Sofas present in these vehicles are of poor quality and will damage after a year. My brother, who used this trailer, complains that the leather upholstery scraped off.

The leather quality of these couches is low, and scratches will also produce on their surface.

Changes in weather conditions will also produce cracks on their upper layer. Furthermore, people also complain that the chairs present in the dine-in area are also of low quality.

Their upholstery starts to wear off, and the cracks are produced in their wooden legs due to low-quality wood in their manufacturing.

Their layer will also damage when accidentally water or some liquid spills on them and you forget to dry them completely.

You should resolve this issue with regular maintenance and care. It will be better to prevent moisture and dust.

You can also use a slipcover to protect their surface from scratches and cracks. In addition, you can also change your couches and replace them with better ones that are of good quality.

Problem with generator 

The generator is a significant part of every trailer for electricity supply to run the electrical appliances. However, noisy generators are so uncomfortable for passengers and the driver.

It will also produce a vibrating sound that creates an unpleasant situation for people sitting inside. The noise is the low-quality generator that produces a noise when you turn them on.

In addition, the electrical energy produced in generators also becomes the reason for the noise. Damaged parts and unnecessary wear in their structure will also lead to uneven noise.

It will also make sputtering when one of its parts fails to perform its function, or metal surface comes in contact with metal due to technical issues.

The addition of bad fuel or inadequate mixing of fuels will also cause this issue. Due to this fault, it is difficult for the driver to drive because of diverted attention due to noise.

The surface of the Eclipse RVs is also hard, and when you directly place them on the ground, the vibration is too loud that it can irritate people.

In addition, due to the low level of fuel to provide electricity, it will also produce sound in this device. When people put so much load on them with heavy devices, it will work more to provide enough supply, making the interior noisy.

You can reduce this noise by building a wall in front of them to absorb the radiation coming from them.

It will also be better to install vibration dampening material to reduce the vibrating sound that is also loud.

You can also use rubber pads beneath them to absorb the sound waves coming from them.

The issue with the boiler tube of the refrigerator

Boiler tubes contain metal material for the movement of coolants between them to cool the refrigerators.

The coolants maintain the temperature to prevent your food from spoilage. If they cannot adequately rotate in these pipes to absorb heat, then your refrigerator will not work adequately. In addition, the coolants sometimes start to leak from the pipes and decrease the working of refrigerators.

They will not be able to maintain the temperature without them. The leakage can occur due to damage to pipes or cracks produced in them.

The coolants contain chemicals in them, and when they continue moving through these pipes, they will start to damage their surface.

In addition, the rust will also accumulate on them because of regular exposure to moisture. e

When the coolants leak from there, it will also cause the risk of fire because they are present near the ignition area.

The temperature of these coolants is also high, which can cause damage to them. You can prevent their leakage by using good-quality boiler pipes with more durability and strength.

Moreover, it will also be better to thoroughly clean them so the chemicals cannot accumulate on their sides and cause cracks.

You can also use oxygen scavengers to prevent corrosion on the surface of the trailers. You can also reduce this leakage by maintaining the temperature adequately.

Gas leakage problems

Most of the Eclipse travel trailers also have stove facilities for cooking purposes so people can enjoy their favorite meals during their trip.

The gas leakage is very harmful; it can increase fire risk if they are present near an ignition source. Moreover, gas leakage for a long time produces a smell in the interior and makes it more suffocated.

The main reason for the gas leakage is the connector pipe that connects the stove for the supply of gas; if there is some damage to the pipe, it will cause this issue.

Moreover, the O-rings are necessary to attach these connector pipes to the stove; if these rings get old and damaged, it will also increase the risk of leakage.

Stoves also have a button to turn them off, and On means these buttons control the gas coming from the main pipe.

People turn off the button when their stoves are not in use. However, if they forget to turn them off at night, it will cause an accumulation of gas in the interior.

In addition, these buttons also go bad or loose, then they will cause the issue. You can resolve this problem by adding new buttons if they go wrong or tight adequately if they are loose.

In addition, you can place the main connector pipe away from the stop to prevent melting due to overheating because it can also cause this fault.

If you feel the pipes are loose from the stove side, you should change the O-ring to resolve this issue.

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