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Common Problems with Grand Design RV

Common Problems with Grand Design RV

Grand Design RVs started in 2012, and these are famous for their high-quality products. In addition, the company offers services with an extended warranty to their clients.

Common Problems with Grand Design RV include loose cabinet screws due to damaged surfaces and faulty kitchen lights that stop working. The axle bearings also go wrong due to poor lubrication and wear or tears. The stairs are also squeaking due to shrinkage of wood and loose screws.

They are some minor issues with their RVs, and everyone loves their toy haulers, 5th wheel, and travel trailers with a big interior.

Problem with curtains

Curtains are necessary for the trailer’s interior to give them a relaxed and luxurious look. Moreover, they also prevent direct entry of sunlight and increase the working of air conditioners.

Some people who use this RV complain that their window blinds behind the couches of dine-in areas start to fall for several reasons.

The felling of blinds is expected due to loose screws that connect the blinds with the walls. When they start to come off from the windows, it can cause any issues.

The direct entry of sunlight decreases the working of air conditioners. Moreover, people also feel uncomfortable and get irritated during sleeping in the daytime due to the light in the interior.

Sometimes people also complain that 3 to 4 slats of their vertical blinds come off their central part, which is problematic and challenging to repair.

The feeling of blinds also comes when the chain that connects the slats breaks down for some reason.

The issue with the movement of blinds also comes due to the presence of dust and dirt in the headrail. Due to dust, the blinds behind the sofas do not move smoothly.

You can resolve this issue in Grand Design trailers by adequately lubricating them with silicone-based lubricants. In addition, you should also clean the dust by using a vacuum cleaner.

You can also replace the chain with a new one if they get damaged. You should also tighten the screws of the blinds and rod that connects the curtains with the walls to fix this issue.

Faulty kitchen light

The lights in the kitchen are present on the above side of the sink.

People complain that the LED lights on the upper side of the tap are damaged and less durable.

The less durability is due to water, which can cause the blown of their fuse. In addition, the wires are also damaged due to the short circuits caused by water droplets.

The kitchen area also has more exposure to heat during different food items. The excessive heat produced during cooking will also damage the filaments of the LED bulb.

Heat is the main component that damages them due to overheating, and the bulb blows out. This issue can also occur due to faulty wiring in the kitchen.

People think that the wires that supply power to the kitchen wires can also damage due to the supply of high voltage current.

Moreover, they can also be damaged easily if the wires are poorly insulated and faulty switches supply excessive power, which will blow out the fuse.

You should resolve this problem by adding a new high-quality bulb and lasts for a longer time. You should also prevent the lights from excessive moisture by changing their place.

It is also better to change the direction of the bulb and install them away from your stove, which can reduce heat-associated damage.

Squeaking of stairs

People in my friend circle who used this travel trailer complain that these RVs’ stairs started to squeak after some years.

The main reason for the squeaking is low-quality wooden material during their manufacturing. In addition, this issue will also come due to shrinkage of wooden material after some time. Finally, it will also occur due to inevitable wear and tear in wooden stairs.

Moreover, the wooden material of the stairs also starts to damage after some time, and inevitable cracks will produce on different surfaces, which can disturb their durability.

Sometimes the screws also become loose, which can cause rubbing of one side of wooden surfaces with the other side.

It will also produce uneven noise, which is uncomfortable and people also become disturbed during early morning and night.

These creaky sounds will also cause disturbance during the sleeping hours of people. In addition, when wooden materials become old, they lose their strength which can also cause this issue.

You should resolve this issue by accessing the squeaking sound at different places. For example, you should trace this sound by slowly walking at the stairs and note the point where you feel this noise.

You should also check the damage in wooden material and wear and tear on their surfaces.

Loose cabinet screws 

The cabinets in the kitchen have screws for their opening and closing. One of my friends who used this RV complained that this trailer had an issue with loose screws while he had also used other trailers that did not have this issue.

The issue with these screws is that the manufacturer cannot tighten them adequately due to their poor installation.

Moreover, they also become unfastened due to jumps and driving on bumpy roads for a longer time. Low-quality nuts and bolts are also more vulnerable to becoming unfastened.

They also become unfastened due to damage to wooden cabinets and damage to their surface. My brother is using this cabinet, complains that the screws of the cabinet are loose.

Loose bolts cause the opening of cabinets, again and again, increasing noise and causing a disturbance.

In addition, due to open cabinets, dust and other insects can enter them and increase the risk of damage.

You should resolve this problem in Grand Design RVs by adequately fastening the screws of the cabinets. You should also install new bolts if the old ones are bent or damaged.

It will also be better to tighten them completely to close, preventing insects and dust.

Faulty axle bearings

The axle bearings are an integral part of the vehicle, and they also make sure that the axle of the trailer has frictionless movement.

Moreover, they also help support the trailer’s weight and the movement of their wheels.

When the bearings start to wear down due to their old age or some stress, it can cause inadequate movement of the steering wheel.

The excessive exposure of vehicles to the muddy road for a long time can damage the axle bearings. In addition, the problem in them also comes due to driving conditions.

When you drive your travel trailer on bumpy roads for a long time, it will damage the axle bearings and disturb the stability of the steering wheel.

Lubrication is also necessary for the appropriate working of axle bearings; they will go wrong due to the high friction of bearings caused by fewer lubricants.

Sometimes, brake fluid leakage from the hydraulic system or master cylinders causes rust near the bearings and reduces the working axle.

Due to these faulty axle bearings, the vehicles cannot control their weight, making them misaligned. The symptoms of faulty bearings include hearing the squeaking sound while turning your vehicle at one side.

It is also harmful to drive with damaged bearings because it can stress the hub and CV joint more.

In addition, it will also increase the risk of accidents due to the sudden stop of tires while driving, and it also affects the transmission system.

You can resolve this issue by replacing them with new ones of good quality. You should also add lubricants if you feel reduced friction and uneven noise from the axle side.

You should also prevent leakage from the hydraulic system to reduce the accumulation of rust near them.

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