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Common Problems with Monaco Coach

Common Problems with Monaco Coach

Monaco Coach started in the 1970s, their motorhomes are famous because they can hold excessive weight with ample space to place luggage and other home accessories.

Common problems with Monaco Coach include the poor working of the dashboard audio system which comes due to a faulty radio switch and wiring issues. The slide-out does not work due to inadequate lubrication or burning of their motors. In addition, many people also face leakage from its roof due to their poor quality material. These motorhomes start to shake at high speed, bumpy roads, and excessive weight.

It is famous for motorhomes due to their luxury look and facilities. It is attracting the customers towards them because of their affordable price. People are still buying them because they benefit from these common issues.

Corrosion on the chassis structure

The vehicle’s frame contains different structures like the vehicle’s body, transmission system, axles, and wheels.

It is a single-axle suspension system that can hold more than 20,000 pounds without damaging its exterior and interior parts.

In addition, this type of chassis structure contains two parts joined by the body on the middle side.

Accumulation of rust on these chassis structures is a common problem people have faced for many years.

I surveyed the 400 people who were using Monaco Coach and about 30% of people face this issue which can also decrease the life of this frame.

When driving motorhomes on wet roads or during the rainy season, water accumulation can increase the risk of corrosion there.

The ice and snow accumulate on the vehicle when you park them outside without a shed during cold weather. Therefore many people use salt to clean the snow from their chassis structure and complain about corrosion on the outer side of the frame.

This issue will also come due to poor maintenance and cleaning methods. In addition, the accumulation of dirt and grime from many years also increases the risk of damage from rusting.

It is necessary to resolve this issue because rust for a longer time on the chassis structure will damage them and you may have to tow your broken motorhome.

You should park your vehicle in shady areas during cold weather and the rainy season. Moreover, for troubleshooting, you can use suitable quality lubricants to prevent oxidation.

Leakage during raining

Leakage during rain comes from different parts due to poor sealing on the exterior side. The sealing system of this motorhome starts to wear after some time.

My brother has another motorhome of a different company, and their sealing lasts for a long time; he does not face this issue.

The sealing is present on windows, doors, and other parts to prevent water and other materials.

The sealing failure is their poor installation; if they are not installed properly, they become loose, and water can quickly enter them.

The use of low-quality material decreases their longevity, and the average life of rubber seals is about 4 to 6 years after that, they start to wear out.

The leaking of water during the rainy season is also from roof racks. These racks are directly attached to the roof, and any leakage from their side enters into the inside of the RV through screws.

Moreover, the roof is more vulnerable to damage if it contains low-quality material in its manufacturing.

The dents or other leakage also occurs when you park them in an open area during the snow. The damage to the roof is also common due to their exposure to different cold and hot temperatures, increasing the risk of leakage of the top.

You can resolve this issue by parking your motorhomes away from sunlight. You can also use high-quality seals and hire an expert person for their proper installation.

It will also be better to replace them when they become loose and wear from different sides. Sometimes the overheating also decrease their life, so you should also prevent them from direct exposure to sunlight.

Poor stability on the road

The stability of every vehicle is necessary for a comfortable drive and to decrease the risk of accidents on highways.

The Monaco Coach has poor stability; they start to shake when you increase the speed. Moreover, when you are driving them at a slow speed, they begin to bend at one side, which is due to the poor stability of the steering wheel.

The disturbance in their stability also comes when you add excessive weight. Due to excessive weight, it is also difficult to control the power steering wheel.

The tires also start to shake due to heavyweight and driving them at high speed. The poor stability or lack of control is also due to over or under-inflation of tires. This happened to me 3 years back when I was crossing the Mackinac bridge on my motorhome.

A good suspension system is essential for a smooth drive; if there is some problem, you feel more jumps and hurdles on the road with an uncomfortable situation.

The poor alignment of wheels also disturbs the control, which occurs when you are hit with some road hurdles or potholes.

The control and stability of the steering wheel also disturb when you are driving them on wet or snowy roads due to poor traction and less grip of tires on the roads.

Moreover, motorhome also contains the heavyweight of furniture and other accessories, increasing the risk of shaking.

Due to this shaking or poor control, you cannot correctly rest in them with comfortability. You can resolve this fault by adequately inflating the tires with standard pressure.

You should also check the suspension system and rear or front axles to detect any damage in them.

Slide-out problems

Slide-out problems are common in this type of motorhome for many reasons, and it will also increase the level of discomfort.

Slide-outs are necessary for vehicles to increase the space, and you should open and close them according to your requirement.

The possible issue with them is their difficulty of inward and outward movement. The difficulty in movement occurs due to poor lubrication.

Sometimes foreign objects are also stuck at their sides which can cause an issue in their adequate and efficient movement.

Most of the slide-outs have a leakage problem of hydraulic fluids; this fluid’s leaking also hinders their activity.

They also need a power supply or proper wiring to perform their function. If there is less voltage from the power supply or battery and inappropriate or damaged wiring, you feel difficulty in extending outside.

Monaco Coach stops working when its motor burns out due to excessive weight than its average capacity.

To avoid getting stuck while opening and closing, you should adequately lubricate them after 2 to 3 days. In addition, also clean the leakage and dust which can hinder their activity.

Audio system problems

The audio or radio system is necessary for every vehicle to make the journey memorable and enjoyable. I have used this motorhome for 10 months and faced a dashboard radio system problem.

The issue with dashboard radio is their decreased frequency, and they will stop working for different reasons.

The disconnection of audio is due to damaged dashboard wiring, which cannot supply enough power.

Damaged or poorly insulated wires cannot supply proper power for operating the audio system in these RVs.

People always prefer vehicles with an audio sound system, and they feel their journey is tiresome without an audio system.

The radio switch also goes bad due to their old age or some internal processes like heating of switch also disconnect the audio system.

Several In-line fuses are also present in the dashboard near the audio and radio system, which helps them perform their function.

If these fuses blow out, it will directly affect the audio system. Therefore, you should always check the proper power supply to resolve this problem.

Moreover, also use a high-quality radio system and switch for long-lasting use.

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