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Common Problems with Newmar RVs

Common Problems with Newmar RVs

Newmar RV is famous for its quality, innovations, and modern technologies. These motorhomes are common among people, but they have some problems that you can tackle easily. 

Common Problems with Newmar RVs include bad tires that give poor traction, control, and stability on hilly roads. It also has the draining problem from bathroom pipes and showers, increasing humidity. The production of uneven noises is also typical due to braking and suspension system problems. Its headlights are dim or fail to work due to bad plastic covers and poor wiring of fuses.

It is a well-known brand that makes luxury motorhomes. Their famous vehicles are Gas Newmar motorhomes, diesel, super C, Class A, and luxury lineups. They also satisfy their customers by giving them good customers services.

Bad headlights

Most people who have this RV complain that their headlights stop working after one to two years.

The failure of headlights is a significant issue, and it can increase the risk of accidents on the road due to less visibility.

The failure is due to bow off fuses, modules, or relay. The fuse may blow out due to battery overheating engine compartments less power supply.

The light will also reduce when there is low power from a battery or other sources. There are also proper wirings that supply the electricity to the headlights to make them ON.

The problem in these wirings like poor insulation or loose connections between them also hinders the activity of headlights.

The ground wire that connects the headlights to the chassis structure also plays a significant role, and damage in these wires hinders these functions.

They also have a plastic cover on their bulb to protect them from damage caused by dust, debris, and exposure to sunlight.

When dirt, debris, and lines of scratches appear on these plastic covers, they obstruct the passage of light from the bulb and make them dim.

The alternator is also necessary for maintaining the brightness of the headlights; when these become damaged or worn out, it will make them dim.

Most of these headlights also contain halogen bulbs, and the gas in these bulbs makes a black layer on the sides and looks dim.

When facing this issue, you should change the alternator belt to prevent road accidents at night. In addition, some people align the headlights of their motorhomes.

You should also change the plastic covers to restore the brightness of these headlights. It is also better to check the damage in the ground wire and replace them.

Draining of pipes

The pipes also drain from different sides due to damage in them. Due to their old age, these plastic pipes lose their flexibility and strength after some years.

Specifically, water drains from bathroom and washroom pipes or showers. Therefore, the water leakage increases the risk of damages due to moisture in the Newmar motorhomes. For example, this happens when people shower in the RV.

The water from these pipes also damages the layers of paint. In addition, the humidity increases the scrapping of the color from different sites.

The leakage of water pipes is due to loose connections; poor quality wires the wear out early and plumbing issues.

The humidity also increases the growth of molds there, producing the smell. The moisture is also present on metal surfaces, and if there is a fault with ground wire, it will increase the issue of electric shocks.

Moreover, humidity on windows, seals, panels, and doors decreases their longevity. During winter seasons, the presence of dampness also reduces the activity of electric heaters.

Moreover, it is also challenging to maintain the Air conditioner temperature during summer. It will also increase the growth of corrosion on metal parts of RV.

The wooden cabinets and furniture are also damaged due to humidity. 

An increase in humidity from their specific percentage also increases the uncomfortable situation. It will make the doors and glass windows muggy, and fogs appear on them due to condensation.

The increase in humidity in the electrical system also produces electric shocks in the vehicles. You can check the pipes and their connections after some time; if you are facing these issues, then hire the plumbers to resolve this problem.

It will also be better to dehumidify the RV to decrease the level of moisture. You should also check the clumps and screws that they are correctly tight.

Squeaking sound

When there is damage in any part or unstable conditions produces a squeaking sound in your motorhome. You cannot ignore this noise because it can ultimately damage the components.

It will also occur due to improper lubrication of different parts, which produce this sound due to less friction.

When you are not providing proper tuning to your vehicles for some years, it will cause this problem. It will reduce the optimal working conditions and reduce the life of different parts.

This sound will produce under the hood due to broken or worn-out accessory belts losing friction and traction control.

Sometimes the braking pads and rotors will also damage due to their old age. The damage of braking pads also occurs due to their old age, low quality, and fewer brakes fluids.

When you apply brakes in this condition, they have less moving friction and produce this sound. The drive belts and alternators are also present in the motorhome to supply the power.

When these belts wear out or are damaged, it can cause this issue. When oil leaks in the engine compartment, the drive belts become slippery and produce a squeaking sound.

The pulley bearings are also present for the movement of belts; less lubrication will increase this problem.

It will also produce due to some issues in power steering, which needs hydraulic fluid for their proper movement.

When there is less hydraulic fluid, the power steering also produces this noise while moving. The suspension system also needs proper lubrication and greasing for appropriate working.

When their metal parts are not greased adequately, and connection of metal surface with metal due to less friction cause this fault.

You should also remove the dust, dirt, and grime from different parts to avoid this issue. After some years, it is also necessary to check the brake and hydraulic fluid to prevent this issue.

You should also apply proper lubricants on driven belts, steering column linkages, and brake rotors.

Engine problems 

There is also a problem in engine compartments, increasing the risk of damage. The overheating in the engine when you are driving on a long route decrease the working of Air conditioners.

There is an issue with the sparking of the engine due to poor spark plugs, which can cause a delay when starting the vehicle.

The engine also requires enough greasing for all parts to move and work properly. Less grease can produce overheating due to reduced friction when there is less grease.

Sometimes dirty oils and debris also remain there, reducing the spark plug’s function and blocking the valves with debris, reducing combustion.

The failure of the engine is due to leakage of coolants. The issue in radiators comes from debris accumulation which will block their passage, increase the overheating and eventually cause engine failure.

When the spark plugs become old, the engine also has to work more and provide more power for proper ignition, reducing their life.

My cousin has RVs of some other company and their engines last for a long time because all the parts are of good quality.

I have seen that the quality of their parts is not so good, which can reduce their efficiency and the market value due to this faulty equipment.

You should tackle this problem by adequately greasing all parts and belts with good quality greasing products available in the market, reducing the risk of failure.

You can also check the coolant leakage and radiator performance to maintain temperature.

Tires problem

Low-quality tires have been a common issue in Newmar RVs for many years, disturbing their stability.

I interviewed many people who have been using this vehicle for a few years, and most of the complaints are that the quality of tires of these RVs is not so good.

They wear out quickly, and their tread surface becomes plain after some time. People concluded that it is not best for trips of hilly areas and off-road because their wheels have less grip on the road.

Due to less friction with the road, they start to overheat quickly and consume more fuel, directly affecting your fuel economy.

Due to their poor quality, many people also complain that their experience is poor on snowy roads; it is not suitable for aerodynamics; they start to slip on them due to less tread surface. The poor tires also cause stability issues and poor alignment.

You can prevent this issue by replacing the factory-fitted tires with tires of better quality that have a good tread surface to increase the grip and friction on the road.

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