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Alfa See Ya Problems

Alfa See Ya Problems

This motorhome was made by Alfa See Ya Corporation, present in Californian, and it worked from the 1990s to 2008. Their motorhomes and RVs have some issues in their different models, but they remain common due to their more benefits.

Common problems in Alfa See Ya Motorhomes are poor working of AC due to high roof, which consumes more fuel and makes it less cost-effective and low-quality paint. It has poorly sealed doors and windows that cause moisture to enter and damage its interior. The failure of the crossbar to tie road connection also occurs, which disturbs the stability of the steering wheel. In addition, the slide-out motor stops working due to excessive load or electricity issues which increases the repairing cost.

These are the top entry-level coaches in America, and their motor homes are famous due to their outclass look and roomy interior.

They also manufacture luxury lifestyle RV according to the needs of people. People mostly like their double slide-out motor homes because they give excessive space and luxury looks.

AC problems

The air conditioner is a necessary part of every vehicle because, during hot summer days, survival is difficult without them.

I have used this Alfa See Ya motorhome for years, and many times AC is not working properly and causing a cooling issue. This happened last year when I was crossing the Mackinac bridge on my motorhome.

The reason for less cooling of the Air conditioner is that it has high roofs. The single AC will not work efficiently in the interior with high ceilings as compared to small rooms.

Due to the large room, it will trip again and again, affecting its working. When it runs continuously, it will consume more fuel.

The consumption of more fuel will make it less cost-effective for the customer. Due to this problem, people are reluctant to buy them because they always want cost-effective things.

In addition, the mileage of this vehicle also decreased due to more consumption of fuel by AC. It will not perform its function correctly when its filters are full of dust, and you do not have to change them for a long time.

Moreover, AC will also consume more energy from the battery and decrease its longevity. In the same way, the electric heater also has to work more with more fuel and battery supply.

It will also be better if you install the correct size of heaters and AC according to the size of the room for adequate function.

Troubleshooting is easy and you can clean ducts and filters properly after six months so that accumulation of dust and dirt cannot hinder their function.

Low-quality interior 

The interior quality is also not good, creating many problems and increasing the repairing cost.

The paint material is not good, and it will start to blister and increase the dirt and debris in the interior.

Blisters form due to osmosis, and water accumulated on the surface, trapped there, and formed bubbles on the surface.

The change in weather conditions also leads to blistering of paints from walls, windows, and doors. Sometimes the presence of moisture from kitchens, washrooms, and bathrooms also causes this problem.

When you park your motorhome in a rainy area, it will also increase the humidity levels in the interior side and affect the walls and doors.

Excessive heat will also cause a loss of adhesion between the paint film and the wall’s surface. The excessive heat may come due to sunlight and electric heaters.

The quality of cabinets is also not good, and it will also decrease their longevity. This is because the cabinets that are of wooden material have low-quality wood in them.

Low-quality wood is more vulnerable to damage as compared to high quality. This is because they are easily breakable due to exposure to heat and water.

The bubbling of paint on the interior side also gives a bad look to the whole interior. You should prevent this blistering and make the interior more classical.

Increase the ventilation in the room to remove moisture and heat. You should also scrap the surface and then repaint the surface with high-quality varnishes.

Moreover, always use primers before applying a new coat of varnishes.

Failure of the crossbar to tie road connection 

There is a connection between the chassis structure and the rear axle crossbar to tie rod connection. This tie rod is necessary for the proper movement of the steering wheel of any vehicle.

It makes the connection between the steering arm and the steering rack. Furthermore, a steering rack is necessary for the movement of the front wheels.

The gap between these roads and the steering arm increases when you continuously drive your motorhomes on unsmooth and uneven roads.

This increase in gap disturbs the stability of the power steering wheel. In addition, when you are driving in a muddy or snowy area, the water accumulates there and increases the chance of rust.

The gap also comes in them due to corrosion caused by improper lubrication.

Sometimes driving on bumpy roads, potholes, and hitting with road hazards also decrease the life of these roads.

When the stability of the steering wheel decreases, it will increase the vulnerability of accidents on roads. It will also cause poor control of Alfa See Ya motorhomes while driving, harmful to drivers and passengers.

The wear and tear are also produced due to road hazards or when your vehicle hits some hurdles. However, you can tow the broken motorhome by calling the local authorities.

Due to this gap of the tie rod, you feel the inability or decreased ability of the steering wheel to work, and it will also produce a squealing sound.

To prevent this gap, you must drive carefully on bumpy roads. You can also apply proper lubricants after some time to avoid rust there.

Poorly sealed doors

The other problem with this motorhome is that its doors are not correctly sealed. Low-quality sealing increases the entry of air and water into the interior side.

During winter, the entrance of more air cannot be bearable due to cold weather conditions. Moreover, the water during rain also enters from doors and windows due to poor sealing.

The water entry increases the risk of damage to an electrical system, and you may feel a short circuit.

The presence of moisture also decreases the life of wooden cabinets, furniture, and door, and they can be easily breakable.

Excessive humidity also decreases the comfort level, and you cannot survive in this environment for a longer time.

In addition to doors, the windows and the corners of the wall are also poorly sealed.

Moreover, more dust will enter them, and it is difficult to clean these large interiors. The accumulation of dirt also decreases the life of wooden furniture.

Furthermore, the humidity will also increase the chance of rust and electric shocks on metal parts of the vehicle.

The paint on the walls also starts to scrap off due to high humidity levels.

Slide-out motor problems

It works through an electrical system and needs a push-button for sliding out of bed.

If you face any issue with a slide-out motor that is not moving in or out, it can be a gear system or motor problem.

The motor of the slide-out fails to work after some time because of some issue, and it will directly increase the repairing cost.

The failure or problem of the motor will also occur when you overload the slide out. Due to the overloading motor, there is more resistance for the inward and outward movement.

The motor is responsible for their movement, and it will require more current against this heavy load resistance and ultimately damage the motor, and it will not last for a long time.

They also have drive pins for appropriate movement; sometimes, due to stress and excessive weight, these pins will break and cause inadequate problems in the motor’s working.

When the slide-out motor works with hydraulic pumps, there is more damage to pumps and valves.

Sometimes slide-out motor is not working due to a poor electrical system or problem with the wiring. The weak battery that will not provide enough power supply and blown fuses reduces the motor’s efficiency.

In general, they will last for about 8 to 12 years, and when they become old, maintenance issues come into it.

When you face this type of issue, you can check the electricity supply from the battery and electrical system of the motorhome.

You can also increase the life by properly lubricating them once after six months. 

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