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Common Problems with Safari Trek

Common Problems with Safari Trek

The company launched the Safari Trek in 1991, but Monaco purchased it in 2002. It is a full-size motorhome having a comfortable bed, best flooring, toilet, and kitchen.

Common Problems with Safari Trek include poor stability control and failure of the parking brake. Improper and loose wire connection with the battery terminal produces heat and melts the wire. In addition, people also face tire tread problems and less fuel efficiency.

The company sealed the walls properly to protect them from moisture penetration and corrosion.

Poor Stability Control

The stability control system helps the driver to maintain the vehicle during driving. 

There is an indication on the dashboard near the fuel and speed meter. The indication light turns ON and OFF according to the circumstances.

Sometimes it remains on when there is malfunctioning in the system of a motorhome. You have to call the mechanic to repair it or take it to the workshop as soon as possible. ]

Otherwise, it will damage the stability control badly and affect its function. For example, the stability control becomes poor when you drive it fast on the highways and stop it by pressing the brakes abruptly.

The sudden break also affects the stability control system. Many people having Safari Trek complained about this issue when driving aggressively.

When people decorate it with heavy interior ornaments and furniture, it also affects the balancing of vehicles. Moreover, driving on icy and slippery roads for a long time at high speed is also a problem.

The malfunctioning of the system causes skidding and bending at one side when you are driving with heavy-handed steering.

You will not control the wheel’s alignment, and the chances of accidents increase. If you face this issue, you should fix it by pressing the button for a few seconds.

It will calibrate it; there should be an internal fault if it does not. You should repair it in time to maintain the steering control while driving on rocky and snowy roads.

Melting of battery cables

The Safari Trek has an electrical supply through the battery to all parts of the motorhome where it is necessary. The battery has a positive and negative terminal to connect the wire.

The mechanic connects the positive and negative terminals of the wires matching the terminal of the battery. Then, it is necessary to start the engine and provide the electrical charges to the other devices and systems.

The air conditioner and other electrical devices depend on the battery for proper functioning. Therefore, the manufacturer used high-quality wires in these vehicles as people take them on long tours.

The company provides everything for human use under one floor, which you can bring anywhere. Moreover, all the appliances run on the battery to have a standard current passage.

The wire has insulation to protect from damage and overheating. Sometimes the overheating of the wires starts melting due to the high load on the battery and wires.

When you do not use high-quality wires, it starts melting after some time because it cannot bear the high voltage in a motorhome.

Sometimes the wires slide from their place and go near the exhaust. It emits heat which will affect the wire’s insulation and melt it.

The heat penetrates the wires after damaging the insulation, and the chances of short circuit increases. It is dangerous as the spark can spread around and damage the other parts.

It also melts due to the poor installation of the wiring system and short circuit from the neutral wire. Moreover, high voltage lights and other appliances increased the cables’ workload, damaging the wires.

Sometimes you turn on all the things running on the battery for a longer time, creating heat near the battery. As a result, the wires passing nearby will get excessive heat.

I faced the melting of battery wires once, took the Safari Trek to the mechanic, and told me that I did not change the wires timely.

It is better to use high-quality wires, and it should not touch the exhaust and run the appliance of voltage that meets the battery.

When it gets too old, you should change the wires to avoid short circuits. The connection of the battery with the cables should be tight.

Failure of the parking brake

The parking brake is necessary to stand the vehicle in the parking area. It will not allow the motorhome to move from its place.

It is sometimes present beside the driver seat and at the side of the brake pedal. A hand lever or foot-operated emergency brake is essential after the journey’s end. You must check all the parts before you travel, this issue happened to me 3 years back when I was traveling on my motorhome on the Mackinac bridge.

It also decreases the chances of rolling away when your vehicle is stuck between the others while parking. Another primary important function is that it reduces the tension on the transmission.

It also relieves the other components from stress and works as a safety feature in the hilly and smooth terrain.

Its parts expand and squeeze in the rear wheel when you apply it to stop the tires from spinning. The corrosion on the internal components can damage the brakes.

The rust restricts the movement of the lever, and it will produce a scratching sound. In addition, the flashing sensor light will blink on the screen, indicating the problem.

Sometimes the mechanic mistakenly places the wires improperly while repairing the motorhome. The displacement of cables is also one of the reasons for the failure of the parking brake.

The disengagement of the brake system occurs due to the jam of the pedal and lever. In addition, its overuse also decreases its ability to stop the vehicle in an emergency condition.

When you are driving it at high speed and apply brake abruptly, it will harm the braking system.

It also does not work when the driver does not use it; it remains in one position for a long time. Therefore, you should use the parking brake properly when you need it.

You should not apply large force on the pedals to prevent breakage. Check the internal parts if it is not working. Remove the rust from it by using anti-rust spray and cleaner.

Less fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency is the energy that the vehicles extract from the fuel and converts it into kinetic energy. It will use this kinetic energy to run on the roads without distraction. So its efficiency depends on the extraction of energy from fuel.

The Safari Trek motorhome is less fuel-efficient because of the fault in the engine compartment. It also occurs when the fuel injector is damaged.

Sometimes people load heavy objects and appliances in it and burden the engine. As a result, the engine will do extra work and get more fuel.

If it remains for a long time, it decreases fuel efficiency. The fault in the oxygen cylinder and leaking also affect it.

Sometimes the pollen and dust particles stick on the screen of an air filter. This is because the manufacturer made the air filter mainly with thin pleated paper.

The blockage of the air filter will not affect the fresh air to go into the engine compartment and reduce fuel efficiency.

If the tire pressure is incorrect, the resistance increases against the road. So it will need more fuel to run the wheels even on the smooth roads.

Many people drive it with the leaking and improper tire pressure, which will increase the cost. In addition, you should not cross the speed limit and cross the mileage.

Make the engine compartment aerodynamic and do not load heavy objects. It is convenient to take the vehicle to the workshop for maintenance or spend a lot of money on fuel.

Tire problems

The tire tread is the first thing that meets the surface of the roads during driving. It has tread grooves, lugs, and different patterns with small spikes to maintain smooth driving.

It will increase and maintain traction with the road, even on wet surfaces. Sometimes driving for a long time without any stay at any place cause the wheel to move continuously on the road.

The temperature between the road surface and tire tread will increase, which will damage its surface. The spinning wheels will also cause the heat in the trims that will transfer to its surface.

If the manufacturer uses low-quality tires, they will melt and change the tire tread pattern. As a result, it will put an extra workload on the engine and affect fuel efficiency.

Sometimes the driver takes the motorhome through the uneven path at high speed.

You should use a high-quality tire with grooved tread to enhance the road traction. It will also decrease the chances of accidents in an emergency when you apply a sudden brake.

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