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Common Problems with Oliver Travel Trailers

Common Problems with Oliver Travel Trailers

The Oliver travel trailers are famous among people due to their aluminum frame, which is also protected by fiberglass, and they are lighter, making their hauling easy. 

Common Problems with Oliver Travel Trailers include the rounded walls and their rounded structure, decreasing the storage space, and difficulty adjusting a different material. The problem also comes in its exterior frame due to cracks in its walls. The bathrooms also remain wet due to poor air crossing and have less space. The issue also comes in water pumps that cannot supply water from the freshwater tank to faucets.

Due to their exterior materials are also suitable for all types of seasons and have long-lasting if you properly maintain them regularly. Moreover, it has a bright and luxurious interior with proper finishing and LED lights.

Rounded wall structure 

The structure of every RV plays a vital role in the building of its interior and exterior design. Some of these campers have rounded designs, and some have rectangular shapes.

The ones that have rectangular structures are best because they look normal and also provide more space.

However, they have a rounded form and also rounded walls. The rounded walls will cause many problems; one is less storage space.

Many of my friends also complain that they feel difficulty adjusting their furniture in these Oliver RVs.

Due to the lack of square corners walls, people also face the issue because fewer cabinets in the interior for storage and placement of accessories.

One of my friends who used this travel trailer also said that he also faced the problem of hanging different things on the walls due to rounded corners.

He has an instant pot that he cannot set on the walls because they do not have squared corners.

Due to fewer cabinets, they cannot place this device in them. Some people also put the stands on the walls for their toothbrushes and other accessories, but they cannot.

You cannot place the first aid kit box on the sides of the square corner of the walls.

You cannot place the first aid kit box on the sides of the square corner of the walls. You should resolve this issue by placing the first aid box and other stands in the mid of the walls.

You can also fix it by making the rounded chairs and sofas easily adjustable in the corners.

Wet bathrooms with little storage space

The bathrooms are the essential part of the RVs because people also need to take a regular bath to keep them fresh.

The faucets in the bathrooms have some problems that are leaking continuously during the whole night. The leakage of these faucets will make the floor and entire bathrooms wet all day.

Moreover, white spots will appear on them due to wet floors, making the pointed area fragile.

In addition, due to wet bathrooms, the moisture level is also high, which can also cause an increase in the growth of molds.

People complain that the molds start to grow on the lower side of their bed, which can also decrease the strength of the wooden frame.

It also breaks the bed frame early if you cannot use an air dryer or other device to remove the excessive moisture.

The bathrooms also remain wet because they don’t have any air crossing to remove water from the inside.

In addition, the lack of air vents also causes dampness in the bathrooms for a long time which can further cause issues and disturb the quality.

In addition to this, the bathrooms also have less storage space to place accessories in them. As a result, people face difficulty hanging their clothes and other accessories, and they also use hand showers to put their clothes on them.

You should resolve this issue by tightening the faucets adequately to prevent water leakage overnight.

You should also use organizers in your bathrooms to hang the clothes while taking a bath.

Cracks in Aluminum frame

The travel trailer has different frames to make its structure well designed and robust. Some manufacturing companies use wooden but heavy and difficult to haul.

Many RV industries use the aluminum frame to make the exterior of their vehicle less heavy than the wooden ones.

Aluminum ones are also better because they have more strength than metal, and corrosion cannot come on them early.

Many people who use Oliver travel trailers complain that cracks will appear in the exterior aluminum frame due to different reasons.

This problem is due to long time driving on uneven and bumpy roads, decreasing their life.

It will also come when they become weak after some months because they have specific life after which they lose their strength.

The issue will also occur when you park your trailer in the open air, where they are regularly exposed to heat coming from the sunlight.

A vehicle parking during rain outside will also weaken its exterior frame because of continuous dampness.

This cracking will also increase the risk of breakage and increase the chance of roofs leaking when you drive them during rain.

You should resolve this issue by parking them in a shady area during day time. You should also take preventive measures during the rainy season to prevent its frame from exposure to water.

You can also wrap plastic sheets around them during the rainy season to prevent damage and further leakage.

Issues of water pump

Water pumps are a valuable part of RVs to supply water at regular intervals for people’s use. The water pump is necessary for the supply of water from the fresh water tank of the camper to the faucets of your kitchen and bathrooms.

It is also pressurizing water pump to supply water to the piping system of your vehicle. The problem comes in the water pumps for many reasons and reduces the water supply.

People face difficulty taking a bath and cooking because of the lesser supply. In addition, if the water is not coming from these pumps, clogged pipelines have some issues.

The issue will also come due to an insufficient supply of electricity or power to these pumps. These pumps will not run when there is no proper electricity supply.

The dust accumulation will also occur in the diaphragm of this gadget in which the power supply is enough, but it cannot perform its functions well.

They will also stop working if there is less water in the fresh tank. Sometimes the leakage will also come in the pumps because of some reasons and cause the issue.

If there are some mechanical issues in your RV, including poor or damaged wiring and motor issue, they will also stop performing their function efficiently.

You should resolve this issue by checking the freshwater tank with enough water supply. Moreover, you can also check the wirings of your travel trailer that they are not faulty.

It is also better to check the motor and batter that they sufficient electricity supply.

Problem with blower motor 

Blower motors are crucial to turning on the AC adequately to maintain the interior temperature of your RV. When the issue comes with this motor, the Air conditioners cannot perform well.

The issue will come when the air filters become blocked.

The blocking of these filters will occur when dust accumulates in the motor, and the fan cannot rotate adequately.

The airflow will also restrict when the air vents become insufficient and the cooling is not coming.

The accumulation of dust and debris will also cause the production of uneven noise like clunking and vibrating sounds.

The blower motors can also overheat due to poor or faulty circuit breakers and damaged wiring, which can cause a surge in the electrical supply.

The excessive electrical current supply can cause overheating in the motor and produce a burning smell due to heat production.

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