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Common Problems with Renegade RVs

Common Problems with Renegade RVs

Renegade RVs are famous for their classic exterior and interior structures with the latest features. They also manufacture cargo trailers with large spaces to adjust the luggage for camping and long trips. 

Common Problems with Renegade RVs include an issue with their seat belt that is primarily of their anchor, which can fall out after some time. Moreover, its doors are also loose with poor weather strips causing an uncomfortable situation. The screws of the motor assembly also become loose after some time cause ignition faults. In addition, the sway bar bushings also fail to work and, as a result, cause poor stability and control.

Their motorhomes have some minor issues, which people mostly ignore and purchase because their vehicles last for a long time and have a full warranty.

Loose driver side doors

The doors are present on all sides to keep your vehicle safe from the outer atmosphere and provide a comfortable environment.

Many people complain that the driver’s side doors become loose after 2 to 3 months and cause many issues.

The loosening is due to poor alignment of doors, and it is common when you are continuously driving them on uneven roads.

It will also come when vehicles become old and their side rubber damaged due to overheating. The melting of rubber is also common due to temperature changes, or when they become too old, they will start to lose their strength.

Sometimes the sagging issue is due to damaged and worn hinge pins and bushings.

The hinges start to wear out when metal surfaces rub with metal, becoming loose. In addition, the pins also become loose when you place them at their specific position.

Weatherstrips also play an essential role in the proper closure of doors; they become old and cause misalignment.

This problem will increase the entry of air into the inner side, which will also decrease the working of air conditioners and electric heaters in the motorhome.

When you park them for a long time, the insects and dirt can also enter from the sides of the open door. The sagging will also make the driver uncomfortable during driving.

Most of my friends who use this RV complain that they face this issue. You should tackle this issue by checking the weather strips after 4 to 6 months.

When they become loose, they change the rubber strips and leave their place. Therefore, it is also better to change the hinge pins and bushings when facing this issue.

Fewer cup holders

Cup holders are necessary for every vehicle to place beverages and drinks in them. It will also prevent spillage when you are driving on bumpy roads.

Moreover, they are also beneficial in that you can place your glass and cups when driving at high speed, preventing damage.

Many people complain that they spill on the floor when they place their cups of drinks and beverages without these holders.

Sometimes spillage on the floor also damages its layer, and it is difficult to remove their spots. It is also challenging to clean them entirely because moisture remains there, and when people sit on them, it will also damage their cloth.

Most RVs have approximately 15 to 20 cup holders for all people who can place a variety of juices and drinks in them.

One of my brothers who use this motorhome faces difficulty tackling this problem, and he tells us that it has only 5 to 6 cup holders that are insufficient for your friends and families.

People demand that there should be more cup holders in the RV because when they talk with each other during a long journey, they want to enjoy some cozy drinks.

I had the same problem and I added more cup holders at the required position. It is also necessary to install good quality parts to last for a long time.

Seat belt problems

The seat belts problem is common, and this vehicle has a problem with the anchor of the belt. The anchor is pulling out again and again.

The anchors fail to work due to their faulty assembly and low-quality material during their manufacturing.

Due to this, they are not fulfilling Federal motor vehicle safety standards. These anchors are necessary to hold the webbing and prevent accidents when you suddenly apply brakes at high speeds.

Moreover, the other issue that many of my friends told me is that the webbing of seat belts is made of poor quality material.

The strength of the strap becomes less after some time due to their low-quality manufacturing material or frequent drive on bumpy roads.

High strength webbing is necessary to hold people with full strength when you suddenly stop your motorhome due to road hurdles; it will also prevent serious injury.

Sometimes buckles are also failing to comply because of improper latching. For example, the webbing strap does not correctly fit into the hook.

You should check the buckles and anchors before going on a long tour because it is a necessary precautionary measure to prevent road accidents.

You should also check the strength of the webbing before using it. When it becomes faulty or old, you must buy the new one with better quality and strength.

Always purchase seat belts with good strength and flexibility to hold people tightly in any emergency.

Sway bar bushing problem

The sway bar is the significant structure of the chassis structure, wheels, bushings, and steering linkages. They are beneficial to keep your motorhome in a balance and prevent them from leaning into sides.

It will maintain stability when you are turning your Renegade motorhome on one side, and then it will help to maintain their weight and keep them in balance.

They are also known as stabilizer bars, U-shaped in a structure connected with the front side of the wheels to prevent them from swaying.

The bushings of these bars will go bad when you feel poor stability at turning points. Moreover, it will also produce a knocking sound during movement.

You can also hear knocking sounds when you drive them on bumpy and uneven roads. These bushings will go bad when they become too old.

The life of the rubber ones is less, and they can last for about ten years depending on the environmental conditions and regular maintenance.

These types of fluids will damage their structure and integrity due to grease. The failure of sway bar bushings will also increase the risk of damage to tires and poor alignment.

It is necessary to repair them because unstable vehicles will also increase the risk of accidents. In addition, you should replace them when you feel that your motorhome is sluggish during turning.

The damaged bushings also disturb the stability of the steering wheel and make the control difficult. You can remove the sway bars and replace them with new ones when you feel the above problems.

Loose screws of the motor assembly

Motor assembly primary consists of four parts, including rotors, stators, commutators, and windings. These parts are helpful for the conversion of mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Each of these parts is connected by using bolts and screws. However, many people complain that the screws of the motor assembly of the Renegade RVs become loose after some time.

They become loose when they are not appropriately tightened, reducing the holding force. Due to their loosening, it is difficult to hold these parts firmly at their place and perform their function.

The bolts also become loose when the radiator fan does not work properly, and there is more heat in the engine compartment.

They also become insecure when you are continuously driving your motorhomes at uneven and bumpy road surfaces, and in return, continuous vibration and shaking will cause this fault.

They also become loose due to changes in temperature known as thermal expansion. In this phenomenon, the screws become loose in a hot environment due to shrinkage.

When these parts are not correctly interconnected, it will cause an issue in providing electrical energy.

It will create problems in igniting spark plugs due to insufficient electricity supply. You should resolve this issue by installing new screws.

You can also tighten them appropriately if there is no damage to them.

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