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What are the Slots in my Ford Truck Bed for?

What are the Slots in my Ford Truck Bed for?

Ford truck beds have multiple slots, and they have several benefits. These enhance the storage capacity without disturbing the truck’s exterior. Also, they have different types and shapes. 

The narrow passage can hold the dividers directly or require washers and mounting brackets for attachment.

What are the Slots in my Ford Truck Bed for? The slots in the Ford truck bed are for hauling massive stuff like bicycles and the addition of multiple dividers for maximum cargo space. Also, they provide approachable cargo sections with nearest drawers, are helpful in luggage organization, and adjust the tool box and oil canes. Furthermore, they allow the addition of a bed slider and provide multi-dimensional cargo space for groceries.

They prove one of the best parts of the truck bed with appropriate use. They protect the truck bed and accommodate several things with wood dividers.

Also, the development of multiple drawers and a double-story storage system becomes feasible with these truck bed slots.

Hauling of massive stuff

People use their truck beds for hauling massive things like bicycles. Then, they carry them to different places for utilization and fun. 

But, no one can put them without any support because they can fall. However, the slots play a vital role in such activities. You can insert a wood board on the front side of the pickup bed. 

You should select it according to the width of the Ford bed. Finally, cut the wood for better adjustment in both side slots. 

Fix the longboard in the slots and adjust the bicycle wheels on the front portions of the board in the hollow space. 

Then, tie them with belts with the rails and secure them. In this way, you can haul at least 2 to 3 bicycles with maximum security and control. The slots can hold the wooden board without any sudden movement. 

Addition of multiple dividers

The addition of a bed divider helps you to accommodate maximum stuff without mixing. In addition, the truck bed provides 4 to 5 slots. 

Two of them are on the front side, and the other two exist on the rear portion. Also, the backside slots are near the tailgate but leave space for the placement of different things.

You can measure its width according to the presence of slots. Then, fix a front side divider and accommodate things. Now, add a wood board on the rear side.

In this way, you can make 3 to 4 portions to store things like camping material, water canes, cords, and food baskets.

However, a few wooden dividers can adjust in this spot, but others require washers for their adjustment. The specific slot nuts are available in different sizes with maximum attachment capability. 

You should understand the slot type and use the nuts and washers accordingly. 

Approachable cargo sections

Ford trucks are under use by males and females across the USA. But, females cannot access the front side of the pickup due to height standards. 

In such situations, they develop dividing sections and make the material approachable. Also, they keep the stuff near to tailgate in the cargo division. 

These truck bed slots make the cargo compartment approachable for all users. As a result, it keeps them comfortable, and usage increases. Also, the dividers do not move randomly, and you can approach the required items immediately. 

Awoman likes to organize different items in terms of their usage. In such conditions, they keep the useable things near the tailgate. 

Adjustment of tools kits and oil canes

Generally, long-distance travelers require excessive fuel and oil for their vehicles. 

They cannot take any risk and carry 2 to 3 containers. But, as a truck user, you cannot leave the oil canes on the bed compartment.

The canes keep rolling on the cargo surface, and leakage happens. It helps you to adjust multiple oil containers. 

The cane mounting equipment helps in such adjustments. You can purchase this equipment from auto part stores. 

Select a bed slot near the rail, and fix the mounting tool. Then, insert the hollow section of the oil/fuel canes.

Next, move the central, flexible handle of the holding equipment and adjust the container. In this way, you can preserve the oil loss, and the cane remains safe.

The tools kits are essential parts of a Ford truck because technical problems can happen at any time. The tools box helps in rectifying the faults in emergencies. 

These are useful in the adjustment of these toolboxes. These are metallic gadgets with internal space. 

They can accommodate hammers, screwdrivers, nut holders, and other such equipment.

These toolboxes are large and can reach on both sides of the front bed slots. They have shape but thin sides to adjust with these spots without any washer or nut. 

Also, the adjustment does not require any drilling. You can install a toolbox in the slots in less than 5 to 8 minutes. 

Addition of a bed slider

The addition of a bed slider on a Ford facilitates two cargo portions. Also, the sliders are plywood material and can handle appropriate weight levels. 

They are moveable, and you can bring them out anytime. The slider can adjust multiple things without any damage.

For example, blankets, water bottles, and food baskets are beneficial for a truck bed slider. 

The giant drawers provide maximum cargo space and reduce climbing. They can hold around 1050 pounds to 1100 pounds weight without breakage.

But, you cannot add a bed slider without slots and dividers. They hold the wood boards on which you can add the slider. In this way, the cargo divides into three parts. 

The top slider has a vast and open space. Also, the lower divisions can adjust your luggage. In some situations, people prefer the adjustment of the slider directly in these slots.

A few of these do not allow free movement and make it a challenging procedure. It happens due to their fixed positions that do not allow free movement. 

Multi-dimensional cargo space for groceries

People use Ford trucks for grocery shopping and carry their stuff in the bed section. However, everyone wants instant access to grocery items, and it helps in the quick removal of things.

The vegetables and other items roll over the bed surface due to the absence of an appropriate boundary. In such conditions, the 2×6 wooden board additions in the slots make a drawer on the bed. 

The adjustment is advisable on the rear section near the tailgate following the passage of the wheel well. Also, you can add other flexible blocks in the drawer to divide it into 2 to 3 compartments.

In this way, you can keep things apart and improve safety. There is no need to drill any holes to adjust this divider. 

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