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Common Problems with Shasta RV

Common Problems with Shasta RV

Shasta RVs started in 1941, and it is still in business due to their excellent quality trailers. In addition, it is a lightweight vehicle, and you can tow it easily. 

Common Problems with Shasta RV include low-quality furniture and damaged fiberglass that allows the moisture to come inside and dampen the interior. In addition, people face water shortages due to the small freshwater tank. Many people complain about the faulty door fastener, leakage of the roof, and sagging of the awning.

However, the company tried to provide the necessary things because people take it to stay on the long journey.

Low-quality furniture

The manufacturer put the wooden furniture in the travel trailer, but many people complained about its low quality and finishing.

The upholstery of the sofa and chairs are of low quality. Sometimes, heavy and sharp edges on the couches also make scratches.

After a few weeks, people who own this trailer also complain about the peeling sofa covers. When they took it to the repairer, they found that the company used low-quality leather.

The frame of the bed and chairs do not bear the weight of a single person and break when you sit on it for a longer time. In addition, when the vehicle goes from bumpy roads, it damages the furniture.

It is better to check the quality of wood and leather of the couches before buying. You should replace the leather cover of the couches with genuine leather when it starts peeling. It will protect it from further damage.

Cracking of fiberglass

The fiber on the RV is an important feature to protect it from weather disasters and make it temperature resistant. Moreover, it also provides strength and stability to the vehicle.

Sometimes the cracks in the fiberglass spread all the surface and penetrate to the inner side. In this way, the rain and moisture will go into it and moisten the appliances and furniture.

Many people complain about the cracks in fiberglass when the trailer hits the other vehicle and wall. 

Most of the time, the old trailer gets cracks quickly. In addition, the continuous pressure from the heavyweight object at the same position also damages the protective cover.

When heavy objects hit its structure, such as shifting furniture and loading heavy things in the Shasta travel trailer also cracks the fiberglass.

You can repair the damaged fiberglass by using the fiberglass kit. It contains fiber cloth, hardener, spreader, and glaze.

It is better to repair the affected part timely; otherwise, it will leak. When the hairline and stress cracks are more visible, take it to the workshop for proper repair.

Door fastener issue

The door fastener closes the doors entirely and does allow the cool and warm air to come inside. In addition, it keeps the internal environment neat and clean.

My brother has Shasta RV, but the door and window fastener do not work. He bought it a month ago and took it on the trip for enjoyment in vacations.

He stayed and stood in the trailer for refreshment and rest. The children played outside and inside of the trailer. After intervals, the opening and closing of the door become difficult.

He faced trouble and complained to the company about using a low-quality door fastener. As a result, sometimes the holder on the door breaks when you open the door by holding it.

In the same way, the window fastener also does not work correctly and allows the rain and dust to come inside.

It will make the interior dusty and load the air conditioner to use more fuel to cool the internal environment in the summers.

You should replace the old and worn-out door fastener. Take it or call the repairer; you must use it if you have a warranty.

Leakage of roof

Many people owning this RV complain about the leakage of the roof from different points. Sometimes the rust and corrosion on the top create holes and passage for the water.

First, bubbles and cracks appear on the roof; it starts dripping. The top of the trailer rust when it exposes to rain and humid weather for a long time.

The damaged weatherstripping is also the reason for leakage. If you use this travel trailer for a long time, the roof becomes weak and leaks when exposed to pressure.

There is a roof vent o hr top of the roof to remove internal moisture and humidity. When the sealer around the roof vents loses its capability to stick, it starts leaking in the rain.

In addition, many customers complain about the wall leaking near the bathroom. The kitchen sink pipe also leaks when using low-quality water supply pipes.

You should trace the point of leakage before repairing it. It is better not to take the old trailer on a long journey in the rainy and snowfall areas.

Replace the water pipes with new and high-quality material to restrict the leakage and prevent the interior from further damage.

If you are on the way and the roof starts dripping, apply the sealant or cover that area with a plastic cover. Clear the passage of water from the top so that it cannot gather at the point.

Awning problem

The awning is the roof extender to provide shade during summer. Moreover, it also covers the sides of the trailer during snowfall and rain.

You can sit under the shade to enjoy the weather or open the windows. The awning will not allow the rain to go inside from windows.

The internal temperature of the cabin will become bearable in scorching heat when the awning is open on both sides. In this way, the sun will not directly hit the walls from outside.

You can open and close it when you need. Sometimes it sags when heat extends the cloth.

If the side rails are damaged, you cannot open them to restrict the sun from reaching the windows. In addition, many people complain about the bending of the side support when they open it.

Once, the stand holder broke when I put the rails in it. Therefore, it is better to use a high-quality sheet and fabric in the awning. In addition, you can also replace it with a new and stylish one.

When the original support breaks, you can use the bamboo stick and separate pipe to support the awning. Finally, you can roll the sagging fabric on the bar to straighten it.

Small water tank

The company placed the freshwater tank in the travel trailer for bathing and washing dishes. The plumber connects it with the bathroom shower and kitchen tap.

A family went on the trip on this Shasta trailer. The owner complained about the water shortage while they were at long distances.

Its size is so tiny that the water finished in the tank after bathing one person. Although there is a refilling option, people also face the problem.

The people will face difficulty, especially when taking their children with them. You will need more water after intervals, especially for infants.

You can refill the water tank after some time when you are going on a long tour. You can adjust the large water tank in replacement with a small water tank.

Moreover, it depends on the vehicle’s towing capacity and the weight-bearing capability of the vehicle. You will need to remove unnecessary things in the interior to adjust the weight.

You can also take the freshwater gallon along with you and put it inside. Then, when there is a water shortage, refill the tank using these gallons. It will help you when you are far away from the refilling point.

Poor Construction

The company used quality material for constructing the trailer to earn fame.

Unfortunately, this trailer lacks good construction material such as nuts, bolts, and other joining pins. As a result, the nuts and bolts get rust and affect its nearby area.

The main reason for corrosion is the use of iron nuts. However, some people do not focus on its material; they look at its appearance.

The manufacturer made its appearance charming by painting attracting colors. The low-quality material gets dents and holes when an object suddenly hits.

The company should replace the accessories required for the structure with stainless steel and aluminum. For example, you can change the nuts with stainless steel.

Take it to the showroom and ask the company to replace the trailer’s wall with lightweight aluminum and steel. It has more strength and is reliable.

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