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Ford F150 Flywheel Problems

Ford F150 Flywheel Problems

Flywheel is a metal disc that is fixed with the rotating shaft and provides smooth out delivery and storage of rotational energy in the Ford F150.

Mostly, they are present in trucks with a manual transmission, provide the extra friction surface for the engine, and have teeth that engage with a starter.

Ford F150 Flywheel Problems include oil leakage, chipped teeth, and hairline cracks and smears by overheating. Damaged and worn-out clutch, the non-engaging pinion of the starter, and dual-mass flywheels are also the reasons for the non-working of flywheels of the truck. In addition, inexperienced drivers and driving for long with a clutch also causes this issue.

Flywheels do not remain functional forever and slowly and steadily become too damaged because they are continuously used in the truck.

Common symptoms of a bad flywheel are slipping gears, burning smell, clutch chattering, inconsistent starts, shaking off a pickup, and engine stalling.


Contamination results from leakage in the main crankshaft seal that leaks oil and grease onto the flywheel.

The oil leakage onto the flywheel results in excessive friction, and in some cases, spots appear due to overheating in the truck, and as a result, noise is produced.

As a result, gear slipping occurs when you change it, which affects your driving ability and eventually damages the Ford F150 clutch.

You have to ensure that there is no leakage in the main crankshaft seal and a transmission input shaft. Then, you have to repair the leaking parts urgently, or you should replace the damaged parts that cause leakage.

You can also repair the bad flywheel, which results from leakage if the problem is minute; otherwise, replace it quickly.

In the case of hot spots, you have to repair them to bring back frictionless surfaces to provide the attachment point to the clutch.

Warped flywheel

Clutch chattering occurs when the clutch attachment is smooth, but the clutch still skips along with this device; it repeatedly grabs and releases, which produces a vibration if the clutch is in relaxation mode. This shutter in the clutch is due to the warped flywheel.

If its spring mounts are in bad condition, vibrations will come from the clutch pedal and the floor of your vehicle.

When changing the gears, the problematic bearing or bushing in the flywheel or crankshaft assembly will bring you gear grinding.

Its chipped teeth have trouble engaging with the starter motor and make it impossible to start the pickup.

The spots also cause overheating and contamination or leakage of oil and lubricants onto the flywheel.

In some cases, cracks become visible on the device due to the continuous working of the vehicle.

Due to moisture or non-sufficient drying, corrosion spreads in the flywheel creating a hurdle in its proper functioning.

Loosening of ball and bearings is also one of the reasons for the warped flywheel that significantly impacts its functioning.

You have to check for the signs of overheating and corrosion, and all the bearings and bushing are in their perfect position.

Ensure no cracks and chipped teeth on it because this will ensure the proper rotation of power by a flywheel.

You can take your truck to a professional technician to repair it; otherwise, replace it by disconnecting its transmission.


Heat generates from the friction in the clutch and creates a bad and annoying smell in your F150 cabin.

Excess heat also damages the shape of a flywheel and creates cracks, smears, and chipped teeth, which cause drastic changes in its functioning.

You have to ensure that there is no overheating of the clutch and flywheel.

Damaged clutch

Facing a lot of vibrations by the clutch pedal is one of the reasons that your vehicle’s flywheel is going bad, and you have to repair it.

Clutches in bad condition will damage the flywheel, leading to difficulty in driving the vehicle.

Its damaged spring mounts create vibrations coming out from the clutch pedal and floor of your truck.

This is more proof of the damaged flywheel because the spring mechanism reduces the vibrations coming out from the clutch and leads to clutch slipping.

The driver who is not a master in driving the truck can also create problems in the F150 flywheel.

Instead of the clutch not engaging, there seems to be a condition in which the clutch cannot release completely, which will drag the clutch.

If you attempt to change the gear, you will experience gear grinding due to the its damaged bearing.

In these situations, it is a great time to change the clutch if there is a time to replace it, otherwise repair it.

Dual mass flywheels

If the truck has one of these dual-mass flywheels, the springs can cause vibrations that will eventually become so bad that you can feel from the floor.

The dual-mass products are not easy to make their surface clean to avoid the effect of leakage of oil and grease. That is why the only option is to replace it with a new one or replace it with a new part.

Non-engaged pinion of starter

Ford F150 exhibits a grinding sound upon attempting to start the truck, and it presents a case that describes that pinion is not near the flywheel.

There exist two connections for attachment of starter, a bad connection of starter with the flywheel will result in the problem in some cases.

In general, the pinion remains connected to this device before the pinion starts spinning.

The pinion’s attachment points are specific to the flywheel, and it is difficult to analyze a problem from the truck’s exterior environment.

Mostly, the issue is the corrosion in the central parts like plunger and shaft; it mainly appears by the excessive moisture and non-appropriate drying.

You have to ensure that the pinion is connected with the flywheel and there is no corrosion inside the solenoid.

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