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Ford F150 Electric Steering Problems

Ford F150 Electric Steering Problems

Many people complain about the problems with the electric steering in the Ford F150. Instead of a conventional hydraulic pump, it uses a motor to drive the wheel. It is programmable and reduces drivers’ effort in turning wheels. 

Ford F150 Electric Steering Problems include damaged wiring and misalignment of the rack cause its poor functioning. Sometimes miscoding in software and electric control module also cause problems in it. Fault in input sensors like angle and torque sensors are also responsible for their bad performance.

To maintain the long-term function of the steering, read the manual of the vehicle. Try to avoid all the mistakes that cause a fault in it. Following are some of the problems that can occur in it.

The issue in the steering motor

The main component is the electric motor that enables the steering to move in this type. Therefore, any fault in this part will make it challenging to drive the vehicle. The cause of the malfunction is an accumulation of dirt and debris in its interior part.

On rainy days, driving in muddy areas can make the motor rusty and, its components start to corrode.

A thick layer of filth makes the truck steering stiffer. The fuel of the Ford F150 also deposits carbon and grease on the inner surface of the steering. Overheating is also responsible for faults in it.

To overcome it, keep the motor neat and clean check regularly if there is any filth. In case the components of the motor have corrosion, you need to replace the part of the motor.

To do this, consult a professional for advice. Spare parts like coils and rotors are available at affordable prices in the market. So you can buy and replace it with the new one. 

Damaged electric wiring

It contains a proper electronic board and wiring. These wires connect the programming board to the motor and sensors.

The attachment of wires properly is crucial for maintaining its function. Attach torque sensor-specific wire o its respective place to move the wheel.

Attaching wires on the wrong terminal is responsible for it. The circuit board will not be able to command the steering to move the vehicle. Sometimes wires are broken and can not send commands to other sensors.

You can not solve it on your own, however, a programmer specialized in programming the electric circuit can fix it.

If wires are damaged, replace them in your Ford F150. To maintain the functioning of wires, avoid overheating the vehicle. It will cause the wire’s insulation to melt at a higher temperature.

Problems with the steering rack

A rack is an assembly that connects the steering to the vehicle’s front wheels. 

Damage in the rack makes the steering loose and noisy. In addition, it will make the wheels return to the center position after turning. This can also make your F150 steering control stop working.

Uneven alignment of the rack on its location also causes many issues. It will make the truck steering stiffer and hard to move. In addition, the tire and wheels will feel excessive wear and start to vibrate while driving.

Replace a completely worn-out rack with a new one. You can not fix it at home or in your garage.

In case of minor issues like bad alignment, fix it again in its respective place. To avoid noise, check the free play on steering move the wheel to and fro to control it. 

Fault in warning lights

Each pickup truck has specific steering warning lights. These lights turn on when there is an issue with it. When you start the vehicle, they turn on for a few seconds. The problem arises when it remains on or does not turn on.

It can remain on due to some miscoding in the electric circuit board. In addition, the wear damage in the battery can cause malfunctioning of warning lights.

Turning off the battery of your Ford F150 can also cause it to remain off. Sometimes the broken fuse prevents it from illuminating. It is better to adjust the steering gear box in your truck.

To solve this issue, get a checkup from any nearby shop. It is better to reset it by turning it off and turning it on again.

Carefully read the manual and get information about resetting and calibration of the steering system. Finally, check the wiring of the lights and replace the fuse lights.

The problem in power assist

Electric steering contains an electric control module. First, it calculates the power or torque a wheel needs for rotation. Then, it instructs the motor to move the wheel according to the vehicle speed and driver’s input.

It continuously senses changes in torque and position angle to adjust the required force to run the truck.

It works with an antilock brake system and powertrain control module to adjust the power assist. For example, when the speed is high, it reduces power assist on the steering.

Any damage to this system will make it unable to adjust the power assist and truck’s speed. To resolve the issue, go straight to a professional who can diagnose the problem.

Fault in steering angle sensor

This sensor is present in the steering wheel column. It determines the angle of rotation of a wheel. It also determines whether the wheel should turn right or left.

It is also responsible for the alignment of the vehicle. In addition, it coordinates with the antilock brake system for ford F 150 stability while driving.

When there is a fault, a warning light will illuminate immediately. Fault in wiring may cause the angle sensor to misinterpret the information delivered to the power module.

You can fix it by resetting the sensor codes in the computer system of your truck. Calibrate the front wheel before resetting it.

Problems with the torque sensor

This sensor is present in the electric steering system that communicates to the power module about vehicle direction to turn the wheel. It measures the torque or the rotation speed of the wheels.

It measures the torque by a change in the magnetic flux. However, sometimes the damaged sensor cannot read the changes in the magnetic field created by its pieces. As a result, it will increase the free play on the steering, and the wheel will spin faster.

It causes the Ford F150 to lose its balance and, an accident can occur. You can reset the coding in the electric control unit to solve this problem.

Faulty electric control module

It is computerized programming that controls all the functioning of steering. It directs the motor to deliver direct current to its parts.

It also inputs all the information to the angle and torque sensor for necessary action. For example, it regulates the temperature of the motor to avoid overheating. It also detects any fault in the system and warns the driver by illuminating lights.

When it is malfunctioning, the electric steering will not function properly. Damage to the connectors and software will lead to problems in its function. Check connection of module with other systems like ABS module.

To overcome this difficulty, you should consult a programmer to troubleshoot this issue. They attach a scan tool with the control module to find the error codes.

After diagnosing the code, it can point out the faulty part of the F150 steering. In case of severe damage, you should replace the control module but, it is expensive.

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