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How to Afford a New Truck?

How to Afford a New Truck?

New trucks have become expensive nowadays due to the features of both a passenger car and a business vehicle. It is difficult for many people to afford it by paying direct cash.

How to Afford a New Truck? You can afford a new pickup truck by availing long term vehicle financing. You can also take loans from your relatives or friends. Do a part-time job or side business to earn your income for payment in installments. You can also make it affordable by buying a second-hand truck in good condition. Instead of purchasing, lease a truck from any dealer. You can also reduce its sales price by offering special discounts, 0% markup financing, and refinancing the old vehicle to buy a new one.

Buying a new pickup with cash is not possible for everyone because of increased vehicle prices. Therefore, you have to find a funding source to afford a new model. Here is a list and a brief explanation of the best ways to make it possible for you:

Truck financing

Multiple vehicle or auto financing companies, commercial banks, and credit unions come up with lucrative offers.

Moreover, extended loan terms are up to 7-10 years, resulting in lower monthly installments. However, you have to pay a massive amount of compounded interest by increasing the number of terms.

To purchase a new pickup truck affordable, try to keep down payment as much as possible and minimize the number of installments. It depends on your monthly income and how much you can pay every month.

Credit unions operate on a nonprofit basis and have reduced application expenses and markup rates.

Therefore, try to secure a loan instead of banks or dealerships. Dealerships financing should be your least priority as they will try to earn maximum profit from you.

However, large auto manufacturers like Ford offer a 0% annual percentage rate for financing on their popular F-150 truck. However, you require a good credit score to qualify for the option.

Loan from relatives or friends

Although it is humiliating to ask your friends or close relatives for money to buy a new truck, it is the most feasible option.

If you have anybody in your acquaintances with extra money to spare, you can ask him for help to pay the maximum down payment.

It will result in reduced not only overall interest but also monthly installments. Nobody will be willing to do this, but it can be beneficial in certain situations, and you can pay back by helping them in their time of need.

Increase sources of income

It is the basic principle of economics to increase your revenue if you want to increase your expenses.

By buying a new truck, you will increase your operational expenses in terms of fuel, maintenance costs, and taxes. Moreover, you have to pay for its monthly installments in case of financing or leasing.

You can increase your income by doing a second job at night or on weekends. You can also start an online business or trade shares that do not require much physical work.

Moreover, you can earn a few bucks besides your regular job. It will result in a maximum saving for down payment resulting in smaller monthly installments. You can also use the amount to meet your operational expenses.

Buy an affordable truck

New pickups have various luxury features to increase the comfort level for owners to use as a family vehicle besides more power and torque for towing and loading applications.

On average, the starting price for most of the renowned truck models is $30,000- onwards. You can afford them by buying the one in your budget range or a used one in good condition with 1-2 years of operational history.

Some people sell their vehicles very soon after purchase when they need money. It will allow you to buy a brand new vehicle at 20%-30% less value than a dealership or showroom.

However, not everyone will get this golden chance, and they can survey the market for a truck with a few years of operation, in good condition, or with fewer miles.

You will be the owner of an almost new truck in warranty by paying $8000-$10,000 less than the market value.

Lease a truck

Another lucrative option to have a new pickup is leasing it instead of purchasing. Renting it will cost you a monthly payment that is much lesser than financing installment.

Moreover, you don’t have to arrange for the initial down payment. According to market surveys, leasing vehicles has become a booming business and has increased 2-3 times in recent years.

If buying a new truck has a monthly installment of $700-$750, leasing the same will cost you $400-$450 per month. You can save that money to buy the pickup whenever you want after considering the depreciation in its value.

However, the owner can take his vehicle back if you don’t pay the rent on time. Moreover, you will not own it after several years if you don’t arrange a sufficient amount to buy it.

Therefore, it is not a permanent option but an opportunity to gain some time to set for finances to buy your pickup.

Use your truck for work

You can have a new truck by using it as your business or working vehicle. Using it for transportation of goods or any other work purpose will enable you to earn some amount. many of the drivers buy their own trucks.

Even if you avail of leasing or financing options, using it for work will allow you to pay monthly installments without additional burden on your income.

You can also provide a lease to some owners and charge monthly rent sufficient to pay for the installment and savings.

Some people also declare it as their business expense, and it will give them a deduction allowance same as the total value of the vehicle in the first year. However, you have to provide proof of your business and primarily use it for business activities.

Avail special discount and offers

Vehicle financing and warranty will benefit the dealers as they earn most of their profit from the markup and after-sale services.

Therefore, they will persuade you to avail of the financing. However, if you have enough money, you should pay in cash. It will enable you to get specific discounts and offers from the manufacturer.

You can avail yourself of the best market price if you have sufficient knowledge of pickup pricing, various components, and manufacturer discounts like F150 X-plan pricing.

You can also hire a professional salesman to get the best price offer for you. It will result in saving $3000-$5000 depending on the truck, model year, and your resident state.

Monthly saving

To afford a new truck, you should have monthly savings plan sufficient for the down payment. Make a saving plan according to your requirements.

First, choose the model year you want to purchase and get its quoted price. Next, calculate the amount you can spare or save for installment from your monthly income.

Arrange for the down payment accordingly. You must take into consideration of other vehicle expenses like fuel and maintenance.

Force yourself to manage a minimum saving level by reducing your costs. 

Refinancing the old truck

Some people buy a new vehicle by availing of the financing facility. However, in case of lapse or unable to pay the installments, they refinance their old vehicle to manage the deficit.

In this way, they have to pay a considerable sum of money to cover the markup rate. However, it gives them some time to manage the payments.

Moreover, they can also retain their pickup and use it daily. It will also help them get a better interest rate and lower monthly installments by increasing the number of terms.

But, it depends on your credit score, the vehicle’s condition, and the loan amount you want to gain.

Is it worthwhile to overextend yourself to buy a new truck?

Buying a new truck is challenging to arrange for the money, financing, or leasing options. However, it is worth it because it has several potential benefits. Buying a new pickup allows you to get one according to your requirements.

You can choose its specifications, color, interior, and other features. Moreover, you will have it under warranty, and there will be no maintenance issues.

You don’t have to do much research regarding the history or condition of a second-hand vehicle. However, it all depends on your affordability and the amount available.

You can buy a slightly used pickup if you have a tight budget. Modern trucks are highly reliable, and you can drive 150,000-200,000 miles without any significant issues. 

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