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Winnebago Revel: Facts You Should Know

Winnebago Revel: Facts You Should Know

2022 Winnebago Revel is a luxurious camper van suitable for a small family. It uses the 4-wheel drive configuration of the Mercedes Benz Sprinter with a 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine with a 7-automatic speed transmission. The exterior length and interior height are around 18’5″ and 5’3″ and costs between $168,000 to $170,000. 

2022 Winnebago Revel

It is a four-wheel vehicle liked and preferred by outside campers. When they have to go across hilly, rugged, uneven terrain, it facilitates its riders with all basic needs during a journey or a stay.

It contains a small bedroom, a gallery, a wooden cabin, and a furnace for cooking purposes. With these specifications, it can bear loads, including people and their luggage.

You can cover your journey on rough terrain from 70-85 miles per hour with this load. To support a stable RV on off-roads, Winnebago Revel design according to it.

This design helps stabilize against wind pressure while descending or going on an off-road trip. 

Its engine’s power distribution across all four wheels is different. For example, its power is 30% focused on front wheels, while 70% is concentrated on rear wheels to provide a much-needed push in hilly and rough areas.

Where is the Winnebago Revel made?

At Winnebago’s factory in Lake Mills Lowa, the Revel camper van manufacture starts with the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4-wheel drive configuration system.

The automakers are confident that it gains popularity among the audience. The Winnebago introduces many luxurious and advanced features in this camper van. 

Its maintenance is easy, and you can customize it to your choice and requirement. There is an 80%-90% of option for modification without affecting its quality.

Spacious Gallery

Besides other features, it has a spacious gallery. This gallery can use for various purposes. All of its compartments are attached or open in this gallery.

The door covers a roll screen with magnetic closure present at the backside or the front passenger side, along its sides zipper facility to prevent the bugs entrance.

You can let in the breeze by different points like unzip option in the center. You can optimize it according to your requirement.

Single burner kitchen with all basic stuff

Moreover, the gallery has a kitchen with a single burner stove. You can cook anything as you desire on this burner while you are on your long journey.

The compact refrigerator is also present for kitchen stuff, which needs to keep at a safe place, a 3-4 cubic foot compressor driven.

It is present at the end of the gallery and has better easy access from the van camper inside and outside entrance.

You can store many grocery stuff and other essential items like eatable food, beverages. Its efficient access avoids squatting things in the hallway or around the camper.

These features facilitate your long journey while meeting your bodily needs. It also has a stainless steel sink with a long fixed faucet that better for washing dishes and other stuff like food. 

Does the Winnebago Revel have a Bathroom?

 To make it more convenient and refreshing, its gallery also opens in the bathroom; it has an ample supply of water because a water tank is installed.

Its bathroom is well-spaced to ensure the comfort of passengers. It is usually spaced in the range of 30″ by 25″. This wet bath makes your journey further refreshing. 

The upside is the storage area where you can hold the stuff and essential accessories. The flush toilet with a water valve can switch the direction of your choice.

The water indicator present on the backside of it gives you an indication of when it is complete. It has a 4-5 gallon capacity, so it does not fill up at an extreme level. 

The tank level indicator is also present in the camper van, which gives you information regarding the fresh tank and waste tank. 

Well-spaced bedroom

A long journey on bumpy off-road terrain requires sound rest for riders. It has a bedroom in the rear portion of the RV to fulfill these requirements.

Its bedroom has an adjustable bed for two persons. This bed can adjust at a certain height with moveable chains around 130-140 cubic ft below garage space available for you.

The mounted bed above creates space beneath for further, which you need to keep with you during your journey. It might be your climbing gears, clothes, or you’re supporting equipment.

Storage compartment

To keep your stuff and safety equipment along with you while you are on your journey, it offers you a garage or a storage area.

It is usually beneath the adjustable bed, especially under the mounted bed. It has an aim at complementing your adventurous journey.

Underneath the bed, a storage area present in the form flexible net.

There is another small but more spacious storage pocket present where you can hold many essential items. On the floor, six tie-down points present where you can keep the cargo stuff easily.

Electric system

Inside the backside of your camper van, a power outlet is present with pockets outside. In this compartment, many facilities are available like a circuit breaker, light switch, 2-USB port, and external Zamp solar control panel. 

There are 2-batteries with 112-125 ampere with above 2500 useable workhour capacity and with a good quality inverter.

With a phone app, you can get information about its ability and power. You can charge it by three different methods.

By the switch, solar and alternator which present under the hood. The batteries cover with a warm blanket which beneficial in a cold environment. 

Arrangement for ventilation

To keep the proper circulation of fresh air inside the vehicle, especially the bedroom in the rear portion of the camper, you will find a vent for forced ventilation in the roof right above the roof-mounted bed.

It makes the environment inside the camper van comfortable for its riders. 

 Diesel hydronic heating system

You do not need to chase the propane station to fill up the tank with the diesel heating system. You can fill up the diesel and how much it runs.

You can use it for heating purposes when going camping. It can less-consume fuel, low noise production. It has high flexibility, durability, and efficiency.

In high mode, it requires 16l diesel fuel for an hour when it is in high heat mode, and in low one, 0.7l of diesel require.

The camper has a diesel tank capacity above 20 in which up to the 15 need to heat the RV. This feature uses low energy consumption like 3-4amp/hour at high mode and 1.20 amp/hour at low ones with 12-volt power. 

Exterior and interior layout

A solar panel facility is available around 180 volts on a roof, excellent in the wild places. It helps you when the battery power goes down or keeps stop working or your drive for a couple of days.

Another fantastic feature is the removable leader by loosening the knob and remove it from the bracket.

You can place it where you want for easy access to the roof. It helps to adjust the solar panel, cleaning the rooftop, and other activities.

The bottom camper has the towing hitch at the backside, which can hold around 4500-5000 pounds and above 500 tongue weight. There is also a 7-wire plug for the best and efficient towing. 

Another feature is the carefree awning with lightning and a switch you can deploy with this help.

Another way you can use by installing the app on your phone and pull it in this way. You can extend and retract it and control the lights. With it, you can also optimize the brightness level. 

The front passenger side is wide open, and you can light up the whole area at night by the flip-over switch.

There is also a running board light below the camper. It is another button where you have easy access during loading, unloading, or hanging camp. 

Inside the components is a refrigerator, legless table you can open it which supported by the cable.

You can make adjustments according to your choice, including the new interior color combination, heavy-duty vinyl flooring, best storage compartment with slam latches. 

Dinette area

The dinette area is more comfortable and spacious. It has two parallel seats with a pedestal table which can spin easily on your choice.

It has 2-3 points’ safety belts and underneath and behind the seats storage compartment present. 

Towing strength of Winnebago Revel

Additional weight in the form of a trolley ranges from 4500 pounds to 5500 pounds can be towed with this vehicle.

It means you can have your extra luggage, recreational gear, and simply a boat for rowing and fishing with you when you are out for adventure or camping in a hilly area.

Engine specifications

This vehicle’s absolute excellence lies with its powerful engine with adequately distributed power among all its four wheels.

Its engine employs around 70% to 80% of its power on back wheels to provide much-needed pull for the rugged or uneven area, especially for hilly regions.

Similarly, 20% to 30% of its power employs on front wheels for proper road grip and mutual reinforcement of engine power.

It uses a 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine with switch-based ignition with a 25-30 gallons fuel tank.


The Winnebago Revel uses the Mercedez Benz sprinter chassis as a foundation that provides flexibility for a better workhorse layout.

It best for you to instead choose a heavy-duty vehicle frame or other features. It allows the automakers to meet the customer demand.

Moreover, it has several benefits like high durability and great endurance for your daily routine. It has a positive impact on fuel economy, and resale values also enhance.

It has a 3.0-liter turbo diesel engine which gives the high powertrain about 180-188 horsepower and torque above the 300lbs-ft.

It is best for this luxurious model that increases its weight carrying strength. It gives the motorhome more durability for off-road and rough terrain.

It facilitates the vehicle with new features like fenders, reshaped grille, proper lightning. It has the availability of 7-speed automatic transmission. 

Drive configuration

The company has introduced the camper with a four-wheel-drive configuration. It means the vehicle can distribute the engine power to all wheels, front and rear.

You can also say the 4×4, which indicates the axle and wheels numbers that receive power.

It is better to give the rough-terrain and off-road better riding. With 4WD provides low and wide range electronic stability. 

Drive assistance technology

 Active lane-keeping assist, active brake assist, cruise control features are the essential component of driver assistance technology. 

Active lane-keeping assists the driver to maintain vehicle position during the driving if it unintentionally changes.

Active brake assists alert the driver when the front vehicle distance is too small. It prevents you from the direct collision danger by minimizing the speed automatically. 

The intelligent cruise control system figures out the traffic condition and keeps the camper at a proper distance from another behind the vehicle by optimizing the speed. 


It has an advanced tire footprint shape that provides more smooth riding due to equal distribution of the wheels’ stress.

The long-time payload increases tire frame stability due to the interlocking tread design property. The Revel automakers upgrade the front fender lines that adjust the large tires.

TA KO2 tires with LT245+/70R17 with no rub give better performance. It is suitable to cross the dry pavement condition and all rough terrain like snow, mud, and gravel.

At low tire pressure, the bead grip technology enhances the stability by the tire bead activation of the 701 wheels.

Its strength increases by the reinforced inner lip, solid A356 aluminum, T6 heat treatment construction.

Infotainment system

the Winnebago revel has advanced infotainment system technology with additional features like a GPS facility.

The touchscreen displays about 9-10 inches in size along with a split-screen display.

The Rand McNally RV GPS can proceed with the navigation quickly and efficiently. Through this, you can locate the best places, amenities, and trip information that you want. 

The infotainment system has other exclusive features also like AM/FM radio, keyless remote entry.

It also has Bluetooth access, android, and iPhone integration to play music, call, or other activity. The Sirius XM is also available with an 80-90 days trial subscription period.

You can play it anywhere with better access in the vehicle, home, and online. It provides various collections of features like interviews, programs, events, Howard stern video collection, and many others. 

This system also tells us about the engine consumption level, DEF and RPM level, torque measurement, and other fluid levels. It also controls lane keep assist and park assistance.

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