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How Do I Play Music through my Ford SYNC USB?

How Do I Play Music through my Ford SYNC USB?

Ford SYNC USB allows you to use your vehicle’s audio system to offer multiple multimedia options. In addition, this system provides various features depending on the model, year, SYNC system type you are using.

How Do I Play Music through my Ford SYNC USB? You can play music through a Ford SYNC USB by finding the location of the USB port and plug the USB with uploaded music files. Make sure the appropriate format, like FAT32, supports the SYNC system. Read the menu and follow the options on the screen. Select the audio option, then click the sources option. Then, choose USB device 1, and play the music. If USB is not connecting with the Ford SYNC, reinstall, reformat, upload the new file, or reinstall the SYNC fuse.

You can connect any compatible device with a USB cable and listen to your favorite songs. It is easy to use, so all you need is a cable and some favorite tunes.

It can play music from any digital media play like USB drives, iPod, and Zune player. In this way, it also supports audio formats like ACC, MP3, WAV, and WMA. 

Recent models of the Ford truck come with advanced technology like the SYNC system. It can pair up with android smartphones, iPhone, Bluetooth, or USB.

You have to know about various specifications like its capacity and format. The maximum capacity of this device that supports the SYNC can be around 32GB and FAT32 drives format. 

Easy steps to play music through Ford SYNC USB

There are several steps to play music through Ford SYNC USB. First, you can play it in two ways using the voice command and system menu. 

Find the location of the USB port

You have to find the port location in your Ford pickup truck. It is present in three areas: the center console, the media bin, and the bottom instrument panel. 

There is some significant point you must know about this. 

This port can provide the device charging facility. But not all are responsible for the transfer of data.  

Insert and plug the device into the USB port of the Ford

To play music via USB carrying music data in your Ford, you first need to locate its port inside your vehicle. Then, you have to plug the device into the port. 

It is now connected and well integrated with the Ford entertainment system. Make sure it has enough space for all of your music. It can index around 14,000 songs.

SYNC installed inside your Ford truck will start reading music contents and files by specified folder names or file names to ascertain the presence of files, which you are trying to play. 

The system will sort the identified files. After that, it will continue to create speech commands from the associated music files.

Ensure appropriate format for music files inside USB

You must ensure that the music files on the USB are in a format that can compatible with the SYNC operating system and accurate. 

Various types of music files have variations in sound quality. Depending on the program, it can be extract or scan. If you go for the wrong format of files, then SYNC will not read those files. 

When playing music files in a truck, most customers choose the following formats WMA, mp3, AAC, and WAV supported files. Hence, you must keep in mind these formats for your music files. 

The most common file format is mp3, which can support by the SYNC system, so this is the best option.

Carefully read and operate the menu screen of the music player in Ford truck

In addition to the above details, after plugging in a USB inside the USB port, you will move towards the menu display of the music player. When you insert the device, make sure the power switch of the multimedia player turns ON. 

Menu display will show you a list of functions to perform for a specific purpose. 

Click on the audio on display

Various options appear after inserting the device into a USB port, including sound, clock, phone list, connectivity, and others. 

At the bottom have several options like audio, CarPlay, Nav, zone lighting, settings, and other features. 

On the SYNC system of the Ford truck feature bar, click on the audio option on the display. It can lead to show other options like sources and browse. 

Click on the Sources

When you click on the sources, it can show various options like AM, FM, Sirius XM, Bluetooth audio, and USB device 1. 

So, click on the USB device 1 that plays your music files. 

Use of voice commands to play music

There are various voice commands for Ford vehicles that are significant and self-explanatory. 

These voice command instructions for USB SYNC must first be read and understood for this specific purpose. 

The system can accept accurate voice commands, such as a USB or USB stick.

If you give the voice command like play or pause, it will proceed or play all media according to the list. 

In this way, if you tell it to shuffle, next, previous, or repeat a song or track, it will follow the instructions and play it as directed.

You can use the voice command to search song titles, tracks, or albums. 

If you have Sirius XM Satellite Radio, you can use this to obtain access to all of the featured programs.

While driving, use this opportunity instead of using your phone to play the music because it can distract your attention can cause road accidents or other harm. 

 With voice command, you can handle the music properly and send and receive messages and calls.

 Why USB does not connect to the Ford SYNC?

Sometimes you can face problems with the USB devices and SYNC. So, resolve these issues with a possible solution. 

Reformat USB

You can resolve this problem by reformatting the USB to a FAT32 and play music. It can play a vital role that makes a significant difference. 

Another factor that affects its better connection is whether you acquire music to save on a USB stick in an iTunes folder or a window folder containing mp3 files.

Remove the USB and reconnect

Sometimes it can work for 15 to 20 minutes, and then it stops working. Disconnect it from its port, select audio from the display menu, and then connect it again.

Double click on the play option in the menu bar, and it starts to work efficiently. It can perform well without causing any issues.

Upload the music files in another USB

Sometimes the USB connection with the SYNC cannot work. As a result, titles and artists of the music only appear that are not 100% accurate. 

It looks like it is playing, no sound can produce from the speaker, and no message or notification appears on the screen. 

Another way to fix it is by removal of the fuse from the radio programming. Find the fuse box or get instructions from the Ford manual and replace the small chip. 

Ensure the device does not have any biometric software that needs a password for better access or security. 

To correctly scan and organize your media, require metadata Tags. 

Sometimes device malfunctioning can cause trouble connecting the device, so remove it, reset or disconnect the battery and reconnect the device. 

When you connect the device with the Ford SYNC, check that the device is unlocked. 

Reinstall the Sync fuse

In this case, turn the truck ignition off and remove the Ford SYNC fuse for few minutes and then again install it to its place. 

Now start the truck and wait a few minutes for SYNC to restart. Next, insert the device in its port and give the voice command like USB/USB2. In 2-5 minutes or seconds, the indexing of the music files will appear on display. How much time it will take depend on the number of files. 

Check the USB music files

Sometimes the system cannot identify the music in the USB. It can be due to incorrect artist, genre information, or song title. So, you should ensure all information about these is accurate. 

Sometimes uploaded files when you transfer from the computer become corrupted, so delete them and install the new version. 

In this way, copyright protection of the song cannot permit it to play. First, select the format that is compatible with the SYNC. Then, you need to update the media index. 

Perform a master reset

Perform a master reset can resolve the issue. First, you have to start your truck engine. Then, turn on the Ford SYNC screen menu display on the screen. Next, click on the setting option and choose the General from the menu options. 

It can lead to various other option choose the master reset a notification appear. 

The system will turn off for a short time, and the screen will be blank. It will then be reset and run properly.

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