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How much does it cost to rebuild a Toyota Tundra transmission?

How much does it cost to rebuild a Toyota Tundra transmission?

The average cost for Tundra transmission rebuilding depends on the local industrial productivity, charges of nearby workshops, and demand of procedure. 

However, it is a complex and tricky procedure that involves professional skills and consumes several working hours. In addition, approximately 80% to 90% of Toyota Tundra users prefer transmission rebuilt than replacement procedures. 

How much does it cost to rebuild a Toyota Tundra transmission? The cost to rebuild a Toyota Tundra transmission is around $1600 to $3250 and changes with procedure complexity, transmission type, workshop location, and damage level. Also, an automatic transmission rebuild kit costs you around $180 to $200, fluid costs you $36 to $42, and its disposal fee is up to $45. Furthermore, a DIY method costs you around $1000 to $1045, but a professional mechanic with his labor charges you $4300 to $4500.

However, it is less expensive than gadget replacement because cleaning removes internal problems. It is time-consuming and takes 4 to 5 days for the entire transmission rebuild. 

What is the average cost to rebuild a Tundra Transmission at home?

You can perform the procedure without help, but it does not increase the transmission life. 

However, the average cost is around $1600 to $3250. Also, it varies according to the type of workshop and the qualities of a mechanic. 

In addition, the minimum cost of the procedure is around $1000 to $1045 with a local mechanic and a few replacements. 

Furthermore, the maximum cost of the procedure can lead up to $4500 due to the involvement of branded transmission fluids and costly replacement equipment.

What is the labor cost to rebuild a Toyota Tundra Transmission?

A few people lack the professional expertise for such procedures, and they hire a skilled mechanic. Also, the person takes over the entire method and makes the process less time-consuming. 

However, he makes the process quick but provides satisfactory results. Also, the expert does not damage the internal configuration of transmission on your truck. In addition, he finds the root cause of problems and rebuilds delicate to rigid components. 

The procedure involves different activities like fluid flush, change of fluids, replacement of filter, and restoration of a transmission system. In a few pickup trucks, all of these systems fail simultaneously.

In such situations, people hire a labor team that charges for rebuilding individually. They charge on per hour pattern and provide satisfactory outcomes. On average, a fluid change and flushing may cost you around $160 to $170.

The labor charges you around $200 to $350 for restoration. The replacement of filter and clutches cost you approximately $550 to $650 with the new filter cost. 

Also, these are service charges of labor and do not include the kit cost. In such circumstances, the total cost is around $4300 to $4500.

However, these charges vary with the workshop location or the relative service. The team includes the transportation expenses in the entire amount. You can also drive your pickup truck to the nearest workshop and select a labor team. 

What is the average cost of parts and kits involved in the procedure?

Different tools involve in this method and make it convenient for a commoner with a few basic instructions. In addition, the new and automatic rebuilt transmission kits are expensive. 

They include several gadgets for the procedure and prevent extra charges for equipment. 

Generally, a kit includes multiple plates for friction, steel clutch, and filter brushings. Also, flex band, overhauling gasket, and sealing kits are essential components. 

All of these gadgets take part in the procedure, and you can rebuild the system without any external help. The average price of these kits is around $180 to $200. 

Moreover, the transmission fluid is one of the significant components and varies according to the internal configuration of the pickup truck. You can purchase them from auto part stores with several qualities. They prevent leakage and have blending properties. 

The manufacturer specifications help you to identify the standard fluid for the system. For example, a fluid with sealing additives and leakage stoppage can cost $36 to $42. 

The removal of old and contaminated fluid requires appropriate disposal. The local authority charges for dumping conditions. 

The organizations have different charges according to the volume, level of contamination, and recycling requirements. They cost you around $30 to $45 per liter of fluid. 

What are the factors affecting this procedure cost?

Several factors can increase the total cost of rebuilding a pickup truck transmission system. All of them have a significant portion in the entire system development.

However, maintenance and repairing can decrease the chance of their impact on procedure charges. 

Type of transmission

Typically, Tundra variants occupy the 6-speed and 10-speed automatic transmission systems. As a result, they have more torque and lock properties.

But, these are more expensive to rebuild than a manual system. The workshops charge the customer several dollars according to the model, pickup truck reputation, and their work parameters for automatic systems. 

Complexity of procedure 

Typically, rebuilding involves removing the broken parts from the system with labor support. Also, inspection, examinations, and cleaning procedures require expert techniques and professional guidance. 

A commoner can remove and clean the delicate parts like clutches, seals, and gaskets. 

But, other components need mechanical support that increases the procedure cost immediately. As a result, the method charges depend on the types of parts and their removal activities. 

Level of damage

People rebuild the transmission on their Toyota Tundra because multiple components fail simultaneously. In such situations, you cannot remove one part of the system. In addition, old age gears and surface wearing result in rebuilding. 

In this way, the level of damage increases the cost from the standard limit. The mechanic takes more time and charges for extra effort. 

Location and system of workshop

The workshops for pickup trucks have different price lists across the USA. Also, the reputation, facilities, and results lead to expensive activities. 

The selection of a workshop depends on the customer, and the highly facilitated work units charge several dollars. 

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