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Will 4Runner Wheels Fit Tacoma?

Will 4Runner Wheels Fit Tacoma?

Adding 4Runner wheels to Toyota Tacoma can be challenging, and there are a few things you should keep in mind before replacing the wheels.

Will 4Runner Wheels Fit Tacoma? 4Runner wheels will fit Tacoma only if you use proper dimensions and take appropriate precautions while replacing them. 4Runner wheels having the size of 285/70R17 will easily fit Tacoma as both the tires have 6 lugs and the same rim size.

Wheels are one of the essential parts of your vehicle and when you are looking to upgrade them, choosing the right size is one of the most important things to do. 

Things to Consider when adding 4Runner wheels to Tacoma

You have to be careful about many factors because you may damage your vehicle tires if you do not follow these factors.

First of all, turn off your truck engines before removing the wheels from the axle.

One of the common mistakes people make is buying wheels that are too big or too small for their vehicle, which can cause horrible handling and stability problems.

Ensure that both the tire sizes match and the new wheel fits precisely at the correct position and angle without any disturbance.

You should also notice the bolt pattern before changing the tires, as some vehicles have either 5 lugs, 6 lugs, or 7 lugs.

It means a 6-lug rim cannot fit in place of 7-lug rim, and you will either have to change the wheel or drill a hole in a 6-lug rim.

You should also ensure that your truck is 4wd because a 4wd Tacoma has 6 lugs while 2wd Tacoma has 5 lugs.

On the other hand, the 4Runner has either 6 lugs, 7 lugs, or 8 lugs, depending upon the size of the rim and the wheel’s width.

Always use proper tools for replacing wheels as old and rusted tools may cause damage to the wheels, and you will have to buy new ones.

The Wheel Size of 4Runner And Tacoma

The tire size affects how a truck handles the efficiency with which your engine runs and your overall safety. 

Wheel size matters because it determines the speed at which you can travel your truck over rough terrain. 

Choosing the suitable size tires for your vehicle is especially important when traveling on trails with steep inclines and declines.

The rim size of the Toyota 4Runner is 17 inches, and you can also use 18 inches and 20 inches rims for better functioning. 

On the other hand, Toyota Tacoma has different rim sizes varying from 16 inches to 17 inches and 18 inches depending upon the need.

In addition, Toyota 4Runner uses various tires whose sizes are 285/70R17, 265/70R17, and 245/60R20.

The number 245 shows the tire’s width, 17 is the size of the rim, while the number 70 gives the aspect ratio of the tire. 

Aspect ratio is the relationship between your tire’s height and width; it is easy to understand that a wide tire will have more contact with the road than a narrow one. 

Companies manufacture tires with different aspect ratios for two main reasons; either to prioritize comfort or performance. 

Tires with high aspect ratios focus on comfort, while tires with low aspect ratios are designed for performance driving.

You can ask about the size of the tire, or you can notice it on the box of the tire; in general, the companies write tire size on the sidewall of the tire.

The tire size of Toyota Tacoma is 245/75R16 for rim size of 16 inches, 265/65R17 for rim size of 17 inches, and 265/60R18 for rim size of 18 inches.

Since the size of both the rims is the same, you can easily install 4Runner wheels on a Toyota Tacoma truck and can quickly drive over long distances.

You can use a wheel size of either 285/70R17 or 265/70R17 of 4Runner.

Fitting 4Runner Wheels to Tacoma

Once you know the size of wheels on both of your vehicles, the next step is removing the already installed wheel from your Tacoma and installing the new one.

First of all, park your vehicle at a safe spot; or, you can also use roadblocks. This way, you can avoid accidents and quickly change tires without any worries.

Now, step out of the vehicle and find the tool kit; you should always keep a tool kit in your vehicle, which is beneficial if you get stuck in the middle of the road.

Ensure that all four tires of your Tacoma truck are at a level position and hand brake is on; otherwise, you will lose control of your vehicle.

Now bring out the new tires removed from 4Runner; you can also buy them from an online tire store if you do not have a 4Runner SUV.

Place a jack under your truck and adjust its position; now lift your Toyota Tacoma using the jack and make sure the wheel is in the air.

Bring out your wrench, put it on one of the lug nuts, and start rotating the net in the counterclockwise direction until the nut gets loose.

Put the lug nut in a small basket; this way, you will not lose it, and you can use it later.

Similarly, remove all the lug nuts and carefully place them in the basket; now, put both your hands on the tire and pull it out.

This way, you can remove the tire, take out your 4Runner wheel, put it on the wheel hub, and, using a wrench, tighten all the lug nuts you previously placed in the basket.

Take out the jack from under the truck and now place it on the other side and repeat the same process.

After replacing all the wheels, start the engine; put down the hand brake, and drive.

If you notice any unwanted noise, you should quickly stop your truck and check whether the wheels are correctly installed or not.

The sound may be because of the collision between the tire and the hard plastic present on the inside portion of the fender.

You can cut that plastic using a knife and then again sit inside and take it for a test drive, and if you do not notice anything strange, then it means the tire is a perfect match.

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