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Common Problems with Northern Lite Truck Camper

Common Problems with Northern Lite Truck Camper

Northern Lite Truck Campers have been manufacturing truck campers for more than 20 years, and their vehicles are famous among people due to their high-quality interior.

Common Problems with Northern Lite Truck Camper include faulty slide-outs that fail to work because of inappropriate wring and blown fuse. In addition, it also has less cargo capacity; when people add excessive luggage, it can cause damage to the tires. The lower side plywood also starts to damage due to overloading. The moisture also comes under the mattress, which can cause molds and mildews.

They have minor issues, but people buy them because they can easily tow small toys, lighter boats, and motorbikes. It also has less repairing cost because of its extended warranty of different parts.

Inadequate sealing

The RVs have proper sealing on their sides, doors, and windows to prevent moisture and water entry during rain.

The seals are also necessary for the appropriate opening and closing of the doors and windows. When these seals become old and loose, the windows do not close adequately.

When the windows of these Northern Lite Truck Campers are not entirely closed, then the dust will also enter from outside. This dust will also accumulate in the air conditioner’s coils and disturb its working.

In addition, the frequent opening and closing of doors and windows also cause this issue. The normal wear and tear on the seals will also cause difficulty in closing doors.

Long-term exposure to sunlight can damage the seal and make the internal damper. When it becomes old, the sealant does not remain flexible, becomes dry, and shrinks. Due to this dryness and shrinkage, cracks will also produce in it.

You should resolve this issue by removing the old one and replacing it with a new one. You should first check the type of your windows before returning them.

Failure of slide-outs

Some people need ample space in their RV, so they purchase the campers with slide-outs to resolve the space issue.

The vehicles with slide-outs are challenging to manage and maintain, but they have more benefits.

Sometimes when you are not maintaining them properly and cleaning them, it will cause issues and lose their functionality.

My friends who use these campers complain that their slide out will fail to work after some time. The failure will occur due to dust accumulation from the outside environment.

The issue of failure will also occur when the rust accumulates on the sides and cause friction during movement.

It will also be stuck due to rust and will not come outside. It will also fail to perform a function with a blown fuse.

The slide-out will also fail to work due to inadequate or faulty wiring. Sometimes the campers do not have enough power supply to run their motors which is the primary reason for failure.

You can resolve this issue by using switches that provide high voltage currents. Moreover, you can also fix this by properly removing dust from their sides by using a vacuum cleaner.

Moisture under mattress

This RV has a large bed for more than one person’s accommodation and has a good quality mattress.

Many people complain that Northern Lite Camper mattresses become moist from the lower side, and molds grow there.

The mildew growth will produce a smell in the mattress and damage its fabric. The presence of mildews will also decrease the life of bed stands and make them fragile.

It is difficult to sleep on damp beds at night during cool days. In addition, the propane heaters will not work, and people feel cold during winter nights when they sit on a moist mattress.

You should resolve this issue by using a dehumidifier in the rooms to remove excessive humidity. In addition, you should also remove the mildews by using a soft bristle brush on the lower surface.

You can also remove mildews by using a vacuum pump attached with a lint roller.

Low-quality tires

Mostly the high-quality tires are present on truck campers to bear the excessive weight. However, people complain that their tires blow out when they drive them on hilly areas and bumpy roads.

The blowing of tires on bumpy areas will occur due to road hurdles that can damage them, and air will come out.

The air will also come out from them when you overinflate them, which can lose its flexibility and they become rigid.

Due to hard and rigid surfaces, they will blow out early when hit with potholes or hurdles. 

Sometimes when you travel a long distance without inflating them again, and the pressure becomes low, which can also cause this fault.

It is better to check the air pressure after traveling a long distance and inflate it when you feel misalignment.

You can also decrease this issue by appropriately loading them according to their luggage carrying capacity not to damage their parts.

Low-quality plywood base

The basement of the truck camper is attached with trucks, and they contain plywood material on its lower side.

The plywood becomes weak and starts to damage after some years because it has less life than steel and aluminum.

The plywood base will also damage when there is no air crossing between the surface and bed of the truck. In addition, the accumulation of water on the lower side can also cause blistering of the plywood layer.

The issue on the camper base will also come when you place heavyweight things and accessories in them, like heavyweight furniture. This causes soft spots on the camper floor.

This issue is common when there is continuous leakage in the inner side of your RV, and dampness from the inside can damage the basement of the vehicles.

Due to dampness, the glue from the plywood also damages and loses its connection with laminated plywood.

You can resolve this faulty by using small jacks to raise the camper’s bed. Moreover, you can also check the leakage and dripping of water from inside to not dampen the lower surface.

You can also use high-quality glue to attach plywood on the lower side properly.

Less cargo capacity

The cargo capacity of the Northern Lite campers also matters a lot because people always demand excessive luggage carrying capacity to place their bags and other accessories.

This camper has less space for luggage, and you cannot place the large-sized bed due to its less length and width.

In addition, it also has no extra cabinets for the placement of the first aid box. Moreover, when people add excessive weight after filling the fuel and water tank, it will damage the axle because of overloading.

In addition, the tires will also damage due to the placement of excessive items for your comfortability. Finally, this low luggage carrying capacity will cause blow out of wheels when they overload them.

You should resolve this issue by adding luggage according to its capacity. In addition, don’t add luxurious items like oven refrigerators in them.

You can use an air vent rather than air conditioners for air crossing and temperature maintenance.

The bulge on the sides

The side of these campers is also bulging due to low-quality material. Due to this bulging, water also comes into the vehicle.

The exterior is made of fiberglass material to make them lighter and more durable. However, water will damage the interior layers when water seeps into this fiberglass material.

In addition, the wooden cabinets also start to rot after some years. The rotting can occur due to water dripping from the scratched ends.

Furthermore, the water is harmful to the vehicles; it will damage their parts and affect their functioning.

Due to dampness or high moisture, the electric shocks will also come from the circuits.

In addition, it also affects the working of propane heaters during winters because the interior does not remain warm due to continuous entry of water.

You can resolve this problem by painting the scratched ends using high-quality paints. You can also seal the bulging sides by using appropriate sealants.

Problem with the gray water tank

Many people have a problem with gray water tanks; they complain that the indicator shows that the tank is one-fourth full.

The fault is that the water is not coming out from them when they open the valve while the tank is full. The issue comes with the valves that are not working well and cause hindrance in water movement.

In addition, when you lower the tank, the water also comes out from the valve. Therefore, it showed that the water did not come out due to the improper position of these tanks.

You should resolve this issue by properly maintaining the position and placing them at the correct angle for a regular water flow.

If their position is adequate, you should check the valves causing the fault. You can also check the nuts and bolts; this issue will also come if they are too tight.

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