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What Size Truck Do I Need to Pull a Skid Steer?

What Size Truck Do I Need to Pull a Skid Steer?

A skid steer helps to perform various functions. However, they are compact similar to the truck but are heavier.

What Size Truck Do I Need to Pull a Skid Steer? The size of the truck that pulls skid steer may vary according to each truck specification. The skid steer weight varies between 2000 to 10,000 pounds. When you transport the skid steer by the truck, calculate the skid steer weight and GVWR. You make sure that you do not exceed the towing capacity of the truck to keep its engine or axle safe.

It was invented in 1957 by two brothers Louis & Cyril Keller that developed the first skid steer. The first generation three-wheeled loader was built for farming purposes like plowing fields and cultivating crops for production. Therefore, it is also known as Keller Loader. 

What Size Truck Do I Need to Pull a Skid Steer?

When you opt to tow the skid steer with a truck, you should be familiar with its towing capability and GVWR.

Truck models Towing capacity of a truck Weight of skid steer+ trailer Can they pull it or not
Ford F-150 12,000 pounds 2500lbs+5000lbs Yes
Ford F-250 16,000 pounds 2000lbs+7000lbs Yes
Ford F-350 17,000 pounds 2500lbs+7500lbs Yes
Ford F-450 20,000 pounds 1500lbs+8,000lbs Yes
RAM 3500 33000 pounds 10,000lbs+7500lbs Yes
GMC Sierra 1500 9000 pounds 2500lbs+4500lbs Yes
Chevy Silverado 3500 33,000 pounds 12,000lbs+7500lbs Yes

Types of skid steer

When you decide to buy the skid steer vehicle, you should choose the right size. These are available in various size ranges. 

Small frame skid steer

These are used for various purposes projects, including interior demolition, underground construction, and others. 

These are best for the contractor having small projects, and its transportation is easy due to its lightweight. 

The weight of small-sized is low, around 5000 pounds. The horsepower of it is around 45hp.

Medium-sized frame skid steers

It is suitable for construction tasks. It includes a John Deere 320E that is small, compact but has high power and capacity than the small frame vehicle.

 These have a horsepower of around 63-hp and a width of about 65.2 inches. 

Large frame skid steers

John Deere 330G is the best option for heavy-duty applications. With better attachment, these can handle various jobs, including drilling, grading, demolition on a large scale, road building, and excavation.

 While comparison to other construction equipment, it is small in size but hard to transport and handle in tight areas.

 The weight of it is above 7000 pounds. The horsepower of it is around 65-hp.  

Tracked skid steer

These are suitable for the rough terrain types. In addition, these may design in such a way to handle rough terrain and slopes because their weight distributes over the tracks. 

In muddy and sloppy conditions, it will maintain productivity and efficiency because it does not affect the equipment’s efficacy. 

Wheeled skid steer

These are cost-effective and fuel-efficient. Its maintenance is also easy.

 It is best fitted on rough terrain and other rough surfaces while moving. 

Things to consider when you pull a skid steer with your truck

There is some aspect you should know before pulling the skid steer with the truck. These can handle a various range of construction functions.

Know your truck capability

An essential parameter is the rated operating capacity. 

It measures how much cargo can load into it without tipping over or other road malfunction. It is essential for farmers and other people who use them to transport products. 

Due to the truck hydraulic system and high output engine, the high operating capacity of the pickup can handle various tasks like lift application and challenging load. 

Heavy-duty pickup truck capability

Heavy-duty trucks like Chevy Silverado, RAM 2500 &3500, F-250 &350 are the best for having six-speed transmission, suspension system, high-quality frame, and 700 to 900 pound-feet of torque.

Utilize advanced technology gadgets

With time new trucks are equipped with advanced technology gadgets that are preferable for pulling. For example, Chevy Silverado 2500 have two advanced stopping mechanism.

 In this way, Ram and Ford are equipped with the innovative exhaust brake and trailer brake. 

Choose the best towing equipment

The best towing equipment is a vital aspect of towing. It can say that all the failures may cause by improper equipment. So, picking the best towing equipment is of paramount importance. 

There are several factors when choosing the right one for your vehicle. 

The Silverado 2500 heavy-duty pickups pull the back hitch that employs a trailer ball to enhance the capability. In addition, GM 3500 HD has a gooseneck prep package that tows heavy loads.  

Tow according to the truck weight limit

With great confidence, you can accomplish even the most difficult tasks on your truck. But without a little bit of luck and a few common-sense tricks, you may end up in danger. 

Silverado 2500 HD has a firm and deliberate hydraulic system and suspension. It holds the gears for a prolonged period in towing or hauling situations to enhance the engine’s significant power. 

It can tackle the load with enough efficiency that make the transportation job easily accessible. 

How to tow skid steer with your pickup truck?

You can ship your skid steer by the truck and trailer. For this purpose, there are following that need for towing. 

Pre-inspection is necessary; you must figure out the tire and inspect broken or loose parts.

In this way, emergency flashers, trailer marking lights, and brake lights are also in working condition or not after hitching the trailer to the truck. 

In this way, inspect the broken straps and chains or chain binder and replace them with the new secured item.

You have to balance on the smooth surface and position firmly the towed vehicle to the hitched trailer. 

When loading the skid steer on your pickup, make use of the chock blocks and outriggers. When transporting, ensure that the weight distribution is adequate, with 65% on the rear end and 45% on the front end.

The heavy load part should center above the axle. If you put more load in the front may lead to putting high pressure on the trailer tongue. 

Trailer used for pulling the skid steer

You can haul it with various trailers by the appropriate attachment. It is compact but heavy, so you do not need the large trailer and ask the service center to provide partial load availability. 

You also have other equipment at the location that helps in transportation. For example, a skid steer has an attachment, including its calculation while considering the total weight. 

RGN trailer

RGN trailer abbreviates as the removable gooseneck trailer that is suitable for the shipment of large-sized skid steer. 

The best feature you like in it is the unhooking ability of the trailer front end. In this case, you do not require more equipment to load it onto the trailer bed because it can incline straight onto the trailer.

Step deck trailer

It is also known as a lowboy trailer. A drop deck or step deck trailer is a flatbed trailer that can carry an almost heavyweight of around 35,000 lbs. In this situation, the forklift can able to load it safely.

It is a favorable option when you want to transport the load above the legal height limit and not fit the flatbed trailer. 

It has two decks, upper and lower, with the majority of the skids positioned on the higher deck. Loading and unloading are accessible due to the ramp availability. In addition, step-deck trailers have low ground clearance, so they provide easy access to the forklift toward the load.

Flatbed trailer

A flatbed trailer is best for the standard size loads and cost-effective method. In addition, they can have an additional axle to carry or transport heavy loads according to the weight limit guidelines.

 They are not appropriate for all heavy loads and have limitations of cargo loading and unloading.

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