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Why is my Ford F150 Heater Fan Not Working?

Why is my Ford F150 Heater Fan Not Working?

Fan heater in Ford F150 has the purpose of normalizing the truck’s body temperature and uniformly distributing heat generated by the heater across the body by blowing air thrust.

The heater fan in the Ford truck may encounter problems that result in a disturbance in the truck’s heating and cooling mechanism.

Why is my Ford F150 Heater Fan Not Working? Ford F150 fan heater can stop working due to relay issues, problematic fuse, its resister may become dysfunctional, actuator facing a problem, supply-side constraints in power can disrupt its normal function, malfunctioning in the fan’s motor, and leakage in the heater core. 

Why is my Ford F150 Heater Fan Not Working?

If the fan heater on Ford F150 is not working, you must thoroughly check the nature of the problem. If the problem occurs in the above-discussed domains, you can resolve it by addressing individual issues.

Resister problem

Resister is an essential part of any heating and cooling mechanism of the truck. Its fundamental purpose is to regulate the speed of the motor and fan mounted on it.

If the resister is not working correctly and not controlling the fan motor’s speed, it can cause severe problems for the truck’s whole cooling and heating mechanism.

Problematic resister will not regulate heater fan as per the requirement of the truck. So, your vehicle will either become overheated or cooled to the extent that it will not even startup.

Sometimes, it becomes burn out, or corrosion occurs, and the replacement cost is around $40-$50. During its failure, the fan speed becomes slow due to low voltage.

Therefore, you must address the resister problem. First, you must try to get it repaired by some electrician.

Relay of heater fan facing issues

Relay plays a vital role in the operation of the heater fan installed at your Ford F150. It regulates the power supply from the switch to the heater fan.

Its importance is more than any other component because it plays an essential role in the operation.

There will be no power supply how the rest of the parts will operationalize the heater fan. Its main problem wears tear due to excessive flicking on and off of heater fan switch.

Under these circumstances, the fan heater’s relay is worn out badly and becomes inoperative. In this way, power does not supply to the heater fan, and it becomes dysfunctional.

Therefore, you must take care of the relay installed with your heater fan for uninterrupted power supply to the rest of the components of the heater fan.

Either replace your completely worn-out relay or make sure proper maintenance from the auto workshop.

The problematic fuse of the heater fan

Fuse in the fan heater usually controls overheating of the fan heater. When air intake disturb and heat does not blow out by the fan, it can closely attach to the heater element.

Moreover, it also has a close check on the power supply to the heating element. In case of fluctuation in power supply, fuse wire melts down and disrupts the power supply to avoid damage to the heater fan or heater itself.

It can be blown out and disrupt heater fan functioning. Thus, you keep a soundcheck on the fuse of the heater fan installed at your Ford F150.

Either replace the blown-out fuse or reinstall the fuse wire with another one with the same specification to continue the functioning of a heater fan.

Actuator facing problem in heater fan of your Ford F150

The latest models of motors installed at heater fans have actuators installed with them. The essential function of the actuator is to regulate the air inlet.

It has flaps in front of the motor, which open or shut by the motor actuator. In this way, it gives proper direction to the air inlet.

In other words, it distributes heat uniformly across the vehicle or surroundings. Your fan heater may face problems due to improper or no functioning of the motor actuator installed in the fan. It can result in overheating of motor or poor regulation of temperature in your vehicle.

Get it repaired by an electrician or replace it with another better actuator. It will make sure better distribution of heat and cooling across the vehicle.

Supply-side constraints of power to the heater fan

The uninterrupted and well-regulated power supply is essential to keep the heater fan functional as desired.

In some cases, fluctuation in power supply disturbs other components of your heater and fan altogether. Such as blowing out fuse, burnt wiring, and damaging the actuator of the motor.

Under these circumstances, it cannot work. Hence, the heater fan becomes dysfunctional. Therefore, you must address the power supply constraints of your heater fan.

If it is due to worn-out wiring, then replace it with the new one. If it occurs to the fluctuate of your voltage, then adjust it by installing a proper regulator at your heater fan. It will make sure uniform power supply. Hence your heater fan keeps working as you desire.

The problem in the motor winding

Excessive usage and lack of proper maintenance make motor winding worn out. This worn-out winding lowers the efficiency of the motor fan.

Hence, the air inlet not properly distributes across the vehicle. It may lead to overheating of the motor, in the worst-case scenario resulting in burning out.

Motor winding is a vital component of it. It creates a much-needed magnetic flux in the magnetic field of the fan motor. This magnetic flux results in the rotation of rotor blades.

In this way, it operates and distributes air across the vehicle body. To address this matter, you keep a proper check on motor winding. If it wears out, then replace it with the new one.

Replacement of motor winding with the new one makes assuring the smooth working of your motor installed at heater fan. 

Blower motor control module

It is a rare reason but occurs sometimes. The damage happens due to corrosion or overheating because the motor becomes short or jam.

If it becomes fail then the motor functioning get decreases resulting in the heater fan stop working.

The improper angle of fan blades results in poor regulation of air across the vehicle body

This problem is purely a designing and installation problem. The fan blades do not design properly to thrust air at the proper point or do not fit across the rotor’s exact position.

Therefore, fan working is disturbed, the air not regulate. You can avoid it by checking all fan blades designing parameters and ensure these fit across the fan shaft at the desired angle.

In this case, these already install or their tilt disturb after an excessive portion, then refitted these blades, or modify them with properly designed blades.

Fan speed problem setting

Sometimes, besides other reasons, the fan speed setting also becomes improper result in a disturbance for you.

The interior fan setting regulates through 2 way like standard AC system and automatic temperature control, which use the control panel.

Low levels of anti-freeze

It is also an issue with your ford truck fan heater. Sometimes, the anti-freeze level becomes down can resulting in damage. You have to overcome this by the simple way in the repair shop.

You can refill with this, which is an essential task in your truck maintenance step. You can purchase a well-reputed brand like GM anti-freeze with high performance.

Blend air door actuator

Blend air door actuator is also a leading factor of this damage. In this case, the airflow becomes to stop, stuck, or block. You can reduce this issue by the replacement with the new one.

These are low in cost and cheap, around $10-$14, and easy to install. If you are unaware of its replacing, then take time, like 2-3 hours or more.

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