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Why is my Ford F150 outside temperature display not working?

Why is my Ford F150 outside temperature display not working?

Outside temperature display on Ford F150 is of greater significance for the driver to operate or drive efficiently in cold and hot climatic zones. 

Why is my Ford F150 outside temperature display not working? Outside temperature display on Ford F150 shows improper reading and stops working due to blown-out fuse or screen bulb, Programmable Logical Controller (PLC) improper calibration, excessive usage with little or no maintenance, burnt and worn out wiring problem, and at the end temperature display usually goes off, when its sensor does not work or stops functioning.

Why is my Ford F150 outside temperature display not working?

Sometimes, the outside temperature display goes off in Ford F150 under certain circumstances. This scenario disturbs the temperature profile of not just the truck but also the outside environment. 

Blown out the fuse of the temperature display

It is a well-established fact that temperature displays are always voltage-sensitive. Therefore an optimum power supply at the required voltage necessary for these displays.

Sometimes power supply that you provide to temperature fluctuates in terms of voltage—this fluctuation in voltage results in damage to the fuse wire.

Damaged fuse wire never allows the power supply to pass and complete its circuit. In other words, the temperature display is left with no power to operate and show the actual temperature inside and outside the truck.

Hence, you must keep the voltage in check to ensure optimum voltage for your display installed along with the temperature sensor of your Ford F150. It will keep your fuse wire intact and avoid blowing out of the fuse.

Blown out bulb of the display

Similarly, voltage fluctuation and substandard material of bulb installed inside temperature display may result in burning and blowing out of display bulb.

The burnt or blown-out bulb can no longer ensure the sensor’s display reading that you install in the truck.

Hence, under such circumstances, your priority must be to regulate your voltage of power supply. If your bulb goes off or blown out in any case, replace it while considering all its parameters. 

Wrong or missing calibration of Programmable Logical Controller installed along with the display of temperature

To have the right and proper display of temperature sensed by the vehicle’s sensor, the display Programmable Logical Controller (plc) must be rightly calibrated. Right calibration will allow it to display the correct input of the temperature sensor of the truck.

Therefore, you must get it rightly calibrated from some computer expert or the person having complete expertise in digital devices and their software.

Excessive usage with no or little maintenance

In addition to the above reasons, another cause may badly affect your temperature display and its associated devices, such as the temperature sensor and its internal circuit, and no or little maintenance of your vehicle’s temperature display.

Therefore, you must keep a proper check on maintenance and wear and tear of the temperature display and its sensor installed in the vehicle.

For this, you must make a periodic and regular maintenance schedule to overcome maintenance and wear and tear-related problems encountered by the temperature display and its sensor. A systematic overview of your truck will also help avoid this problem.

Wiring problem in the form of worn-out or burnt wiring

Wiring in any circuit keeps it well-integrated and functional. If wiring damages or a burnt electrical component stops working; hence its desired purpose not achieve.

In a given issue, worn-out wiring or burnt wiring of the temperature display of F150 may impair its circuit, which may show no result.

The wiring problem in the case of temperature display has two aspects. In one case, the display’s wiring damages or burnt, while in another case, the wiring of the temperature sensor wears out or burns. Under both circumstances, the temperature display does not work.

If this gets burnt, then remove it by some electrician, and if it wears out, then get it repaired by an electrician.

Sensor or thermocouple problem

The sensor in the form of a thermocouple installed for temperature measurement plays a vital role in the temperature display.

It senses the temperature of the outer environment and the vehicle itself. It converts this heat signal into a digital signal that is a letter on screen at temperature display before any driver operates the truck.

The problem is the temperature sensor or thermocouple may disturb your vehicle’s temperature display. Either display will show the wrong temperature reading or will show no value at all.

Therefore, in this case, you must get your vehicle’s thermocouple or temperature sensor thoroughly checked and replaced from the auto workshop.

Dirt and dust entrapped in sensor or temperature display of vehicle

It occurs when Ford F150 mostly operates on bumpy roads and areas having arid or semi-arid features.

Under these circumstances, dust entraps into the sensor or temperature display of the vehicle. On the one hand, this dust lowers the sensor efficiency; on the other hand, it disrupts the reading of the temperature display installed in front of the driver.

In the worst-case scenario, it results in total impairment of sensor and temperature display. If this happens, your temperature display will not provide you with a correct and prompt reading of truck and external environment temperature.

Hence, you must get the sensor and temperature properly cleaned from some auto mechanic or yourself if you enough expertise in removing these devices and then reinstalling them in the assembly of your vehicle. 

Improper Temperature reading display

Sometimes an issue appears in which the proper temperature reading does not display on Ford F150. It mainly occurs due to coolant system damage.

The possible reason responsible for it includes the thermostat stuck and cannot close, in the cold weather condition, the level low.

Another cause, which temperature sending unit detaches from its gauge. The circuit damage, defective gauge, truck computer issue.

You can resolve this problem by clicking and press the defrost button and also push the power one. It will give you the new and correct reading.  

Inconsistent cooling

The ambient temperature sensor is an essential part of your truck AC system’s automatic functioning. Because unreliable cooling is the leading symptom due to temperature sensor failure, it disturbs the inside truck cooling system.

You have to maintain it by proper adjustment, which makes the comfortable environment. 

Climate control defrosts button

You have to install the rear defrost, which is best for climate control. You require a new display which adjusts the standard power.

You have to install the power adjust mirror with the blinkers and defrost. For this, separate the door penal and plug through unscrew.

Next, you require a hook tool that helps remove the black trim piece from the back door handle. Then, remove all the wiring harness and mirror screws and reinstall the climate control with defrost button in a reverse way.

The problem in the overhead console temperature display

If the problem occurs, you have to check out and test it. You have to identify first the system location, like the fuse and its number.

In this case, you have to remove the console but make sure that the wiring remains intact. Next, slide it right to left straight, remove the wiring connector and disassemble the console.

The entire unit appears and removes the green lens and circuit board. Then repair the problem which occurs in the resistor, which mounts in such a way that exposure to extreme temperature.

You have to heat the solder and nudge the resistor and make sure it goes through the entire resistor width. In the end, test the display and ensure that all screens and consoles fix correctly.

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