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How to Enable Tow Haul Mode on Ford F150?

How to Enable Tow Haul Mode on Ford F150?

There are different driving modes available in Ford F150. These modes are present to boost your vehicle performance and fuel capacity. Tow haul is another feature that helps the vehicle in power pulling when a trailer attaches with it. 

How to Enable Tow Haul Mode on Ford F150? The tow-haul mode can be activated by pressing the button located on the column and console shifters of the Ford F150 models. The signs of tow-haul are visible in the instrumental panel. With this mode, your truck can tow heavy trailers easily.

 Tow haul mode is a valuable feature that improves the trailer connection and its towing activities. This feature also enhances the transmission when the trailer connects with the vehicle.

How to Enable Tow Haul Mode on Ford F150?

The tow-haul mode enables the trucks to move swiftly, tackle all the heavy trailers with safety. There is an additional feature called a smart trailer tow connector in the Ford F150. This feature gives you information about trailer connectivity status, battery alerts, and warnings.

This feature activates when you want to connect the trailer with your Ford truck. This mode activates according to the gear shifters present in different models of F150. 

For column shifter

The models that contain column shifter can activate tow-haul mode by pushing the button. This button is present in the column lever. All the driving modes display on the instrumental panel.

For console shifter

This truck contains a console shifter present in the console portion. You can activate tow-haul by pressing the DM button located on the left side of the shifter.

After pressing it, all the driving modes shown up in the instrumental cluster panel of the ford.

 Why would you choose tow-haul mode?

 The tow-haul is basically for towing and hauling of heavy trailers. This mode slows down the upshift of gears. It also controls the speed of the engine when you are moving downhill.

This mode also ensures that the truck remains in a lower shifter for a long time. This feature also contains adaptive steering skills in which the steering wheel of the vehicle does not have to move.

This movement ensures that when you rotate the steering ring, the wheels do not turn much.

It enhances the transmission operation of the truck. This mode changes the transmission shift patterns. 

Hauling loads requires a lot of power. This mode increases the torque and employs the engine braking mode to help the driver control its vehicle. It changes shift points to a high RPM level that assists in hauling. 

When you are going downward direction, it will downshift the transmission. It helps in protecting wear and tear of breaks by automatic transmission change.

In this way, it increases the ability of the brakes of the vehicle. The mode also encourages a good engine response and increases its safety. The truck will move more swiftly with heavy loads.

Another benefit is the decrease of the effect of gravity. Everything that contains weight gravity acts on it. It is difficult to move heavy trailers downward and upward when gravity acts on them.

In Ford F150, this problem can be solvedd by installing tow haul mode. This mode helps the trucks in moving swiftly. The heavyweight causes problem with the engine. When it goes up or downward direction, tow-haul protects it from wear and tear. This mode regulates these speed changes.

The truck is laden with heavy trailers. It has to work harder for better efficiency. It will conserve more fuel and also affect the engine’s ability to work.

This extra weight will also affect the speed when it goes up and down the hills. This feature gives the truck extra power that is needed to pull the heavy trailer. This engine has done its work without affecting the vehicle’s working status.

How to deactivate tow-haul mode?

It is easy to deactivate this feature by pressing the button. The column shifter is present in the steering wheel compartment.

The button is present on the inside of the shifter. In the console shifter, this button is present on the side. So, you can push the button on both gear shifters.

The light display on the instrumental panel turns off. For deactivating the tow-haul mode use need to switch off the truck. 

How is towing done in Ford F150?

Ford installed another feature that works closely with tow-haul for towing containers known as smart trailer tow connector. This feature assists the vehicle in the beneficial pulling of loads by telling the trailer status and warnings. 

It also uses a camera fix between the cargo lights for knowing the connectivity with the trailer. This camera uses a dynamic hitch feature that provides the guideline for making a connection.

The image shown in the center display panel shows that the vehicle is carefully moving according to it and helps in precise connection without help. 

The tow-haul button presents in Ford’s console and column shifter; it increases the driver’s command on the vehicle hauling heavy loads.

It enhances the transmission of the truck. You can know that the automobile is in the tow-haul mode because its sign is visible in the instrumental panel. 

Trailer sway control is another feature of this model that works with a roll stability system. Its role is to determine that the swaying of your trailer. It also helps in gradually applying brakes to lessen the engine power.

For precise towing, trailer tow mirrors are present below the rear mirrors. This mirror increases the rear-view vision during the pulling of heavy loads.

When to use tow-haul mode in Ford F-150? 

 The tow-haul enables the driver to control the truck’s speed, pulling power, and capacity to stop with heavy loads.

You can use this feature when towing heavy loads. But if your tow-haul button ON without your knowledge, it will cause no damage to the vehicle. It makes the hauling more relaxing and smoother by controlling truck RPMs.

Is it safe to drive in tow-haul mode?

Yes, it is safe to drive in tow-haul mode. It is a driving mode that you can use with or without towing heavy trailers. It designs in such a way that you can use it in both conditions. It will not cause any harm to truck efficiency.

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