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How to Fix Cam Phasers in Ford F150?

How to Fix Cam Phasers in Ford F150?

Here are easy methods to fix cam phasers in the Ford F150. We have added their types and cost to repair the cam phasers.

How to Fix Cam Phasers in Ford F150? You can fix the cam phasers by replacing them with new ones. Always purchase high-quality cam phasers for excellent engine performance. Modifying the alternating current and removal of certain parts leads to accurate fixing. Reassemble the power settings, and it helps in excellent gear settings. 

How to Fix Cam Phasers in Ford F150?

Fixing cam phasers in Ford trucks can be tricky and you must have all the required knowledge with proper tools.

Many people even have no idea about the working of their vehicles. You should regularly check your trucks and fix the cam phasers when required.

What are Cam Phasers?

A camp phaser is a tool that is modern in all of its features. They work for the combustion engines of the trucks. It is a computer-controlled device with multiple applications. 

The gear shaft is one of the excellent tools for valve timings. It is adjustable naturally, and you can operate it on a computer.

It has accurate software, and it helps to enhance the driveability of the engine. The truck becomes efficient by using these fantastic camshafts. The computer has the maximum capacity to run them on low rotations per minute and height rotations.

Types of Cam Phasers for Ford F150

There are two types of camp shafts in the truck’s engine. They are efficient and reliable. Both of them depend on the computer and its efficiency.

They are similar in appearance, but thorough analysis shows that they are different from each other. 

Pair intake cam phaser

These are some of the most efficient and significant parts of the ford f150 engine. They work with power intake efficiency and follow the instructions precisely. 

Exhaust camshafts

They work for the exhaustion of the engine and other connecting devices. Sometimes the exhaust camshafts help to make the engine cool. They are heat savers, and the efficiency is high.

Method to Fix Cam Phasers in Ford F150

The fixation method of the camshaft is tricky. It requires professional expertise. If you want to perform the process at home, and then follow this guideline. 

Tools required

Multiple tools offer maximum help in this specific process. All of them are necessary, and you cannot skip them. The alternation of the equipment with other things leads to drastic changes. 

The essential equipment for fixing the camshafts are as follow, 

  • Protective gloves
  • The socket of various sizes
  • Wrenches
  • Screwdrivers
  • Small to big steel joints
  • Electrical extensions (wires)
  • Bars
  • Breakers
  • Mallets (rubber material)
  • Gasket of silicon
  • New valve
  • Gaskets for new valves
  • Rags
  • New bolts
  • New cam phasers
  • Griping material
  • Impacting material
  • Permanent markers
  • Time tools
  • Fiber-free cloth
  • Cleaner (optional)

Disconnect the batteries

The truck’s engine gets its electrical energy from the batteries inside the system. In those procedures, when you change or replace something, and you open the engine area.

It is an area of constant heat with dangers. Disconnecting the batteries one to two hours before starting the process is one of the best options.

It helps in cooling down the engine and makes the system efficient for use. Turn off the batteries by unplugging their wires from the main socket.

It prevents short circuits and the breaking of electric cables. The damage of electric circuits leads to turning areas of the vehicle.

The rupture of the valve areas is difficult to fix, and that’s why turning off the batteries is one of the best solutions.

Detach the upper layers/equipment 

You cannot reach the Ford F150 engine directly without any hurdle. It is essential to remove the upper equipment and then approach the camshafts.

There are numerous wires, cables, and plumbing tools inside the engine area. All of them hinder the approach of a camshaft.

Once one wire stops the passage and few times, and the plumbing area is stuck. It is necessary to work on all of these tools without any fear.

Make sure none of them is directly in a link with the battery areas. The whole process is time-consuming, but the results worth everything. 

Remove the chain and iron lids

It is necessary to reach the chain covers in the engine compartment. Remove all the other parts in this area, and it makes the process simpler.

There is an intake tube in this region, and plug it off from its insertion. Disconnect the wire firstly, or you can get an electric shock.

These areas comprise electricity even when the batteries are off due to the constant flow of electrical current. 

Work on the positive crankcase ventilation

It is an area that allows the free flow and transfer of air in a specific place. It contains a high voltage of electricity.

When you open the engine’s lid, and you found it immediately. Few companies label the tool with some logo or sign.

Disconnect the cables of the positive crankcase ventilation area. You cannot start the fixation process without this step. 

Remove nuts and iron-bolts

  • The engine of the ford f150 comprises multiple nuts and bolts. 
  • Use screwdrivers and wrenches according.
  • Clean the top surface of bolts with a fiber-free cloth. 
  • Start rotating the bolts of the steering area. 
  • Remove the reservoir area from each side. 
  • Place it in one corner for further use. 
  • You can wash and clean the tool for a better appearance. 
  • Remove the bracket and cover of the reservoir. 
  • It helps in the protection of this region from road shocks and driving surface jerks. 
  • Secure these tools and mark them in terms of hierarchy.

Disconnect the computer from the engine

The engine and its camshafts work on the instructions of a computer. It is an electronic device and carries high voltage all the time.

Remove all the wires that connect the computer with the ignition areas of the truck. The camshaft timing valves also connect with the computer.

Remove these wires and cancel all types of connections. Make sure that the fuel part is not in any link with the electrical supply. 

The computer-controlled parts of the engine include many other tools in them. The removal of the devices is easy but reassembling is difficult.

Use a permanent marker and mark a spot on every engine’s tool. Keep them aside, and you can use them easily with these numbers. Remove all the electrical plugs and fuel injecting areas. 

Disconnect the sensors

The sensors of the engine offer specific and enough information about functions. These sensors get their power from the engine’s batteries.

The computer collects and represents all the casual information. Disconnect all the sensors and timing valves. There is a bunch of coils that allows flexibility to the vehicle.

Remove them from their plug areas and generate an electricity-free region. There is a specific tube in this area; disconnect all the sensors from this coil. Separate all the bolts that support the system in every possible way. 

Disconnect powertrain control mounting

It is an area that supports the firewall area of the ford f150 engine. The mounting provides maximum help to the system and saves it from short power circuits.

When you are working on the camshafts, and always remove the powertrain mounting area. Disconnect the bracket of the firewall area and cover the valve

Remove covering and settle cooling

A cam phaser position sensor contains multiple bolts, and they secure the dipstick areas. In this region, there are few sensory tools, and remove them without any delay. Make the area clear for better vision and clarity of the system. 

The connection of the cooling system exists behind the sitting area. It is hard to disconnect the power supply in this specific spot. You need to work hard because it is time-consuming.

Take professional bits of help or ask for the manual. In this method, the engine requires a proper height from the ground. 

  • The uplifters and jacks are useful for this process. 
  • Adjust a jack in the bottom of the truck. 
  • Uplift the ford f150 to a certain height, and reach the air cooling system.
  • Disconnect all the wires one by one and then reach the covering area. 
  • Remove all the nuts and bolts of the cover and pull it by manual effort. 
  • Clear the valve area and plug out the ac line area. The side of the wheels also occupies few wires of the air cooling system. They connect to the battery loops, remove them from their particular position. 

Choose the right cam phasers for Ford F150

Choosing the right cam phasers for your truck’s engine is an essential component of the process. Always select them wisely and never buy them without understanding the manual.

Purchase them according to the size of the valves. Always check the chain durability, quality, and sensors of the camp shaft gear.

Check all the features of computer-controlled phasers in terms of software. You can buy them online, and they and available in a kit form.

The intake and exhaust camshaft comes in pairs, and they are beneficial for the engine. Take a warranty card for these tools for replacing them in a specific time duration.

Settle new cam phasers

This step includes many other specific details. You cannot install them without technicalities. The other guidelines for this step include, 

Clearance of valve

Turn the valve area in a position that it faces you. In this way, you can get a better comprehension of valve size.

Remove the cover by pulling it and mark it with a permanent marker. Select the edges and name them as edge A and edge B.

The marking helps in reputing it back on the valve area. Clean the upper surface with a fiber-free cloth, and it helps in the prevention of dirt. The dust in the valve causes inappropriate adjustment of bolts that is not suitable for the system. 

You can remove the bolts with these steps:

  • There are usually 5mm – 8mm bolts in the valve areas. 
  • Remove them by using a wrench of 5-8 mm. 
  • Tight them on the bolts, and rotate in the opening direction. 
  • Lose the whole cover, and remove it from the engine’s body. Disconnect the upper portion of the cylindrical area.
  • It is an area with excellent adjustment power.
  • It requires multiple tools for its removal.
  • Use a pry bar and a screw drive simultaneously.
  • Apply force to detach it from its origin. Rubber mallets are helpful in this procedure.
  • They have breaking capacities, and they destroy the seals. Never drag the cover of a cylinder with a spontaneous jerk. It disables the engine and leads to the breakage of wires. The timing valves are the essential tools, and you should avoid them from any damage. 

Stop the chain area

The chain of the engine is a moveable tool, and it keeps on rotating. The disconnection of electric power never stops its movement.

You can distort it with your hands. Insert stopping tool between the already existing camshafts and chain. It is a blocking tool that hinders the rotation and brings the system in control.

Remove the old camshaft-phasers

It is a technical process because you reach here after removing certain parts. You need to read the manual carefully and then initiate the process.

The machinery in the ford f150 is heavy, and you need to handle it carefully. A tiny mistake leads to a sudden drop of the machinery, and it leads to severe accidents.

Use screwdrivers according to the size of these tools. You can use pliers in this step to make the setup precise. Remove the bolt but hold it carefully.

Separate the cover and then pull out the loose camp shaft. Mark the areas of the camshafts, and it helps in installing new tools. 

Install new cam phasers in Ford F150

It involves few steps, and you should follow them accordingly, make sure that there is no electrical supply once again.

Select the right position and insert the new cam tools in it. It is a process to understand the size and insert factor. Adjust the camp phaser in the shafting area, choose the marks of the permanent pens.

Never change the directions of the gears, adjust the tool in the specific area and start settling the chain. 

Use new nuts and bolts for better adjustment and settling, never install old bolts in new camshafts, and the system becomes vulnerable. 

Check the rotational properties of the new equipment. Always choose the right angles during installation.

The average rotation value for the system is from 29-30 lbs, install the new kit in the backside area of the seat.

Adjust these gears on both sides of the engine without any discrimination, the backside area requires more time and precision.

Keep consulting with the engine’s manual so that you cannot skip any point.

Cleaning at the end of the procedure is essential. Any grease or dirt particle hinders the proper functioning of the system. Make sure that the brackets and gaskets area contains all the silicon for their exact functions.

Install the sensors back to their cylindrical portions, adjust all the bolts with screwdrivers.

Tighten them with maximum force, keep the rotational capacity in moderation. Never increase or decrease the limit according to your choice or need. Settle the equipment in terms of the manual. 

Reconnect the position crank systems and all other coils, adjust the reservoirs back into their place and tighten all the coverage areas.

Reinstall all the tubes, wires, and power buttons. Connect the engine to the batteries and plug them. Turn on the power supply and follow it for at least ten minutes. 

Attach the wiring with the computer and check their synchronization, check all the cam phasers and their working.

In case of any problem and go through the manual and take professional help.

Are they dual?

There is no direction for these small tools. They are unique natural and contain a marking of dual functions. Set them appropriately in the system to get excellent results. 

What are the disadvantages of worse cam phasers?

The electric control unit of the engine tries to make it smooth by using every possible condition. A specific force originates during this process.

The engines try to move forwards, and the control unit offers an effort for better functions. In such circumstances, the system stops working at rotations per minute. It leads to turning the lights and other appliances off.  

The accumulation of dirt in the valves and engine cover causes serious problems. The severity of the issues leads to the breakdown of the power supply. The setup becomes vulnerable.

The bad quality of oil causes greasiness and flowing of oil over the surface of the engine. The material collapses with each other in such situations, and it is not a favorable condition. 

The breakdown of the engine is a normal thing when grease is all around. It is one of the worst disadvantages because it affects the engine externally and internally. 

The worse cam causes an increase in fuel consumption. They utilize the least amount of fuel, but the loss rate is high. The engine area becomes dry, and appliances lose their friction. 

How much does it cost to replace Cam phasers on F150?

If you are replacing the cam phaser, then it is a cheap process. The average cost of fixing a phaser is from $500 – $900. 

It is not advisable to change the cam Shafter, and it is not suitable for the engine’s efficiency. Always consider the followers of the cam Shafter.

The cost increases in this process, but still, it is not an expensive process. The average price of fixing a Shafter with its follower ranges up to $1400 – $2600. 

What happens when a cam phaser goes bad in Ford F150?

The whole system of the Ford F150 becomes worse when the cam goes miserable. The VCT area of the vehicle loses its strength.

It gets drier every day and even stops idling after a specific time. The friction of the moving parts generates lines and scratches all over the engine’s cover.

The chain of the shafting area gets dry, and its movement becomes slow. The inadequate flexibility of all equipment leads to improper vehicle performance. The efficiency becomes low, and the only option is to change the cam, Shafter. 

How long does it take to replace Cam phasers 5.4 Ford?

It is a time-consuming process, and you cannot perform it within hours. In those situations, when you do not have enough guides, then it may take longer than casual.

The average time is from 1 to 2 days. Always use excellent quality kits for the fixation of cam Shafter’s. 

When you lower the quality of the tools, then it can damage the engine. This equipment not only stops working but also decreases the efficiency of the vehicle.

Always read the manual accurately, or it takes more time. Sometimes the process becomes frustrating if it’s your first time.

What year did Ford stop using cam phasers?

Ford F150 is in the vehicle market since the 1990s, and they have a camshaft. The manufacturers found the replacement of the Ford f150 an expensive and time-consuming process.

They stop the method, and they stopped it in the year 2011. Since then, the ford f150 is working without this particular issue. They have electronic and automatic systems and the battery supply power with batteries.

Why do Ford F150 cam phasers fail?

The shaft/phasers fail due to multiple reasons, but there are two mega issues. You can resolve them by following the proper guideline. Initially, they give a lot of stress to the user of the vehicle. 

The two big fails are inappropriate control of oil in the engine area. The other big fail is issues of computer and electrical supply.

Improper oil control

The oil is the essential source of flexibility and proper functioning of the ford f150 engine.

Sometimes due to specific issues in the cylinder and cover areas, the equipment controls the oil and its flow. It results in the production of irritating sounds.

Fail computer system

The computer control and operates these camshafts. In some circumstances, the electrical supply becomes inadequate, and a short circuit occurs.

It leads to the breakdown of the whole mechanism. The camshafts phasers not only stop working, but they also start idling. It is not a suitable condition. 

What do Ford F150 cam phasers do?

They are one of the useful and efficient parts of a ford f150 engine. They help in all the possible functions.

The computer-controlled cam phasers help in the positioning and control of the setup. They provide essential instruction for the movement of the vehicle. The engine remains in one of the efficient positions, and friction levels remain low. 

How to prevent the failure of cam phasers in the ford f150?

Here are some easy steps to keep cam phasers in working condition:

Check them weekly

Check the camshaft-phasers every once a week. It gives a thorough understanding of the engine and its problems. There is no need to remove the nuts and valves.

Remove the cover of the engine’s body right after disconnecting the power supply. Make sure the batteries are off before the process. 

It causes difficulty in reinstalling the stuff. The improper reassembly is itself a big issue. 


Maintain the engine area that includes these small but efficient tools. Clean the upper surface area with fiber-free and soft cloths. If you leave the system as it is for a long time, then the problem becomes drastic. 

Excellent oil conditions

Always keep the oil in excellent condition. If the specific oil is not suiting your vehicle, then change it with a new one.

Always consult the professional when you choose oil for your ford f150. Read the manual for this purpose because many manufactures mention the names of oils in it. 

Will worse cam phasers damage the f150 engine?

Yes, the worst cams always damage the performance of engines. In the absence of camshafts it the models of ford f150 stop working. 

How to quiet cam phaser noise in ford f150?

Oil all the valves and bolts of the camshaft, and it immediately stop the idling process. Sometimes the moveable parts strike each other and produce annoying sounds.

Open the engine area and settle these parts away from each other. It prevents them from damage and makes the system efficient. 

What are the symptoms of faulty cam phasers in Ford F-150? 

The symptoms of the improper camshaft in the ford f150 are significant. They start producing a sound every second. It is known as ford f150 idles due to worse cam Shafter’s.

The sound is loud and irritating. The low oil-bearing capacity of the heading areas in cylinders causes this sound. The cam Shafter needs replacement in this case.

You should take preventive measures to stop this irritating sound. Always put immediate attention, and never delay the treatment of the ford f150. 

The other symptoms are as follows, they include dirty oil, rough engine, bad fuel quality, and fail engine control unit. 

Dirty oil

It means that the oil of the engine contains purity. The environmental conditions impact the engine. The road dirt penetrates from the bottom, and it reaches deep inside the engine’s body.

All the cam Shafter take great stress, and they start failing. The damages are so intense that fixing and replacements are the only options.

If you drive your Ford F150 without repairing it, it stops anytime. The repairing cost may lead up to thousands of dollars in such cases. Observe the engine’s oil to find out any particular problem. 

Rough engine

The roughness of the engine’s body means poor cleanliness conditions. Take care of your truck’s machinery because the results are damaging.

The dirt accumulates with the sticky oil, and it penetrates in the valves and bolts. The surface and internal body of the engine get rough and dirty. Clean it every once in a week to protect the engine from a loss like cam phasers. 

Bad fuel quality

Always use excellent quality fuel for all models of ford f150. The ford f150 fuel is food for the machinery inside a truck.

The insufficient quality fuels lead to damages of all the engines parts. The tubes and coils lose their flexibility to move. Select those fuels that are specific to your ford f150 model. 

Fail engine control unit

The control unit of the engine helps in the proper functioning of the whole setup. Sometimes it stops working and directly impacts the cam Shafter of the truck’s engine. 

The engine starts idling due to this phenomenon. 

How computer handle the camshaft phaser of the ford f150?

These are the gears with electric signals of a computer. All the engines of the year 2004 to 2010 work on the instructions of a computer.

The electronic devices provide variable timings. There are signals in these systems that are known as solenoids.

They work for pressure build-up and control. The computer sends oil pressure instructions through these solenoids.

The process is instant, and it takes less than one minute to reach its destination. The cams start working on those guild lines, and the engines move. The system seems two ways, but it’s a direct method because the software lies in the engine of the ford f150. 

38 Examples of Ford F150 Cam Phaser Lockout Kit with Prices

  • Lincoln mercury variable kit – $43 – $45
  • Evergreen ford f150 kit – $100 – $110
  • Cam shaft pulling kit – $30 – $32
  • Timing chain kit – $35 – $36
  • Exerock engine kit – $160 – $165
  • Variable engine kit – $190- $195
  • Gaskets cam phaser kit – $185 – $190
  • Mostplus variable kit – $44 – $46
  • APDTY camshaft kit – $39 – $41
  • Crankshaft positioning kit – $ 42 – 
  • Sunluway – $57 – $59
  • Triton kit – $ 127 – $129
  • Tensioners’ cam shaft kit – $69 – $71
  • WonVon locking kit – $44 – $46
  • TNJ kit – $49 – $52
  • Cadillac cam shaft kit – $117 – $121
  • Melling cam phaser kit – $76 – $79
  • MST plug kit – $280 – $286
  • Cloyes multi-piece kit – $190 – $192
  • VCT timing control kit – $29 – $30
  • INPOST adjuster kit – $254 – $257 
  • OEM kit – $98 – $101
  • Fit for cam shaft kit – $21 – $24
  • Dorman engine kit – $100 – $102
  • Yjracing chain kit plus phasers – $200 – $250
  • Camsshaftphasers – $44 – $46
  • Bettercloudphasers – $245 – $246
  • Ford valve phaser locks – $43- $44
  • Solenoid phasers – $38 – $40
  • Lock out kit of cam phasers – $25 – $26
  • Chain tools and cam phasers – $22 – $24
  • BETOOL ford cam tool – $31 – $33
  • OEM shafters kit – $98 – $100
  • 2004- Timing kit cam phasers – $69 – $72
  • Genuine ford cam phaser – $189 – $191
  • UNP craft camshaft phasers – $40 – $41
  • WMPHE kit – $23 – $26
  • YYCOLTD cam phaser kit – $101 – $104

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