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Why does my Ford F150 Shut Off When I Stop?

Why does my Ford F150 Shut Off When I Stop?

Here are the 7 main reasons that can cause a Ford F150 to shut off when you stop.

Why does my Ford F150 Shut Off When I Stop? It is our common experience that our Ford F150 truck suddenly shuts off when we step on the brakes. This shutting off is the result of issues with different parts of the truck. Mostly it happens due to restrictions in the EGR valve and idle control valve. Sometimes the auto stop-start system and security system is faulty and cause the engine to stop after applying brakes.

Why does my Ford F150 Shut Off When I Stop?

Ford F150 engine needs a lot of care. Many people complain their Ford trucks suddenly shut off when they stop. 

The issue with the idle control valve

The idle air control valve is also known as an auxiliary air valve; it maintains a steady airflow to the engine.

The speed of the Ford F150 engine depends upon the airflow in it. The throttle body enables air to move inside the engine compartment.

The gas pedal opens the throttle when we release the accelerator; it closes the throttle body. It means there is no airflow when we are stopping at a stop; the engine also stops.

Idle air actuator bypasses the throttle body and enables the engine to run with continuous airflow. The IAC valve controls engine RPM receives a signal from the electric control unit and keeps the engine at a specific RPM for smooth idle.

When IAC becomes clogged with carbon or any filth, it stops working. When there is an electronic malfunction, it cannot get any signal for engine RPM the engine stops working. Cleaning all the orifices in the IAC actuator can fix the problem.  

Restricted EGR valve in Ford F150

It is responsible for controlling the flow of exhaust gas recirculation in the engine depending upon the load.

It is the main component of the exhaust recirculation system and reduces nitrogen oxide emission by returning engine exhaust gas to the engine combustion system.

In a truck, combustion engines air combines with fuel and ignites inside it and produce NOX emissions. These NOX emissions cause many hazards to human health and the environment.

The EGR valve can reduce the amount of NOX by recirculating it in a combustion chamber that combines with fresh air. It usually is close, but it gets open when we start our truck.

EGR valve also suffers from carbon build-up over a prolonged period. The carbon deposit blocks the passage of the valve completely.

In such a condition, it causes the truck to stall or shut off depending upon the blockage. You should clean all the carbon deposits and debris from inside the valve. When the damage is irreparable, change it with a new valve.

Corroded wires can make a Ford F150 shut off

The wiring harness is a set of electric wires that transfer information and energy to the engine and other parts.

The wires in the wiring harness are attached to their points in a specific manner. After prolonged use and due to humidity, corrosion occurs at a different part of the wiring system.

Loose connection to the ignition circuit can result in loss of voltage in Ford F150. Without voltage, the engine stops working due to insufficient power to ignite the fuel.

You can overcome the problem by repairing the wiring harness, but it is more expensive than replacing it. You should consult any professional to replace the wires of the electrical system.

Faulty engine

The fault in the engine can also cause the Ford F150 to shut off after applying the brake. Different problems with the engine can result in stalling, oxidation of oil is the main reason for a faulty engine. When you keep your truck still for an extended period, oxidative reactions occur in the oil.

Humidity is another reason for the problematic engine. The water in the engine mixes with oil corrosion occurs inside it.

The oil consistency and viscosity changes due to oxidation. It is unable to lubricate the engine parts. It causes the engine to stop at idle speed.

The faulty engine does not get enough power to operate and starts stalling when we stop for a moment. You can fix the issue by adding fresh oil or a different brand to it.

The fuel pumps are responsible for injecting fuel into the engine. When it is defective, the fuel pressure will low in the combustion chamber.

Fuel injectors also become filthy with dirt and over time. When there is a pause in injecting fuel into the engine, it stops working the vehicle starts stalling.

The issue with an auto start stop

Most of the Ford trucks have auto start-stop technology to save fuel. As its name indicates, the engine stops working when we stop at any stop or waiting in the drive-through automatically.

It operates with a vehicle computer driver need not do anything. When the computer senses the vehicle is stopping, it immediately turns off the engine. After releasing the brake, it again ignites to give power to the automobile.

When it is on, the engine will stop every time the truck is stationary. It is very irritating and can hinder the smooth driving of a truck.

You can turn it off, look for the auto start-stop icon on the dash screen. In ford F150, it is present at the driver’s side. Touch the icon to turn auto start-stop off or on. After pressing it, the engine will continue to run even after we stop at any point.

Fault in manual transmission

The manual transmission system uses a stick shift to shift the gears of the F150. In this system, the level is present with the transmission with a linkage.

It also has a clutch pedal, which is present on the left side of the brake pedal. The driver press down the clutch pedal to stop the transfer of power from the engine to the transmission.

In the meantime, you can change the shifter to change the side of the gears. Then release the clutch pedal to transfer the power to the transmission.

In some cases, the manual transmission is faulty, or its clutch is defective that can cause the engine to stop. When the clutch is unable to move, the engine is at low speed.

A low-speed engine can not run and transfer power to the vehicle. In an automatic transmission, the torque converter is defective, causing the engine to stop.

Fault in the security system of Ford F150

All of the Ford trucks have a security system to make these trucks theft proof. This anti-theft system is an alarm system that goes off when someone wants to ride the vehicle.

This system also causes the engine and truck to stop working in case of any danger. When there is a fault, the engine stops working even when you stop at any stop for some time.

You can also disable the system in Ford F150 using a coded key in the ignition. There is a lock symbol present on the left side of the dashboard.

When the ignition is off, the indicator will flash to show the system is ready. You can disarm the alarm by turning the ignition with the help of a specific key.

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