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Where to Put Shoes in RV? Facts You Should Know

Where to Put Shoes in RV? Facts You Should Know

There are various spots where you can adjust your shoes in an RV. All of these spots have storage capacity, and they also organize shoes.

Where to Put Shoes in RV? Put shoes in an RV under the staircase and in storage cabinets. Use the shelves and racks with hangers, and adjust them in hooks, and store them in the baskets. Add them to the iron rods for safety, and the organizers and plastic bags are also suitable to put shoes in an RV.

These are comfortable and adjustable spots, and the places keep them away from the living compartments and prevent stingy effects

Where to Put Shoes in RV?.

 You cannot feel any odor or unhygienic condition in the bedroom or other compartments. These places are specific locations to carry and control multiple pairs of shoes. Few of them can settle family shoes in a small space due to organizing capacity. 

Use Cabinets

The shoe cabinets are different from the casual cupboards. They have a different style and design.

The accommodation space of the cabinet depends on the internal surface. These have versatile structures, and few of them are without doors.

These cabinets are moveable, and you can change their locations inside the camper. The cabinets of the shoes comprise racks as well.

The material of these storage containers is usually plastic, and a few of them are made of wood.

They are in a sliding position, and you can adjust shoes in the form of pairs. The storage compartment divides into 2 – 3 sections, and all of them comprise small racks. 

You can adjust shoes according to their use and demand. They are clean and keep the shoes free from dust.

You can also make them permanent with iron nails and screws with the camper wall. It prevents the storage equipment from shaking. 

Shelves for shoes

The shelves of the shoes are different and unique in terms of designs. They are usually woody or plastic material.

The structure comprises approximately 2 – 4 surfaces, and all of them are firm. These shelves are a whole storage section.

They are moveable, and you can adjust them in any corner. People prefer their adjustment in the corners and sides of the wall. They also keep them in the closet sections with a wall. 

They are not permanent in any section, and you can find shoes easily. The arrangement depends on the user and everyday use, and these are stable pieces of furniture and remain firm.

There are minimum chances of any damage due to the movement of the massive vehicle. They never mix the shoes due to road jerks and stay in one place on its floor.

The structure has no door, and it remains clean in all situations. They are cheap, and they have easy maintenance. You can adjust the storage thing near the stairs or with other cupboards. 

Shoe Barriers

The barriers of the shoes are the organizing equipment to acquire multiple shoes. These organizers are of fabric material, and they are strong enough to carry the weight of shoes.

The adjustment spots vary with the size and texture of the organizing material. These are like small pockets in a piece of fabric.

The organizing equipment of shoes is available online, or you can buy them from shoe stores.

Few of them are homemade with the entire essential feature to carry and control shoes. They have a hanging capacity, and you can also attach them to any furniture. 

Sticky materials like Velcro strips help in an excellent adherence. You can adjust shoes inside these organizers and attach them to the bed or door of the RV.

They never occupy a lot of space and remain firm during the road jerks. The backside of the organizing stuff is plain, and it has adhesive properties. The different barriers of pockets comprise the net material.

You can watch the shoes from outside, and it helps in better control. You can also differentiate between shoes, and it reduces time consumption.

The method is cost-effective, and you can buy more than one tool for better storage and control properties.

Add Hangers in RV for shoes

The hangers are also the organizer of shoes. These are not expensive and are available in different sizes.

You can adjust them with the bedsides or any other free spot. The hanging capacities of this equipment are due to the presence of hooks.

They have a specific design to hold the border portion of the shoes.

You can adjust the shoes in a line on the bed edges as well. People carry out this process in those situations when they have minimum space inside the camper.

Adjust the shoes in the hanging tools, and check their stability. They remain in their situation, and road jerks have a minimum effect on them.

You can also add the hooks on an iron rod and adjust the rod in a trunk. It is suitable for excellent adjustment and firmness during traveling.

You can get complete sight of shoes, and differentiation is easy. You can place it in the storage compartment. 


These boxes are enough to adjust the shoes without any tear or damage. They are fancy storage options and are expensive. They have different sizes, and they also vary in color. 

There are minimum chances of shoe mixing due to the presence of internal box trays. They keep the shoes separated and in their original state.

The lids are covering to keep the shoes clean. It also prevents the passengers from unfavorable odor and develops a hygienic environment.

These boxes are adjustable, and you can also use them as a table in RV. The boxes with soft top surfaces work as couches, and they are appealing. 

Beneath the surface

You can hide all the shoes under these sections. You can also adjust them under the shelves of any piece of furniture. The tables and few sofas offer free surfaces. 

These are suitable for the adjustment and control of shoes. 

You can handle them with proper arrangement and with no space between them. These free spaces are the wasted portion, and you can utilize them with expert techniques.

You can use 2 to 3 stairs to adjust and hide shoes. Removal of the carpet from the stairs is not a suitable condition.

The floor carpets and mats of the stairs offer a complete hiding facility. 

Use small baskets

The baskets are a piece of excellent equipment to adjust the shoes.

They have the accommodation capacity to carry shoes inside without mixing, and these baskets are plastic or wood material. 

Few of them comprise fibrous material with no handles. They have coverings that keep the shoes clean and safe inside the structure.

You can modify the basket and install it permanently between two stairs. Cut one edge of the basket and push it in the staircase.

It becomes firm and permanent and keeps the shoes safe during road jerks. The basket never falls on the ground due to its stability and control on this surface.

These are one of the most suitable and convenient ways to place shoes. These baskets are not expensive, and you can also make them at home with expert guidelines. 

Use shoe racks

It is a homely method to turn the free racks into shoe racks inside an RV. You can use the book racks that are present inside its wall.

Change them into shoe settlers for better conveniences. You can also install a section of the kitchen compartment near the store area.

Install this particular rack in the wall and adjust all shoes. These racks have steel materials in the form of nets. 

They have holding capacities, and it never allows free falling of shoes on the ground. They only settle the front area of the shoe but never tear them in any condition.

Use Steel Rods

It is a suitable method for those RV owners who do not want to buy any shoe organizer. You can use any free iron rod in the massive vehicle.

Adjust the cabinet with different hooks and clips. Secure both sides of the rods so that they can carry the heavyweights. Use the hooks or hangers to install shoes on these rods. 

It is free from mixing errors, and shoes are visible to the user. You can easily remove and install the shoes on these rods.

Keep the structure near the ground and never add space between shoes. They can collide with each other during road jerks, but the rod ends are safe. 

There is no chance of free-falling shoes on the ground.  

You can also add the steel rod to the bottom frame of your RV bed. It is suitable in terms of approach, and you can wear them anytime.

They never mix and, make sure the front side of the shoes should face the cabinet or bed surface. The arrangement also depends on the choice of the owner. 

RV Dressing Closet

Select any drawer or cupboard with a door.

Add the shoes in the form of boxes and prevent them from mixing. It is a convenient method for those who do not want to buy new equipment. 

Use bags

Use plastic or polythene bags to store shoes.

Hang these bags with hooks or other such tools. You can adjust the bags on the doors of the store or cabinets. 

Adjust in extra space

You can use any extra or free space to adjust the shoes. It is the floor compartment of the RV that offers various free spots.

It is suitable for a family of 2 – 3 people, and the arrangement depends on you. Adjust them in one corner to prevent their free movements. 

Adjust them in the store of RV without any box or basket. Close the door of the storage compartment and prevent the passengers from the shoe sights and other unfavorable conditions.

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