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How to Change Front Rotors on Ford F150?

How to Change Front Rotors on Ford F150?

Here are DIY methods for removing and replacing the front rotors on a Ford F150. We have added all the essential tools required for this procedure.

How to Change Front Rotors on Ford F150? You can change the front rotors by lifting the vehicle, remove the wheels and caliper, draw out the brake fluid, remove the rusty rotors, clean the surface, and add the new rotors. These help in stopping the vehicle along with the brake pads. It cost approximately $400 to $550 to replace the front rotors of Ford trucks.

How to Change Front Rotors on Ford F150?

Rotors are an essential part of the braking system of the vehicle. You can do this procedure at home with these easy DIY steps. Let me explain the required tools.

Tools required

  • Torque wrench
  • Lubricant
  • Screwdriver
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Jack stand
  • Rotor puller

Lift the vehicle

Before you start working on your truck, prepare yourself. Remove any expensive or new clothes you are wearing right now. Your hands should not have any jewelry.

Wear a safety jacket to protect yourself. Also, wear rubber gloves in your hands. Now park your vehicle in some large and less populated area.

Dry your hands before starting this procedure. These simple and easy things must be done as per the guidelines mentioned here.

Read the instructions manual before replacing any part. It will give you a detail about all part of the pickup. You can add new wheel spacers in your pickup for better results.

Now start doing your task by lifting the front of it. Different lifting kits and leveling kits are available in the market for this purpose.

A jack stand is an easy way to lift the front end of the pickup. Place the jack stand between the differential of the pickup and secure it correctly.

Place one jack stand at the rear end between axles. It will raise it two to four inches from the ground. Now you can lay down and go beneath it to have a good look. You can also replace the fuel filter of Ford vehicles with this technique.

Remove the front wheels

After lifting the vehicle, remove the front wheels. Use a torque wrench and take out the lug nuts of the wheels. Do not rush into the process, you have to carefully do all this.

You can place the torque wrench in all the nuts and rotate it in an anticlockwise direction. It will lose the nuts from their point of fixture.

You can also use a screwdriver to unscrew all of them. Release pressure by the depressing brake pedal. It will make your job easy.

When all the lug nuts are out, then pull the wheel part from the automobile. If you plan to load a refrigerator of your pickup than you must check all the accessories.

Remove the caliper

Calipers are used to secure the rotors of wheels. These calipers are necessary to unbolt to get access to all the parts.

In most of cases, they get rusty along with other parts. You need to grease the calipers and all the bolts holding them together.

You can use any lubricant to lubricate it. Now take a long wrench and unscrew the bolts of the caliper. Start with the rear bolt of it.

It will loose open the brake pedal. Go to the brake pedal and then remove the upper one. It is a difficult task as you have to apply force by your hands. You can remove the brake caliper on your truck.

Draw out the brake fluid

Brake fluids, as we all know, are necessary components of the automobile. It provides the pressure to pedal brakes to apply these to stop the pickup.

When we are removing the accessories or any parts, it is necessary to note the level of it in the wheel. Mostly wheels are filled with it.

So it is essential to withdraw some fluid from the wheel. It prevents the accidental escape of fluid from the wheel while removing it.

Note the level of it and draw some if it is needed. You can easily refill it after completing all the steps for this procedure. It can also help to reset the ABS light on your pickup.

Remove the rusty rotors

You can easily remove the rotors by pulling it away from the pickup. You can take help from a friend.

When the rotor is rusty, it won’t be easy to pull it away. In such a situation, you can use a three-arm rotor puller. It contains a bolt that you can place on the hub and three-arm on the bolts.

It will apply pressure on the stationery surface and move it quickly away from the equipment. Apply lubricant to these devices for efficiently removing it away.

Clean the surface

After taking out the equipment, clean all the surfaces of the wheel. When you want to use them again after repairing it, also clean it.

Take a clean cloth and wipe out all the grease from it. You can also use a handy brush to remove all the dust from the surface.

It is essential to make it clean for the performance of the automobile. It is difficult to place a new product on a greasy surface. Use some soapy solution to clean all the grease and lubricant from the surface.

Attach new rotors of Ford F150

Take new rotors that match the old parts. It must belong to Ford F150 and clean it before installing it.

You should use the best brake pads and rotors. Now place it in its place, and it should fit the surface accurately. It must be checked to prevent any issues in the future.

Now again, bolt it with calipers and its bolts. Carefully tighten up all the bolts of calipers. Do not overtighten them; you can use the old calipers to secure it properly.

Now place the brake pads on their respective side. Finally, place the wheel and use a torque wrench to screw all the lug nuts of it. You must secure all the added nuts and parts.

Make sure that all parts are set altogether, and none of the parts is missing. Now get rid of the jack present beneath the vehicle and put it on the ground.

Drive the vehicle

The last and most important part is driving after replacing any part. Don’t ever miss this step. Take your truck for a drive; keep going for about 10 to 20 minutes.

Observe all the accessories for any disturbance. Depress the brake pedals frequently to see the performance of the parts.

If you have any questions about today’s topic, you can contact us for details.