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How to Make Your Truck Theft Proof?

How to Make Your Truck Theft Proof?

Follow these 17 DIY methods to keep your truck safe from thieves. We have included all the best accessories that can make your vehicle secure.

How to Make Your Truck Theft Proof? You can make your truck theft proof by using the smart keys technique, steering lock-bar, immobilizer, reprogram the keys, LoJack products, kill switch, VIN etching device, and GPS tracking.

How to Make Your Truck Theft Proof?

In this article, we have added these proven techniques that will make your pickup theft-proof. Let me explain all the details here.

Use smart keys technique

These keys are among the most useful techniques for the theft-deterrent system. Smart keys have specifically coded radio frequencies or computer chips.

Every key will be unique in those keys. The benefit is that it can not start in the absence of the correct key in your hand.

Use the lock bar of the steering wheel

This device is very cheap and readily available. When you set the lock bar, the thieves reaching your pickup can not turn the steering wheel.

This device is made with rugged metal. Which means it is not an easy task to cut the rugged metal. Moreover, you can easily set the lock bar on your steering wheel.

Check all the electronic locks

You can also use electronic devices to save it from being stolen. The installed electronic device will jam it in no time.

You can control these electronic signals with the key fob. One tip you should follow, manually check all the tools after locking it and walking away. It will save you from the fear that you have locked it or not.

If you still have these types of thoughts, you can manually lock it; after that, you can scan the area.

If the potential thief is hiding in the area around, he will feel like he will be spotted, and most probably, he will run away or move off from that place.

Keep the keys in a safe place

Always keep these in a safe place because there has been seen an increase in such incidents.

Make sure to keep your vehicle keys away from windows and doors. You can keep the keys in a tin, bag, or a screened box.

Use remote locks to make truck theft-proof

Thieves love to see unlocked equipment if you leave it somewhere for some important task and you have just forgotten to unlock the pickup.

You can use the smartphone to lock and unlock it from a distance.

First, you have to equip it with the remote locks and then forget about the thieves.

Do not leave the truck in a running condition

Never try to leave it in a running position. Some people are tempted to check out from the pickup with the engine running on a gas station or withdraw money from ATM.

Thieves are usually waiting for this situation to jump inside and then drive it away quickly. Some people also start it a few minutes before going in winter to warm up the engine.

Re-program the truck keys

When are buying a used vehicle, it is possible that the owner has not given you all the key-sets. In this way, the previous owner will not get any access.

Be careful from the thieves

Some test drive thieves will answer the advertisement of your vehicle sale and pretend as they are genuine buyers. They will drive off and will never come back again.

Save yourself from this situation by going with the buyer on a test drive. Don’t ever leave your keys alone with any stranger.

You can also ask the buyer for his driving license, insurance, and contact details. Always be careful about the keys and keep a hold on them.

Hide a phone in the vehicle

When you have to park it in an unusual place and worry about its protection and safety, you can follow a brilliant hack. Remove the inside door panel on your Vehicle, and place the device in it.

You should hide a switched-on tablet or phone inside the equipment. Synchronize the phone or tablet with your personal Google account.

Log in to your e-mail id from that phone or tablet. Also, make sure that the phone or tablet has a secure internet connection. Install the wheel spacers in your pickup and you can hide the gadget at that place.

Use LoJack Products

You can recover your stolen truck with the help of LoJack. LoJack uses radio frequency signals to find the stolen pickup. Law enforcement agencies use this to recover stolen pickups.

In this way, the LoJack will be activated. It will send alerts in return from the place where it is present. Law enforcement agencies will track it even if it is parked in an underground garage.

Add a Kill Switch

The kill switch comes basically with an alarm. If any thief tries to start it without the valid key, once it is activated, and it will deactivate the engine. However, it can cause the truck to shut off when you stop.

It is easily operated via a unique plastic key; some models may also need the entry code. It is not very costly at all, but there is a drawback to this device.

If it malfunctions, you will not be able to drive it or take it anywhere. If you want, then you have to repair it first. You can install a kill switch on your pickup and never worry again.

Get a VIN etching device

The VIN is stamped on the windshield or the windows of your pickup. Most thieves steal the older version of variants for their parts.

The etched VIN will discourage the thieves from stealing it because they will face difficulty selling these parts.

Some law enforcement agencies offer necessary VIN etching. You also can buy it and fix it by yourself. This is cheap and readily available. You can get it for approximately $20.

Use a baby monitor

You can install a baby monitor in your automobile. After installing a baby monitor in it, you can see and hear everything.

If someone tries to open the door, they will not attempt to start and carry your automobile away as they will notice the camera in it. They will be scared and will try to leave as early as possible.

After seeing a noticeable camera thief will immediately get away from your car in fear of being caught. You can also install a louder siren.

This will scare the thieves approaching your automobile. The installed siren should be very reactive; it should react even on the slightest motion.

Use GPS tracking

You can also use GPS tracking to track the location of your automobile. If it is moving while you have parked it in the parking, you will sense the problem. You will also know the location where your system is moving.

You will receive email and texts on the smartphone about the location of your automobile. GPS tracking will also tell you about where your system is heading towards.

You can immobilize your stolen equipment with GPS tracking; it usually depends upon the model of the device. Sometimes the providers off GPS tracking charge dues every month. You can add a fuel cell in the truck bed and add the device with it.

Use Immobilizing devices

There are many immobilizing devices available in the market. You can purchase them and install them in your system.

Brake Locks are useful

This device is attached to the brake pedal. The brakes will not work until it is removed.

It is made with very thick metal, so it is not easy to cut off. This option is not prudent for the thieves to cut the pedal brakes as well.

Add a Vehicle Alarm

This is a very effective way to save your system from thieves. Just install the vehicle alarm, they are activated remotely, and they can ring the moment when anyone tries to break the window of the system or try to open the door of your automobile.

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