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How to Replace Bathroom Sink in RV?

How to Replace Bathroom Sink in RV?

Replace the RV bathroom sink with a compatible and appealing structure. Utilize all new fixing tools for excellent adjustment. The replacement takes 1 to 2 hours, and it also depends on your skills.

How to Replace Bathroom Sink in RV? In general, you can replace the bathroom sink in an RV by removing the drain pipe and old faucet. Detach the temperature controls, and remove the old sink. Next, Install the new bathroom sink and tighten screws and clamps. Finally, reinstall drain and fresh-water pipelines in the RV. 

The package includes a new sink, gadgets, and labor costs. It is an expensive process and costs you around $600 to $800. 

How to Replace Bathroom Sink in RV?

I have added 11 easy steps to replace the bathroom sink in our RV. First, clean and protect the pipelines for long-lasting performance of bathroom sink. 

Dry and close all water valves

Dry the overall sink by reducing the water supply. Leave the system for at least 1 to 2 hours for natural drying. In emergencies, use fiber-free towels and remove the water through the soaking process.

Remove the droplets and accumulated water from the sink. They have above valves with a faucet that offers water. 

The valves comprise the ability to provide hot and cold water. They have a separate pipeline that travels to the significant water tank of the RV.

Close the valves and tighten them firmly. Never allow the free flow of water during such a procedure. 

They can make it time-reducing activity and frustrate the performer. In addition, slippery hand movements can cause wounds. 

The direct strike to the rigid parts results in such accidental situations. Always dry the surface in terms of moisture. It allows quick movements of the structures without any resistance.

Discard pressure and detach pipelines

Discard the water pressure from the faucet and other water valves. It is necessary to reduce the interrupting factors of the process. 

Open the valves and collect the wastewater in containers. Open the valves from the bottom side of the RV sink. Get under the bottom section. 

Access these valves and open them one by one. Then, adjust a bucket under the openings. 

Collect water and reduce the water pressure

The heat control system and cold water supply pipes are attached to the faucet. You have to remove them to loosen the upper structures.

These long pipelines are of plastic material. They have a specific opening, and they go inside the upper valve.

Detach the spring section, and rotate it anticlockwise. Loosen the structures, and then pull downwards. 

Keep it gentle so that you never break these structures. The repairing and emplacement will take more time than the overall process.

Remove old faucet

The removal of the faucet from the RV sink is necessary. It is the upper part of the structure. 

You can also detach the sink from the attached position without removing it. However, the structure can fall due to loosening, and it is a harmful state. 

A person can end up breaking the structure. It is usually of steel material and can generate wounds on human skin. 

Once you remove the lower temperature control pipes and then hold the faucet. There is no need to remove the side valves.

Pull the structure upward and discard it instantly. It moves out without any resistance because it does not have any other attachment. 

Detach the drainpipe

The drainpipe of the RV sink is on the bottom side. It remains enclosed inside a door and storage section. 

The gadget in the below portion has enough space for accommodation. It comprises plastic as the manufacturing material. 

The detachment of such pipes is challenging. Make sure you adjust a searchlight under such sections. 

Hold the pipe manually and rotate the bottom section. Keep it smooth and always rotate in an anticlockwise direction. 

It helps you to lose the pipe from the upper attachment section. The opening is narrow at the top side than the bottom. 

It facilitates the casual opening of these structures. Detach the pipe by pulling it downward. Make sure it does not harm you. 

Avoid the striking of pipe on the ground. You have to use similar equipment in the installation proceeds. 

Pull it away and adjust in a corner. Clean the drainpipe or take the help of an assistant. The washing of the internal surface is also an excellent option. 

Discard top sink structure

The discarding to the top sink is tricky. First, you have to understand the overall design of this structure. Then, read the manual to get accurate information. 

They are the joining points for both structures. The clamps also comprise screws that require loosening and removal. The screws fix inside the clamps and hold such heavier things. 

These clamping structures are four and adjust on all four sides with the attachment tools. Use a screwdriver and fix the direction of light towards clamps. 

It is a time taking procedure due to the small space of working. Adjust it on the screw and rotate it counterclockwise. Loosen the screws and remove them. 

Detach the clamps and discard them. Always use new structures for such activities.

The sink loses its strength, but it remains firm on the top side due to caulk. Take a screwdriver and pull it outward or lose it for detachment. 

Hold the corner and handle the overall structure. Detach it from the original state and keep it aside. 

You can also sell or discard these structures depends on the condition. 

It does not take much time but never pulls it abruptly. However, it can stick inside due to corrosive properties.

Install new bathroom sink in RV

The use of new valves and water structures is beneficial rather than the old equipment. In addition, the new bathroom sinks come with all-new gadgets for the overall appeal of the RV.

Consider the branded gadget for the installation activities. These are white and have a shiny appearance. They have all the strength to adjust the device. 

Add attachment material

Fix it in the adjustment corners and push it slowly. Next, add the caulking material to the edges and sides of the structure.

Push it slowly and keep the movements smooth. Then, adjust it firmly in one position. You can get the adhesive material from online stores and other hardware portals. 

Apply the material depending on the design. The plastic material can stick with these beneficial products.

Tighten all screws

Get under the bottom of your RV sink. Check the openings and clean them with a lint-free piece of fabric. 

It offers visibility of the openings without any interruption of debris. Use the new and stable clamps for such adjustments.

Add the clamp to the hole and then insert a screw. Next, adjust a screwdriver on the top side and tighten it firmly.

Utilize clockwise directions for the precise support of these screws. 

Repeat a similar procedure to all the clamps and fix the sink in one stable position.

Reinstall RV water connections

In the first step of readjusting all the removed connections, prefer the drain pipe. Adjust it on the opening and fix it with rotational movements. 

Observe the attachment of the drainage tool from the top side as well. Attach the hot and cold water pipes with the openings and check the adjustment strengths. 

Adjust the new faucet on the top side of the  sink. Add the seals and rubber rings for the support. 

Adjust the hot water supply pipe with the valve of the faucet. Then, repeat the activity for the other cold-water section. 

Pull them slightly to check the firmness. The addition of smaller clamps allows excellent attachment in case of any error. 

Adjust the valves back into the original state. Maintain the water pressure through the RV water supply containers. 

Remove the cap of the drain inlet inside the sink. Remove any wrapping material for the uninterrupted flow of water.

Why should you replace the bathroom sink in RV?

The appearance of the RV bathroom sink plays a vital role in replacement. It gets pale and loses shine with age and excessive use. 

The accumulation of water also generates a particular smell. 

In a few cases, the rusting of the RV sink occurs. The clogging of drain pipelines and inlets is a common problem that leads to replacement. 

The sink can break, or irreparable cracks occur on the top surface. A new structure is a better option than repairing such significant issues.

The presence of mold is not a dangerous condition until it settles down inside the pipes and sink. Then, you have to discard this structure and change it with a new gadget.

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