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Raptor Wheels and Tires on F150

Raptor Wheels and Tires on F150

Here are easy steps to add raptor tires to your F150. Raptor wheels are around 37 inches and are one of the highest among the three-generation trucks.

You can put Raptor wheels and tires on F150 by adding a stud spacer on the strut bolts, use a leveling kit, lift the truck, add the tires, and add the lug nuts. Also, consider the Raptor wheel size, quality, and installation ability by comparing it with the F150 tire spot. Furthermore, add the raptor tires to turn a standard F150 into a fast and powerful vehicle. It increases the truck height and offers maximum ground clearance.

In addition, the long-lasting Raptor tires can last up to 25000 to 55000 miles, with resistance against road hazards and adverse effects on the environment. 

Moreover, in America, a multinational tire manufacturing company named Goodyear offered raptor wheels with maximum ground clearance in the last 20 years. 

Furthermore, the safety-tested tires are compatible with the F150 frame with similar features and design with few modifications. 

A package of Raptor tires and wheels contains aftermarket items that work alongside and provides a better appearance. 

Typically, to fit the raptor tires on this truck is an excellent idea, but the installation process requires mechanic helps and may cost you a fortune. Also, the pickup truck is lighter for these wheels, and after such addition, automatically speed level increases.

However, it is essential to compare and evaluate the raptor tire width, height, and present condition before adjustment. 

What are the three generations of Raptors and their factory wheel sizes? 

Generally, three generations of Ford raptors exist with different wheel sizes and tires quality. Also, they have different light to medium weight carrying capacities.

Raptors according to generations

Raptor Models with years

Wheels & tire size

First generation Ford SVT Raptor

2010 to 214

35 inches

Second generation Ford Raptor

2017 to 2020

35 inches

Third generation raptor


37 inches

What is the average size of factory wheels and tires on a Ford F150?

Typically, the Ford F150 tire size varies according to the Ford F150 model, designs, and weight loading abilities. On average, they have a size range between 17 inches to 22 inches and make the truck a fast-speed vehicle. 

Furthermore, the tire size range varies because they are factory-recommended dimensions according to the overall truck frame. Also, they work in coordination with the brake system. 

Moreover, the tires turn according to steering wheel input signals and resist the wearing conditions.

How to install Raptor wheels and tires on F150?

I have mentioned four significant steps that make the installation convenient for even a non-skilled person. Also, the procedure reduces labor costs and time consuming due to its precision. 

Check the tire size with Ford height

Typically, the Ford raptor tires are taller than the wheels of the F150, and their adjustment requires few modifications.

On average, the latest raptor models are 35 inches high and cannot accommodate in the wheel area of a standard pickup truck.

Now, to reduce the procedure complications, compare the height of new parts in the available space. Also, compare them by putting the new ones with the preexisting wheels. 

As a result, leveling kit height idea obtains and results in an appropriate installation without any truck frame damages. 

Install a leveling kit

While having professional expertise and basic mechanical knowledge, a commoner can install a leveling kit on an F150. In the beginning, approach the Ford tires, access the appearance, and remove the lug nut cap utilize a flat end screwdriver. 

Next, detach the lug nuts with a socket wrench, and collect them in a polythene bag. Furthermore, put the pickup truck in neutral, add a jack and lift it. Also, turn off the parking brakes and stabilize the rear wheels.

Next, for the front tire removal, add dual jack stands and lift the truck in the air. Next, lose the lug nuts, and detach these from the truck body. In addition, for removing the sway bar, use an 18mm socket, discard the link nut, and remove the control arm.

Next, lose the upper ball joint with an arm puller or a hammer in the suspension section. Then, strike near the ball joint and split it apart. Furthermore, lose the lower strut bolts, and handle it through a wrench of appropriate size.

Also, prevent it from free-falling on the ground. However, for upper ball joint nut removal, add a jack under the loose strut and lift the spot. In short, for upper strut removal, follow the manual instructions. 

Consequently, add a stud spacer on the strut bolts or use the already stud bolted spacer and adjust it on a strut. Now, reinstall every removed tool in a reverse manner. 

Lift the truck and add front and rear tires

After leveling kit installation, the pickup trucks get higher than the original height, and raptor wheel fitting becomes less challenging.

Test tires according to fenders and other parts

Before the installation of leveling kit, the raptor tires rub the mudguard and fender low boundaries. As a result, driving is challenging, accidents become common, and the debris repellants damages.

For this reason, check the wheel performance by turning them on either side. Also, troubleshoot all four wheels, and remove the slight errors.

Furthermore, after these installations, the tired does not strike the lower ends of a truck fender, and there is a particular distance between both items. You can put raptor fenders to your F150.

A comparison chart of wheels and tires



In general, a round object with a hub and axle is a wheel. Typically, a rubber wheel part that grips the road is a tire.
A wheel consists of rims and tires on any vehicle. The replacement is convenient because they have a supportive frame.
The wheel remains at one spot after the manufacturing procedure, and no one replaces them frequently. The tire damage depends on their excessive use, road conditions, and time of utilization.
They have minimum chances of any damages due to external protection coverage and remain intact for several years. They provide practical vehicle movement and moves from one location to another.
The wheels rotate around the axles and support the outer rubber material. They maintain a non-frictional experience, protect the hub and survive external damages.

What are the things to consider when adding Raptor tires to the F150?

Below are the significant factors during these installation procedures, and avoiding those leads to several technical problems. Also, without them, you cannot fit the vast wheels in a small tire spot.

Size of the tire

Before purchasing, check the tire size and do calculations about the leveling kit. Also, check the diameter of the raptor wheel according to the space on your pickup truck.

Few of them are 35 inches tall, and others have different dimensions. However, the process complexity depends on the overall wheel size than any other thing.

Check the wheel internal attachment joint

Typically, the Ford F150 tire spots are clean, stable, and allow another wheel fitting, but sometimes the conditions are vulnerable. Also, the internal attachment joints do not fix the external tires due to their complexity, old age, and broken components.

Quality of tires

Fitting raptor tires in a new F150 is challenging because it requires high-quality external wheels. Also, in these spots, you cannot fit a worn-out part with a broken surface. 

Furthermore, the truck does not support these wheels, and performance reduces. Moreover, it has an adverse effect, and speed and turning points become trickier than the standard conditions.

Why would you put Raptor tires on your Ford F150?

Several reasons support the raptor wheels fitting on the F150, but I have mentioned three appealing reasons behind this procedure. Also, people adapt them to stand out in the community of other truck drivers. 

Attain higher ground clearance

Typically, ground clearance is essential for a pickup truck because it maintains cleanliness, rejects the penetration of road dirt, and protects from corrosion. Also, the higher ground clearance provides all dimension view with clarity. 

However, installing the tall wheels protects against accidents, prevents traffic rule violations, and secures the truck frame from several damages.

Furthermore, the bottom parts never touch the road surface with these high tires. In addition, all four-wheelers require a specific ground clearance to defeat the rocks, dirt, debris, and other road obstacles. 

Better appearance

Generally, the addition of these tires with a prominent height turns the standard Ford F150 into a monstrous vehicle with multiple advantages. 

Also, it appeals to other drivers, surrounding travelers and looks stylish. Furthermore, the appeal provides an elevated view that is attractive for a Ford driver. 

Fast, powerful, and compatible

In general, a Raptor is faster, more powerful, and compatible than a truck. As a result, with such wheel fitting conditions, the F150 utilizes high-speed conditions on different roads.

Also, the power factor increases with excellent engine performance and maximum steering control. Furthermore, the truck becomes extraordinarily compatible against road bumps, off-road conditions, and numerous environmental effects.

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