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Will Ford Raptor Grille Fit F150?

Will Ford Raptor Grille Fit F150?

Here are easy steps to add raptor grille to your F150. Generally, a Raptor grille keeps the truck engine cool, provides air ventilation through the engine bay, and adds appeal. 

Will Ford Raptor Grille Fit F150? You can fit the Raptor grille to F150 by removing the truck hood top bolts and side screws, lose old grille clips, and detach them. Also, prepare the grille by attaching the wiring harness, adjust it on the F150 front side, push with clips, and reinstall the bolts. Furthermore, move the wiring harness near the warning lights connecting wire, add the joint clips, attach the harness end and tuck it inside. 

However, it is becoming a trend for better appearance, safety, and truck body protection from environmental hazards. Also, the engine heating problems have decreased due to high ventilation and supportive air mechanisms. 

Typically, it fits with minor modifications, the addition of external wiring, and few joints. Also, the built-in identification lights reside on the grille and provide a clear view by preventing accidents and work as daytime lights. 

Furthermore, the sidelights of an F150 become clearance lamps for the identification of this monstrous truck. However, they remain on until the system is on auto mode, and you can switch them off manually. 

How to install the Ford Raptor grille on F150?

Below is the stepwise guide for the installation of the Raptor grille with minimum problems. Also, follow these techniques to put it on the Ford F150 with accuracy. 

Gather parts and screw alphabets

Typically, the grille comes in different boxes, and the letters are separate packages. Following this, adjustment of the alphabets on their specific surface is necessary.

Moreover, to install the letters, adjust them on their brackets and push inside. Next, add the screws behind the letters, use a Philips screwdriver, and fix them appropriately.

Remove the front clips and side bolts on a Ford F150

In the beginning, the removal of bolts from the front board requires around 10 to 15 minutes. Also, in these procedures, pull mounting tabs because, on a F150, they exist in several numbers. 

Moreover, the clips consist of dual parts, and you can open them either way. 

Furthermore, hold the top side with the pulling tool and grab the clip outside as a complete item. Also, break the bolt into two parts and pull them individually.

Moreover, remove them in a pattern that neither of the tools breaks because you have to use them in the next step. Also, they are factory-built parts, and replacements are rare. 

Remove the bolts and detach connectors

In this step, go on one side of the truck, check the area behind the front lights and identify the bolts. However, there are two connecting bolts and are present in a row. For the panel removal, detach the bolts through a puller and also remove the clips. 

Furthermore, detach the panel from the front side of the Ford F150. Also, there is a grille holding bolt that exists on the top side of the inner hood. However, the manufacturer installs them in this model for air ventilation. 

In addition, it is an advanced feature because it keeps the system warm in cold weather conditions. Also, it provides coolness to the engine on excessive heating.

However, all of it happens through the external air and cross ventilation. Next, remove the electrical connectors and roll back them. In this way, the front lights detach from the electric passage. 

Remove the bolts from the raptor grille and detach rivets

Generally, the raptor grille combines with the attachment tools and, two parts make one system.

For the connection establishment, use a Philips screwdriver and remove the pop rivets. Also, detach the plastic cover from the bottom side of the grille. 

Furthermore, identify the four 10 mm bolts on this side and remove them one by one. Next, detach one 8mm bolt from the bottom, and start the detachment of holding clips. 

However, the removal is convenient with a flat screwdriver, push it from one end, lift the clip and detach.

The front part of the grille with alphabets detaches from the backside and supports the development of an electrical connection due to flexible design and advanced specifications.

Attach the wiring harness

Take a lengthy wiring harness, hold one end, cross it through the center of the back portion, and move it to the front grille portions. Also, develop an electrical passage that connects both parts with stable joints. 

Next, pull the wiring harness up, flip the front section upside down and add the back part to the system.

Add washers reconnect parts, and attach splash

In this step, approach the holes for 14mm washers, adjust them on the holes, and tighten them through an appropriate screwdriver. Next, repeat the similar process on another side of the griller and check the clip adjustment. 

Also, add the top rivets back in the original spots and fix them appropriately. Furthermore, add the bottom splash by flipping the tool side, and access the lower section.

Next, balance the splash on the relevant holes, push the clips inside and reinstall the removed bolts.

Adjust Raptor grille and reinstall everything

Typically, these are lightweight items, but for appropriate control, take help during lifting conditions. Next, hold the grille from both sides, stabilize it on the front side of a Ford F150, and adjust it. 

Also, balance the sidelights, prevent them from any external damage, and push it slightly. Furthermore, fix the clips one by one inside and hold the grille throughout.

Now, add the 10mm bolts on the top side and tighten them back in their original spots. Also, add the 8mm joining items on the sides and confirm their adjustment. 

In addition, run the wiring harness from the bottom side, and move it inside the hood compartment. Also, keep it close to the removed connectors for a stable electric connection. 

Now, remove a 14mm bolt near the orange light section, access the air cleaner, and connect with the warning lights. Moreover, avoid the blinking connections throughout because all lights blink due to unstable joints. Also, it has no beneficial impact on a Ford driver. 

Next, bring the light wire, cut the tape with a sharp cutter, and split it into two wires. Furthermore, add the casing on each wire, clip them and add the wiring harness end. As a result, the system becomes a plug-and-play, with minimum electrical problems.

Now, each electric wire contains its connector and uses pliers to clamp them down. Next, connect the harness with the warning lights passage and combine them.

Why would you fit Ford Raptor Grille on the F150?

Generally, below are the reasons due to which a Ford owner uses a raptor grille. 

Stylish appearance

Typically, the new items fit appropriately on the pre-existing spots and provide a vast and stylish appearance. Furthermore, every Ford driver desires a prominent vehicle that is attractive for the surrounding drivers. 

Also, the pop-up alphabets with matt paint make it a dominant item. With these fittings, the standard truck becomes a raptor-looking vehicle instantly. 

Moreover, the front bumper dominates the overall design and makes it significant from other Ford F150 models. 

Additional lights

Typically, the front LED lights provide a clear and constant view. Also, according to federal law, the raptor grille must have these lights because they provide identification of a vast truck. However, they install with the fitting of the overall system, and while driving, a driver should keep them on.

While driving a truck during nighttime, turn the lights on auto mode. As a result, the ratio of accidents and other harmful effects reduces simultaneously.

However, they utilize the electric power of the truck but in minor fractions. 

Also, while keeping them on for several hours, they have no adverse effect on the truck battery. Furthermore, for making it an advanced truck, from several other F150 models, the manufacturers install lights in the grille center. 

Also, the item comes in a complete package form with the main product, additional joint tools, and amber lights. 

Better support

Generally, the Ford F150 attracts the surrounding drivers through its appearance, vast front, and flashing lights. But, the manufacturing materials also prevent frame damages during accidents. 

Also, with these efficient tires, the striking vehicle cannot reach directly to the truck body and provides driver protection against life-threatening events.

Time required and cost

Typically, the cost varies according to the installation conditions, available tools, grille brand, and expertise. On average, the fitting procedure costs you from $450 to $1450, including the grille package price. 

Also, with variable styles, the procedure gets complex and requires labor involvement. However, the professional team costs you around $80 to $100 per hour. In addition, the fitting is a time-taking activity, and a skilled person completes it in approximately 3 to 4 hours.

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