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Will Raptor Shocks Fit F150?

Will Raptor Shocks Fit F150?

Ford F150 is a powerful pickup truck, but the raptor shocks and suspension system turn it into an appealing and fast vehicle.

Will Raptor Shocks Fit F150? You can fit Raptor shocks on the F150 front wheels by removing the built-in nuts and shock assembly, adjust the new shock absorbers, install cushions and bolts, and tighten them. Also, for rear wheels, remove the old items and fit shocks by using the same procedure. Furthermore, raptor shocks provide better resistance against road bumps and secure wheels from frequent wearing.

Moreover, the alteration process costs you according to the shock absorber price, condition of these items, and shock assembly section of a Ford F150.

For a bouncing truck, the replacement of shock absorbers is essential, and the raptor kit resolves these road bumping problems completely.

Also, replacement is an expensive procedure, and with appropriate skills, you can save money and time simultaneously and perform it all by yourself.

Furthermore, they fit in the F150 system, merges in the frame, and control the wheel movements.

What are Raptor shocks?

Typically, they have live valve technology and are internal bypass shock absorbers. Also, these items adapt to the live terrain and increase comfort, lower side resistance, and provide maximum control.

Furthermore, it has advanced features to protect the truck from surface hazards, bumpy roads, and internal damages. With their long lifespan, they have excellent performance in their original vehicles, and after installations, they provide all the safety features to the Ford F150. 

What is the size of raptor shocks?

In general, the raptor shock absorbers size varies according to models and revolves between 2.5 to 3 inches. Also, the size is sufficient to fade the road resistance appropriately. In addition, lift the Ford F150 and provides a slight level of ground clearance.

Furthermore, with 45% more volume, these shock absorbers result in heat dissipation and fit in an F150. Also, the size interferes with the F150 frame, and fitting is challenging because it requires suspension replacement. 

How to fit Raptor shocks on the front wheels of F150?

Adding these shocks on F150 front wheels is more challenging than backside tires.

Lift the truck and remove shock-frame nuts

In the beginning, adjust the jack stands under the front wheels, lift them and access the wheels with their attachment tools. 

For the convenient removal of wheels, lose the lug nuts and detach them from the overall truck frame. You should know the F150 lug pattern.

Next, access the tie road end and loosen the locknuts. In addition, detach the tie-rod and mark this position for achieving comfort in the further procedure.

Loosen the lower control arm

Typically, on a Ford F150, the lower end of the shocks connects with the control arms through the fasteners. Also, use an 18mm wrench and an efficient socket for the bolt removal. 

Next, adjust the tools on these bolts, move them anti-clockwise and use a punching hammer for their removal. 

Detach the F150 shock assembly

Pull the old and built-in shock assembly of a pickup truck, and prevent it from irreversible damages.

Next, hold it for some time and put it aside for future use. Also, discard the coil assembly from your truck with appropriate tools. 

Fit raptor shocks with F150 suspension

For adding a raptor shock on an F150, the system requires the addition of a suspension system because it lifts the system for appropriate accommodation of new items. 

The updated Raptor has upgraded Fox Valve suspension, combines the semi-active and compression with electric controlled specifications. Also, it provides internal bypass technology and damping with an ability of position-sensitivity.

Furthermore, it has a smooth-riding facility in fast-speed conditions. In this step, add a washer on the top side of the bolt that helps the new shock for appropriate adjustment. 

In addition, fix a rubber cushion on the bolt before proceeding to the next step. Now, adjust the new shocks on the front wheel suspension assembly and tight all the fasteners. 

Next, reconnect the removed tie-rod end and fix the upper-end nuts. Then, tighten them with an efficient screwdriver, and readjust the wheels on your F150. 

Also, it provides internal bypass technology and damping with an ability of position-sensitivity. Furthermore, it has a smooth-riding facility in high-speed conditions. 

Can you add raptor shocks on the F150 rear wheels?

For installing the raptor shock absorbers on the rear wheels of a Ford F150, I have explained a short stepwise guide. Also, it is a comfortable, quick, and appealing procedure, and a non-professional can perform it in a private garage.

In this procedure, adjust the jack stands and elevate the truck. Now, put the elevating jack stand near the axle and balance the wheel and axle simultaneously. Next, remove the rear shock nuts as an above method for front wheels. 

Also, approach it on the mounting bracket top, adjust a wrench on this bolt, rotate it anti-clockwise, and remove it. Furthermore, access the bolt on the bottom side of the rear axle of the mounting area and discard it through a bolt puller. 

Typically, the rear wheels also comprise the shock absorbers and require complete removal for further assembly installation. Next, hold all the nuts and bolts with a wrench and remove them one by one. 

Also, collect them in a bag for future use because the factory-built nuts are challenging to replace. 

In this step, adjust a cushion and steel washer on the top surface of a bolt, and fix the shock in the mounting brackets. Next, add the second cushion, nut, and washer and tighten them with appropriate tools.

Furthermore, compress the cushions around ½ to 1/3 of the original thickness. Now, push the raptor shock in the mounting bracket. 

Also, consider the bottom section of the mounting bracket for these installations. Next, replace the bolt and tighten them for maximum security.

Why would you add Raptor shocks on a Ford F150?

Below are three beneficial reasons, due to which the F150 owner replaces the built-in shock absorbers into a raptor shock assembly. 

The durability of raptor shocks

With durability and a long lifespan, the shocks support thousands of miles in different road conditions. Also, on average, the internal bypass absorbers last for around 11000 to 52000 miles.

Moreover, they increase the lifespan of tires on a Ford F150, prevent them from damages, and keep them in the best conditions for several years.

Smooth riding conditions

Typically, they absorb damages and adverse effects of bumps on the truck frame and weight distribution on the wheels. Also, smooth-riding conditions are frequent with these fitting procedures. 

Furthermore, the stability, comfort, and convenient riding on turns depend on the appearance and condition of the shock absorbers. 

However, it is one of the attractive factors for speed lovers because they attain high-speed levels on rough road surfaces without any significant damages. 

Protection with return motions

In general, on a high road surface, the truck moves slightly up and then comes back on the tires. In case of frequent activities, the wearing and damages of tires happen.

But, it is not beneficial for a truck owner because it leads to the replacement of wheels.

In these situations, adding shocks assembly on the front and rear wheels break these repairing and replacement cycles, protects the rubber part of wheels, and secures the axle from severe damages. Also, reinstall every removed tool and stabilize the system. 

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