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Top Trucking Companies in Louisville, Kentucky

Top Trucking Companies in Louisville, Kentucky

Trucking companies are ideal solutions for shipment solutions across different areas of Louisville, Kentucky.

Top trucking companies in Louisville, Kentucky, include J & J Transportation, Dayton Freight, Trimac transportation, Material transfer Company, Old Dominion Freight Line, Bulk first transport, and Flagship transportation LLC, which offer shipments of chemicals, heavy bulk, food commodities, and general freight.

Cranes trucking Co.

It was started working in 1978 and by two persons named Gary and Donn cranes. They are very determined and put all their efforts into growing their business.

They have started their business from a single cargo van transporting local pickups in the Louisville area.

They have established their business with the various carriers working in about 45 states and covering the maximum number of customers in a single day.

Their main goal is to give valuable and high-quality services to their customers at an affordable price. The main thing is that they transfer shipments on both long and short routes.

They also have the latest hydraulic retractable roller floor systems to make loading and unloading easy and quick.

They have been transporting Dry van orders for more than 20 years, and they are also experts in this field, their handling equipment, and safety measures.

Moreover, their carriers are fully bonded and insured, preventing customers and drivers from every kind of trouble.

Pegasus transportation

It has more than 450 drivers covering the maximum areas and making maximum shipments in a single day.

Due to many deliveries, their annual revenue is about $58 million in sales (USD). It has been serving in the United States for more than 20 years.

Their superior services include truckload and split truckload with proper materials handling through expert staff. It is also offering support services along with transportation and logistics.

They are also giving the service of air carrier negotiation and damage claims filling to their regular customers.

J & J transportation

It was established in 1987 and shipped products with safe handling. It is a reliable one which can transport your materials at affordable prices.

Their delivery charges also depend upon the type of service you are using and the weight of your shipment. It also gives the facility of warehousing that you can store your excessive materials in their containers which has a temperature-controlled environment.

Moreover, they are also giving cross-docking services at different terminals within the city. They offer their services in America, but they also have business in Canada and Mexico.

M & M Cartage

It is among the top trucking companies in the Louisville area to transport different materials. It started 30 years ago, and they are giving exceptional customer service.

Moreover, their drivers and employees always create a safe and positive environment. It is ISO certified for truck loading, and they are giving this service 24/7 at lower rates.

They also have experienced employees for fleet maintenance at competitive rates. They also offer spotting and Yard management services with local shuttles and yard organization services.

Dayton Freight-Louisville

It was established in the 1980s by Thomas, L. Cronin, Jr., who only works for customer satisfaction by giving them quality services to grow its ranking.

It is a privately owned organization with union-free LTL and Freight carriers. They maintain their standards in the market and have 99% of claim-free shipments.

The latest online technologies for tracking and details of orders include API and EDI integrations. They have 50 plus service centers throughout the country in different areas.

They are giving DFXpedited services that are especially for time-sensitive shipments. As a result, they take less than a day or 24 hours to deliver items.

They have sprinter vans, cargo vans, tractor-trailers, and straight vans. In addition, air expedite takes a little more time that is about the next day and the next flight out.

They ensure safety during the transportation of sensitive items; that’s why they have deck bar trailers for this purpose.

These trailers contain deck bars to prevent the loading of the item on top of one another. In addition, they also have a lift gate in their containers which makes the loading and unloading easy and damage-free.

Rogers Trucking Inc.

Charles Tommy Rogers was the founder of this company, and he loved to drive trailers, tractors, and trucks since his childhood.

After his continuous efforts, he started this in the 1970s with the cooperation of his wife. After this, he successfully grows his organization in the market by giving valuable services to their clients.

In the 1990s, Rogers passed away, and no his family has been running Rogers trucking for many years. Instead, they use their old models and equipment for flatbeds, Dry Van, tankers, and roller beds.

They also have 50 plus late-model tractors to meet the needs of people.

Old Dominion Freight Line

It is crucial for transferring your domestic shipping across different areas. It is an international trucking company and provides nationwide coverage in all states of the USA.

It is also delivering your Expedited Freights in a short time that is in an hour. It also makes your shipments safe by wrapping them to prevent any damage during movement.

Moreover, they use Radio Frequency identification and interactive voice response online systems to track global and domestic shipments.

They also ensure customer satisfaction while shipping them globally in Europe, Central America, and South America.

Quality carriers Inc.

They started their business in the 1930s to transport goods and materials in the market. Its B.F Leaman began to with a single arrow truck and delivered milk and lime around different areas.

They are working with different industries like Gamble, DuPont, PPG, and Dow chemical company to grow their business and reputation in the market.

They have made their reputation good by honest, quality services, well expert drivers and employees, and by satisfying clients’ actual needs.

They are experts in the movement of various chemicals from one place to another. They have also designed their containers for hauling of variety of chemicals.

The chemicals they deliver include acid, alcohols, hydrogen peroxide latex, and fertilizers. In addition, they are also moving cleaning and sanitizing products for many years.

The cleaning and sanitizing products include bulky ethanol, sanitizers, isopropyl alcohol, and quaternary ammonium.

Trimac Transportation

It was developed about almost 70 years ago, and now they are known as the largest transportation service in North America.

Their motto is service with safety, providing timely services to the customers while maintaining safety measures.

They have more than 100 branches which are offering high-quality bulk shipping solutions. They haul chemicals like heptane, acetone, phosphoric acid, and potassium hydroxide.

They have specially designed their container for the movement of food commodities, including flour, edible oils, sugars, sweeteners, and yeasts.

To provide a hygienic environment, they have a proper cleaning and maintenance system for their fleets on different service stations.

They also have the Trans load service for dry products and liquids, either flammable or non-flammable.

Bulk First LLC

It is the company for drivers’ jobs because it provides multiple opportunities like paid holidays, paid vacation, and Mileage pay.

Their superior service is the transportation of heavy bulk like cement and ash in a short time and with adequate handling care.

Most of their customers are of an industrial level that are producers of cement, ash, and lime on a larger scale.

They have designed the infrastructure of their fleets according to the transportation materials. In addition, they also make shipments in different terminals located in Louisville, KY.

Boskurt transportation Inc.

It is explicitly working in Louisville and has collaborated with other support activities for transportation.

It performs its duties from Monday to Saturday from 6:00 am to 7:00 pm. Due to many satisfied customers generating an annual revenue of about $1.32 million in sales (USD).

Their essential role in warehousing; they have large containers to store all items during the selectable period.

It consists of experienced employees to maintain the cleanliness and temperature conditions in the internal environment of warehouse containers.

Product distribution Co.

It has been working for 25 years and has its terminals in other cities, including Alabama, Maryland, and Texas.

They are also facilitating their team member with life insurance and medical plans. In addition, they are making shipments of heavy materials like machinery and construction materials.

They are also moving different appliances and ensuring their safety by appropriate patching and dispatching.

Moreover, they also have fully equipped trailers to transport beverages without causing any damage.

Lewis transport Inc.

They have been the expert truck loader since the 1930s and serve tanker transportation. Alvin Lewis was the founder of Lewis Transport, and he started his business with one truck that delivers kerosene and fuel oil.

In the 1930s, they are delivering about 130,150 gallons of oil annually. After this, they grew their business and added more tankers in their industry to transfer oil and fuels.

Currently, they are making shipments of about 710,000,000 gallons of oil annually. The safety of driver roads and other people is also crucial during their movement.

They always maintain their safety standards and receive an award of Flawless execution and overflow carrier of the year.

Moreover, they work for 24 hours and work on Saturdays and Sundays. In addition, they are always providing safety training to their drivers and employees after every year.

McDonald Transport LLC

It is a licensed and fully bonded trucking company that provides general freight shipping. Moreover, it is a smaller company but has maintained its quality and safety standards for its customers.

For shipping of general Freights in low price tags, it is one of the famous companies. It is charging less to their customers and ensuring the safety and quality for shipment of products.

One more benefit is that it also works on weekends from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Flagship transportation LLC

It continuously updates its drivers with local laws and regulations to prevent unexpected and challenging situations.

They have an insurance certificate to carry all loads, and their employees always maintain the records.

They provide pickups and deliveries in 48 states of Louisville, KY. In addition, it is also good for the movement of general freights, dry vans, and refrigerated materials.

The 3PL Brokerage offers cost-effective shipments by considering the market rates for all industries.

They are also offering third-party logistics for all kinds of heavy hauling on all the possible routes. So it is always managing their times according to the desire of customers.

They also use the latest communication technologies to update their customers about shipping details.

Evans delivery

They provide the following transportation facilities: truckload and regional and national flatbed services, 40 feet to 55 feet trailers, dedicated fleet services, Electronic data in charge, and Freight brokerage.

For international divisions, its superior services are HazMat certified, ocean container drayage, intermodal trucking, flatbed trucking, container yard operation, and temperature-controlled equipment.

All domestic and international services are on time with the safest delivery.

DMB Transport LLC

Dewey Warren is the competent and well-experienced owner of DMB transport. It has been working with a collaboration of U-Haul Company for many years.

They offer hauling services to their customers for long trips or cargo purposes. They have fully equipped vehicles with high towing capacity that excessive load will not damage its parts.

Their high-quality vehicles can tow trailers and other towing equipment with them due to the power of their heavy engines.

Moreover, they have also trained their drivers for driving heavily hauled trucks.

Material transfer Co.

It has been working since 1991 and has maintained the safety and quality parameters. It uses asphalt material to construct roads and paving; they have a team of experts to produce more outstanding projects.

Due to their great effort and strength in this field, they have received 16 National Asphalt Paving Association Awards.

They have all types of equipment and skillful employees for civil site construction, whether a park or roadside.

Their equipment and employees are also ready to construct long roads, highways, and long bridges.

M K Express

It is the trucking company solving the transportation needs of General freight. They have their terminals at different sites in Louisville, KY.

Their competent staff and team members constantly struggle to give quality and safe service to their clients.

Moreover, it is ideal for all types of transportation of freights that it can be heavy load or lighter one. It is also offering the facility of a temperature-controlled environment and dry vans in its containers.

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