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Top Trucking Companies in Tennessee

Top Trucking Companies in Tennessee

Trucking companies in Tennessee are transferring your material from one place to nearby areas in a safe way.

Top trucking companies in Tennessee include MACCO transportation, JNJ express, RTR transportation service, bluegrass trucking Inc., and Holt trucking transporting local cartage, cross-docking, general freight, and Yard Management. They are also beneficial for supplying every kind of heavy load with every material.

First Express

The primary mission of the First express is to know the needs of customers and their professional drivers, dispatchers, and other team members to work accordingly.

They have expert team members, resources, and equipment to solve the shipment challenges. However, they know that their company’s rating depends on quality, safety, investment in trailers, and team members’ behavior.

For truckload carriers, they have the facility of Dry van with logistics. They also have professional drivers, dispatchers, and technicians for safe materials delivery.

Moreover, they have a proper electronic system for online tracking of your booked shipment, and it will show three statuses, including loads in transit, completed or pending.

For full truckload carriers, they are also offering shipment facilities overnight to solve their customers’ problems.

MACO Transportation LLC

It primarily focuses on logistics solutions, and its primary service is Dry Van. They are also offering the warehousing and storage facility service, and their head office is located in Memphis.

It is giving short-haul solutions to the customers in the entire Memphis market. They are giving flatbed shipping all across the United States.

It is also ideal to transport products that require a temperature-controlled environment like pharmaceuticals, florals, perishable and frozen items.

It is also suitable for logistics distribution and fulfills your business shipping needs. Moreover, the facility of intermodal solutions is also available in this company with less budget and quick delivery.

Due to their increasing customers in the market, they approximately generate a revenue of about $788,420.

They are also supplying your sensitive Freights in a safe manner and within the given time of delivery.

Cooper Freight Solution

Moreover, for the safe movement of items, they focus on driver’s training. It was established in 1975, and Henry cooper was the founder.

During their early years, he is only transporting air freight in different areas of Memphis. However, in 2000 they had expanded their business and started shipping in 45 states.

LTL and Air Freights are the primary services that can carry every type of load at any time and transport them quickly in an emergency.

They are offering Yard management in which they check yards daily and check trailers that are coming in and out.

They are also giving the facility of long hauls with a maximum of about 450 miles. For accommodation of short trips, their range is less than 500 miles.

For non-stop deliveries, they are accommodating two drivers in a single truck. In addition, they are supplying your shipments on your doorstep by dropping their trailers at a given location for unloading.

JNJ Express

It is an asset-based transportation and logistics service company that was developed in the 1990s. It is private and has access to work in about 45 states.

John Sr. was the founder of this trucking company; he has loved the trucks and trailers since childhood because he spent his time around them.

He started his own business in the 1980s on the docks of overnight transportation that became successful after some years due to quality shipments.

They are available 24 hours and seven days a week for dispatching and customer service. Moreover, scheduled businesses are always ready to handle brokerage needs.

They also have a shuttle service and spotting point in different areas to help you start your truck driving career.

French Trucking Inc.

It came into the market in the 1980s and was developed by two cofounders named Ricky and Vickie French.

It is a customer-oriented company whose primary focus is to increase the reliability scale. They are using up-to-date and latest fleet equipment for on-time and safe delivery of materials from one place to another.

The fleets with the EPA system, International pros tars, and side-fairing trailers are famous in the industry due to their efficient working and performance.

They also provide full-service maintenance for trailers and trucks to increase their longevity. In addition, they have an area of about more than 40,000 square feet for warehousing.

The warehousing area is equipped with 24-hour monitoring security and fire alarm to make the product safe from all kinds of damages.

They are giving warehouse facilities to different industries at competitive rates.

Mid-South Transport, Inc.

It was established in the 1980s, registered as a Smart way transport pattern, and considered a Class 3 bounded carrier.

Mideast and southwest. Their fleet contains more than 100 power units to travel in California. They have two distribution centers in Tennessee, and both are customs approved.

They offer different shipment solutions, including pick-ups, re-labeling, storage, and distribution.

They also give their shipment facilities to different industries, including automotive parts, electronics, retails, trucking, and raw materials manufacturing.

They have employees that are experts in transportation, warehousing, and logistics.

Sadler brothers trucking

It was established in 1928, and they have started their business with a single contract US mail route.

Currently, they are operating multiple US mail contracts at different locations, including Midwest and Southeast regions.

They are offering US postal services, but they are also playing their role with the food, beverages, automotive, and healthcare industries.

They also give contract trucking services with the specified route, specified time, and fixed schedule. It also charges its customers according to program trucking services’ route length and delivery time.

The full Dry Van Drop Trailer facility is also available at this company.

RTR Transportation services

It was a family-owned company with a full-service truckload carrier and fully insured that started in 1995.

In the early years of development, they transport carpets from mills to retail stores present in middle Tennessee.

Currently, they are a regional dry van carrier and known as a premier truckload company. Their superior services include Trailer rework, local cartage, cross-dock, warehousing, and nationwide truckload and storage trailers.

All of their trailers and trailers are equipped with Geotab fleet vehicle tracking. They are also providing their customers with attest technologies for online shipping.

They have also maintained their reputation in supplying quality products with safety and integrity.

Huff and puff trucking Inc.

They have started their business in 1983 and continue to grow with agriculture operations. They are one of the top trucking companies in the Tennessee area.

They have two options for their customers, including large carrier and small carrier facilities. They are also available for same-day pickups, one-day pickups, and weekend deliveries.

Moreover, they have flatbeds of different sizes that can handle freights of many types, including steel, building material, food commodities, and manufactured products.

It is suitable for oversize hauling, and their team members to driver everyone ensures safe delivery of a package from patching to the delivery point.

Sharp Transport Inc.

It started in 1979, and they have only one truck for material transportation. Currently, it is one of the biggest truckload carriers in middle Tennessee.

 Its headquarter is located in Ethridge, and they have a large area for working of more than 150 employees and team members.

They have a strong business in Ethridge as a Dry Van and general commodities carrier. It is a family company and generates annual revenue of about $21.20 million.

They are also facilitating their customers by giving them competitive pay and other health care facilities.

It is a private organization working with the transportation and railroad industry for many years.

Ash transport LLC

It is working as a contract carrier in different states of the United States and is located across the middle of Chattanooga.

They have new tractors and trailers equipped with new technologies, including GPS tracking and electronic systems.

They are available for LT and LTL services, and their fleets are specially designed for the trade show. For general freights, they have 50 feet Dry van trailers.

The air carriers and drop and hook facilities are also available in this organization.

Shoun Trucking Co.

It is a family-owned, and asset-based trucking company working for more than 40 years and has maintained its reputation in the industry by providing reliable services to its clients.

They are also displaying the tag of Shoun on every item that you are delivering to promote their industry.

The primary commitment of this company is to make the roads and highways safe and secure by training their drivers very well about local rules and regulations.

They maintain high safety standards and provide a safe working environment to their team members.

You can supply every kind of item through them at an affordable price and minimum time.

Axle Logistics

In the third part, 3PL logistics company satisfies their customers by giving them valuable shipment and transportations.

It covers many customers because of their working in three states, including America, Mexico, and Canada.

It also offers logistics services, including LTL, FTL, and Intermodal and warehousing. Moreover, they facilitate their clients with advanced logistic services with trained and experienced team members.

They also have the latest technologies for material movement through the supply chain. They are also offering port services to build strong port drayage relationships nationwide.

Reliable carriers Inc.

They provide valuable and reliable service to their customers by hiring educated and trained staff members and drivers.

Their head office is present in Manchester, and they are offering significant transportation shipments in the southeast region.

They have a partnership with Mid-State Logistics to provide an area of about 78,000 square feet for warehousing and storage.

They also satisfy the brokerage transportations needs of their customers by on-time shipment of all kinds of brokerage material.

They are always giving competitive and fair pay to their drivers and team members to grow the value of their company.

Amley Transportation

They have established their business over ten years ago and are famous for the transportation of dry products.

For dry products supply, they have designed their trailers and containers according to the product to prevent moisture entry.

It gives the facility of On-time freight shipping to and from your selected location across the southeast.

They always take care of the training of their drivers to grow their business and maintain their reputation in the market.

They have contracts with different industries, including books and magazines, textiles, automotive and appliance manufacturers, to haul their items from their stores to market.

Bluegrass Trucking Inc.

It is a trucking company located in Murfreesboro since 1991, and they have started their business with one truck and one plan.

After this, they have grown their business in the market through continuous struggle and reliable shipments that satisfy customers’ requirements.

They are giving the facility of yard management by creating shuttle and spot points in different areas. It is also serving the automotive industry for many years.

Holt trucking

It was founded by Mike and Shannon Holt about 8 to 12 years ago. Their fleets and services are primarily available in the southeastern region.

They are offering over-the-road and day cab driving positions. However, it only works from Monday to Friday and takes no shipment orders on the weekend.

 Shah Trucking LLC 

The main motive of this company is trained, educated, and experienced drivers because they think that drivers are the main asset to grow their business.

It is an asset-based logistics company located in Chattanooga. Their primary shipments are full truckload and box truck at a specific time and location.

They are also using fuel-efficient trucks to make transportation cost-effective for their customers.

Pemberton Truck Lines

It is a transportation, trucking, and railroad-type trucking company working in Knoxville. It was established in the 1980s and emerged as a small cartage company.

Currently, their fleet contains more than 100 tractors and more than 400 trailers for shipment services. Almost 90% of their deliveries are in Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

They have the latest computer system to control the safety, dispatching, human resources, payroll, and maintenance.

Their services are available seven days of the week and 24 hours a day. They also facilitate their team members by paying them every week according to their miles coverage.

Their prominent deliveries include handling and supplying hazardous chemicals and general freights of all kinds and dry material like paper products.

They are charging their customers per hour, and their delivery charges per hour range from $35 to $45.

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