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Toyota Tundra Blower Motor Not Working

Toyota Tundra Blower Motor Not Working

Toyota Tundra is a pickup truck with a blower motor to turn ON the fan during hot weather for cool air and provides warm air during winters.

Toyota Tundra blower motor stops working due to dirty filters caused by the accumulation of dust and debris. In addition, the issue comes due to overheating of the motor, due to a blown fuse. Also, the damaged capacitors will not provide enough energy, and the motor will not work.

These motors go wrong sometimes, and when you continuously turn them ON, they will produce a burning smell. Also, when they are not working well, the air cannot come out from the vents.


Overheating occurs in many electronic devices for several reasons, and it can damage the whole machine.

Overheating in lower motor occurs when they are getting old and working more than their average capacity.

It can also occur due to the accumulation of dust and grim, which can draw more effort for their adequate functioning.

When it overheats, it starts to turn on; a fan is also blowing, but the motor is not providing enough power for its working.

This problem will also if there is no proper system for the crossing of air. Moreover, this issue will also arise when you use it for a long time without turning it off.

Consistent use of electronic devices without any gap can also make overheat. You can resolve this issue by adequately cleaning the filters and removing dust and grime from them regularly for better air crossing.

You should also change the air filters if they get old and do not work well.

Dirty filters

Dirty filters are the main reasons to reduce the working of the blower motor in the truck. The dirt comes when you open windows and doors while traveling on dirt roads.

Due to poor maintenance and cleanliness, dust will also come in their filters. This issue will also come if your truck is not in use for a longer time.

Some of my friends complain that when they drive their truck after a long time, their blower motor stops working because of the blockage of filters.

Due to the accumulation of dust and other small particles, air will not pass through them, and the motor has to provide more energy for working a blower fan, which fails in the whole system of the vehicle.

You should resolve this issue by removing the air filters and cleaning them using a soft bristle brush. You can also remove dust by adjusting their accurate pressure by using a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer.

In addition, it will also be better to make the windows and doors of your trucks are closed, which will not allow entry of dust particles.

Damaged compressor

The compressor is the central part of the movement of refrigerants, and it also plays a vital role in the maintenance of temperature according to environmental conditions.

When compressors go wrong, it will not allow the movement of refrigerant, and as a result, the temperature cannot be maintained.

According to the requirements of the truck, the compressors also have coils and filters that allow refrigerants’ movement for heating and cooling.

These coils become old and lose their strength, decreasing their durability and life.

If the compressors keep working with clogged filters, they put more stress on them and ultimately damage them.

The issue in the compressors also occurs due to inadequate wiring and loose connections. You should resolve this issue by properly connecting the wires of compressors.

Moreover, it is also better to clean the clogged air filters after some time by using a mixture of warm water and dishwashing detergent.

It will also be better to prevent its coils from corrosion to reduce the further damage and appropriate movement of refrigerants for cooling purposes. 

Capacitors problems

Capacitors play an integral role in the function of blower motor; they provide the surge of energy for their appropriate working and help in the spinning of their fan.

When a problem occurs in capacitors, the motor will stop working suddenly. The situation in these small devices occurs due to environmental stress like dust and debris.

They will also stop working when they become old because they have a time limit to perform best.

In addition, the surge of electrical supplies also hinders their function and causes the low out of these electrical devices.

Due to surge of current supply people also complains that their blower motor stops working suddenly.

Overheating also comes due to inappropriate voltage for a longer time which can cause overheating and subsequently complete damage to the vehicle.

You can resolve this issue by installing new capacitors to spin the fan and providing energy. You should also check the electrical system if any wires get wrong which can cause inadequate current supply.

You should also check that the battery provides sufficient energy to run the blower fan.

Electricity issues

Some problems in the electricity system of Toyota Tundra will also hinder their functioning, and they will stop working.

These electrical devices are connected with some power source to Turn On their fan. If the electrical system has damaged wires or is not linked correctly, it will cause an issue.

It will also cause a problem due to a fault in the battery that cannot supply sufficient power supply to the connected wires.

When wires become old, wear and tears are present, and it will also occur. In addition, sometimes the cables get damaged due to short circuits and excessive current flow.

These wires cannot resist this electrical current, and the motor suddenly blows out. Therefore, you should always check the wires properly while driving your pickups.

If this motor produces humming or other uneven noises, you should also check the battery to provide enough current supply.

Faulty belts

Fan belts are the crucial part of the engine compartment for its different parts’ movement and connect the cooling system with the electrical supply.

Moreover, they also help in the function of the blower motor of Toyota Tundra. These driven belts are connected with the pulley in the engine compartments.

The misalignment of the pulley sometimes damages these belts and produces unnecessary wear and tears in them.

In addition, they also become loose, and as a result, the electrical system does not give enough power to the blower to run the fan. These belts also start to wear out and damage when they become old.

These belts contain a rubber material which can be easily damaged by overheating and stops the working of motors.

After changing these belts, many people said that their truck fans and vents started to work correctly. You can also prevent the engine from overheating to increase its longevity.

You should also check regularly that the misalignment of pulleys cannot disturb their position.

Clogged condenser

The condenser in the Toyota Tundra is the crucial part of the cooling system for cooling refrigerants. They are vital for cooling refrigerants to cool your interior.

In addition, they become clogged due to the accumulation of rust in the pipes of the truck. The presence of rust blocked the filters and caused leakage due to damage.

The clogged condensers damage the fundamental components and reduce the cooling in the system.

Due to this blocked condenser, a strange loud voice came from the unit. As a result, it becomes clogged with dirty air, debris, and other small particles.

You should properly maintain their cleanliness for their appropriate function. You can also resolve this issue by maintaining cleanliness and washing it with warm water.

You can also wash the coils of the condensers in your Tundra by using coil cleaners. In addition, you can also clean the dust by use of coil brushes.

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