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Toyota Tundra Cruise Control Not Working

Toyota Tundra Cruise Control Not Working

Toyota Tundra is a wide truck having a luxurious feature of cruise control by which you can set the speed of your vehicle for safe driving.

Toyota Tundra cruise control stops working due to a defective cruise control switch, faulty brake light switch, and a blown fuse. In addition, broken warning lights, low-quality speed sensors, and damaged connectors also cause this problem.

This system integrates speed management into accident prevention systems by including laser with radar technology.

Many people complain that they can not adjust the speed of their pickup and the main reason is the damaged parts.

Defective Cruise Control Switch

The Cruise control switch helps you to set the speed of your truck. It provides information like – SET, + RES, on-off for decreasing and increasing the acceleration of a vehicle. 

The information from the switch goes to its module and the engine control unit to sustain the speed.

Faulty connections in the switch do not transfer the information to the module and the engine control unit, and the system will not work correctly.

You should check that connections are in their proper positions to maintain the speed of the pickup.

You should also check the socket and the wires to connect them properly to resolve this issue.

Faulty Brake Light Switch

When you press the brake pedal, its system detects the brake light switch to set the desired speed.

If the brake light switch is not detected, this switch will stop working.

It is due to the blown fuse due to high voltage current and short circuits caused by over-heating.

The other issues are a burned-out light bulb, broken switch, and inferior quality switches that do not last for a longer time.

Replace the fuse and adjust the current between the circuits to prevent the search for a power supply.

You should also change the burned-out bulb or broken switch instantaneously so that you can drive your Tundra at your desired speed on its own.

Blown Fuse

In Toyota Tundra, the fuse in cruise control is located below the steering wheel in the fuse panel.

A fuse can be damaged due to overheating in the engine and short circuits.

If its fuse is blown out, then the switch will stop working until a new one replaces it. This happened to my last year when I was driving my truck.

It can be challenging to fix this issue, so it is better to replace the blown fuse as soon as possible to set your vehicle’s speed.

Problems in Engine

If there is a problem in transmission or engine, then a check warning light comes on, symbolizing that your engine is having some trouble.

After the engine control unit detects the issue in the engine of your pickup truck, its system will be deactivated instantaneously as a safety measure.

Due to a faulty engine, you cannot set the acceleration speed by pushing a switch that is present on the side of the steering.

A Common fault is overheating, caused by the blown gasket and skipping proper maintenance like ignoring oil changes.

Check the engine compartment before driving that the switch is properly working and maintain the engine of your Toyota Tundra.

I have seen many people go through this issue due to the lack of knowledge, and I have added this easy solution to fix the problem.

Faulty speed sensors

Like all other vehicles, speed sensors are also a part of Toyota’s pickup for transmission of speed statistics. 

If these do not provide details about the speed, the system will automatically be out of functioning and can be deactivated. 

Speed sensors may be faulty due to their inferior quality, an internal electrical fault, and poor truck maintenance.

Faulty speedometer readings and shortage of torque converter clutch exercise are also the causes of defective speed sensors.

It is better to replace the old speed sensors with new ones of good quality. You can also repair the faulty sensors if they are not damaged completely, but it can be a bit tricky most of the time.

You can also fix this problem by regular maintenance of the vehicle, and also completion of torque converter exercise will be helpful in this case.

Damaged connectors and wiring harnesses

Working of the cruise control is directly related to regular checking of connectors and wiring harnesses.

There is a spiral cable inside the steering wheel, any problem such as breakage will lead to an open circuit, and it will not work correctly.

Due to poorly insulated wirings, worn-out wires, these electrical components will not function properly, and as a result, they will stop working.

Repairing electrical components or replacing damaged wires with well-insulated wires can make it functional. 

I suggest accessing all the parts before you plan to replace or modify them.

Bad vacuum actuator

This is a process to create artificial vacuum pressure for the movement of a piston in automobile engines of modern times.

A bad vacuum actuator results in cruise control failure of your pickup, which is one of the main reasons that lead to this issue.

There are many methods to fix the problem, but it is better to add a new part.

Replacement of the non-functional vacuum actuator with a fully active one will allow you to use the truck’s feature.

Rainstorms and wet roads

Driving a truck in bad weather conditions is always challenging. 

You should not use this feature during rainstorms and on wet floors because it can cause hydroplaning due to slipperiness. 

If you press the brakes, then tires and brakes are badly affected as these are directly connected to the cruise control system; any defect in these can cause a problem.

It is better to drive slow on wet roads without using frequent brakes.

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