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275/50R22 vs 285/45R22

275/50R22 vs 285/45R22

275/50R22 and 285/45R22 are two commonly used tire sizes in various vehicles, from luxury cars to SUVs and pickup trucks.

You will find them as stock options in vehicles from leading auto manufacturers like Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, Toyota, and Dodge.

275/50R22 has an overall diameter of 32.7”, a section width of 10.7”, a circumference of 103” and sidewall height of 5.35” while 285/45R22 has a slightly lesser diameter of 32”, a width of 11.1”, the circumference of 100.7”, and sidewall height of 4.99”. Both tires are interchangeable and compatible with 21-22 inches diameter rim. If you replace 275/50R22 with 285/45R22 and the actual speed is 60 mph, the speedometer reading will be 58.7 mph. Both tires have good road handling and fuel-efficient performance.

This article will present an aspect-wise detailed comparison of 275/50R22 vs 285/45R22 tire sizes. Moreover, we will also describe compatible vehicles and their model years for both tire sizes.

Both tire sizes have compatible physical dimensions with minor differences and are usable in many light-duty and heavy-duty pickup trucks.

Exact features of a specific size, including load rating, weight, speed rating, and performance, varies according to the manufacturer. First, however, we will compare the two tires by considering the generic parameters.

Tire size

275/50R22 and 285/45R22 have differences in their physical dimensions. 275/50R22 has an overall higher diameter of 32.7” from the ground to its top edge.

Its side-by-side section width is 10.7”, and its circumference at the outer edge is 103”. It has an aspect ratio of 50, meaning its sidewall height is 50% of its width, which is 5.35”.

The 285/50R22 has a width of 11.1” and an overall diameter of 32”. The circumference is 2.3” shorter than the 275/50R22 tire. As a result, it has a lesser aspect ratio of 45%.

Therefore, the tire has a width of 4.99” despite the large section width. Due to the difference in diameter and sidewall height, clearance changes to 03-04 inches for 285/50R22.

Speedometer reading

Both tires have differences in their overall diameter and circumference. Therefore, it will need several revolutions to traverse a mile distance.

For example, 275/50R22 has a 2.25% larger diameter and requires 613 revolutions per mile, while 285/45R22 will cover a mile distance in 627.5 revolutions.

Due to the diameter difference, a speedometer with one tire will read a different speed than the other tire size.

There are standard formulas to calculate the actual rate. But I will quote an example for illustration purposes. If the speedometer gives a reading of 60 mph with 275/50R22, it will display a speed of 58.7 mph with 285/45R22 tire. Again the difference is due to the change in dimensions of both tires.

Road handling

Road handling or traction control depends on the other parameters and varies according to the manufacturer.

Several designs are available in 275/50R22 and 285/45R22 tire sizes with compatibility with snow and weather conditions. Moreover, both dry and wet performance of both types is comparable.

You will also find several size variants from the same manufacturer suitable for different operating conditions.

Therefore, you can select from such a wide range of selections according to your available budget and requirements.


The 285/45R22 is a relatively older tire than the 275/50R22. However, you will find it in several pickup trucks from Chevrolet, Dodge, GMC, and Ram from 2002-2021 models.

Compatible vehicles with tire size are Chevrolet Silverado 1500 from 2014-2018 models, Dodge Ram 1500 2002-2010 models, GMC Sierra 2500HD 2011-2019 models, and Ram 1500 from 2011-2021 models.

275/50R22 is relatively new tire size, and it is available with pickup trucks from Chevrolet, Ford, and GMC.

It will fit Chevrolet Silverado 1500 2019-2021 models, Ford F150 2020-2022 models, GMC Sierra 1500 2019-2021 models, and Ford Lobo from 2018 to 2022 model pickup trucks.


Both tires are available in several options from various manufacturers, and their price varies accordingly. According to the market survey, 275/50R22 costs $230-$415 for a single tire.

It depends on its ply thickness, all seasons road traction, weight, and speed ratings. Moreover, it also depends on their quieter or noisier operation on the road. However, they are only compatible for highway operation and not suitable for off-road use.

285/45R22 are also available in several options from various manufacturers. They have a price range of $200-$540 depending on advanced features and tire design.

User reviews

User reviews play a significant role in choosing a tire size because they are from real-world experiences.

According to a survey conducted on our website, we have evaluated various aspects of 275/50R22 and 285/45R22 tires.

We asked truck drivers to rate both sizes of a specific model for dry performance, wet performance, snow handling, all-weather operations, and comfort level during the ride. 1020 drivers participated in the survey, and results based on their selection are as follows:





Dry performance



Wet performance



Snow handling/traction



All-weather operations



Comfort level



Results show a comparable performance between both tires because of matching characteristics.

However, survey results can vary according to specific tire model, manufacturer, and weight rating because several options are available for same-size tires.

Fuel-efficient performance

Tires can play a pivotal role in improving the overall fuel consumption of your vehicle. They achieve this by designing good quality designs with reduced rolling friction.

For example, 275/50R22 and 285/45R22 are available in fuel-efficient versions. However, you have to pay extra cost to buy them.

Moreover, several manufacturers design special tires according to the needs of specific vehicle models, but they will cost more due to enhanced features.

Rims size

275/50R22 and 285/45R22 both are radial tires as depicted by the letter R in their size code, and they are compatible with 22” rim or wheel size.

Moreover, in a 22” diameter rim, there can be several width options for the wheel compatible with these tire sizes.

However, generally speaking, rim width can be 8-9 inches and 21-22 inches diameter. But before buying tires, it is your responsibility to read the tire code on older tires and replace them with the same size. Otherwise, you can face the problem of size mismatch.

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