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Can You Repair Flexsteel RV Captain Chair?

Can You Repair Flexsteel RV Captain Chair?

Flexsteel RV Captain chair makes RV driving comfortable, and these are famous for their superior features. However, many people complain about different issues with the chair. 

Can You Repair Flexsteel RV Captain Chair? You can repair the Flexsteel RV captain chair by replacing the ripped cover, broken seat base, and damaged armrest. Also, examine its electric passage, identify the wiring harness and replace it. Furthermore, approach the armrest bottom, remove the faulty power switch and install a new power control switch to fix the captain chair.

What is RV Captain Chair?

It is specific to the vehicle’s driver, but it serves as a passenger seat in some is similar to others but has an adjustable and moveable armrest

It is saddle shape, has a long back, and can swivel in the vehicle. It has three types like Type A, type B, type C.

Over prolonged use, these chairs get damaged due to environmental pollution and driving on rocky areas.

However, you can fix minor problems in your garage. Following is a complete discussion about repairing them.

Repair seat cover

These chairs are covered with different fabrics like vinyl, and they get stained due to dirt and filth. Improper handling can make the fabric ripped and worn out. Its color gets faded due to excessive exposure to sunlight.

You can get rid of minor problems like stains by using a detergent solution and a clean brush or cloth.

First, remove all the dirt with the help of neat fabric. Then dip the brush in the detergent solution and rub it on the stains lightly for 5 minutes. Finally, clean the soapy area with a moist cloth and let it dry in the air or use a hairdryer for this purpose.

In case of a ripped cover, change the whole cover with a new one. To do this, first, remove the old fabric by unzipping it from the backside. Sometimes it is sewn around the seat or is wrapped with the help of staples.

Use a seam ripper or a staple remover for the threads and staples holding the fabric. After removing it, take the new cover and zip it up around the chair in case of a zipper.

You can go to a sewing shop to attach its parts. After this, place it around the seat and staple it or use strong thread.

Repair seat base

The seat position and base should be comfortable and cozy for driving; the RV Flexsteel Captain Chairs can have either swivel or pedestal base. These metallic structures are essential for stability during the journey.

During driving on rough or rocky areas, the nuts of the pedestal get loose duet to jerks. It will make the seats unstable and, the driver will feel difficulty while driving. Also, when the base is not level, the position becomes uneven.

You will need nuts, bolts, and a screw tightener to resolve these problems. Some nuts and bolts are present underneath the captain chair to fix it inside the RV. It is better to use the same size bolts to tighten them up to make the seating position even.

When the swivel set base is loose, remove the seating position from the vehicle by opening all the screws. Then carefully inspect the swivel nuts and tighten up all of them with the help of a screw tightened.

Replace the corroded bolts with new ones to make the seat base durable. In the case of the pedestal base, check its cylinder base and weld its damaged part. Then, you can adjust the height of the cylinder to make the captain chair more comfortable.

Repair armrest

Its purpose is to support the driver’s arm and back while riding the vehicle. It ensures stability and comfortable sitting and standing with little muscular effort.

It is a hard metallic frame covered with fabric and installed at the edge of the chair. It can move upside down to make passengers’ way to the rear seats.

Mishandling during riding and applying excessive pressure can make it loose in its original position. In addition, the metallic frame and pin holding the armrest can break due to corrosion.

The fault in the metallic pin can make it unstable and, you will not be able to rest the arm on it.
You can resolve these problems in your garage.

First, you have to pull out the armrest from its position. To do it, hold the armrest frame in your hand push it against the bracket holding the pin. It will draw out the arm from its locking area.

Inspect the pin if it is broken or loose, weld it, and insert it again in its position. To weld the broken frame, remove the outer fabric and take out the frame. Then weld it with a machine and place cover on it.

Repair wire harness

In RV, it comprises a set of wires, connectors, and terminals to connect the electrical parts to the input source. It supplies electrical power and other information to the vehicle parts.

Any fault in the harness will affect the performance of the chair. It can get faulty due to damaged wires and connectors. Sometimes wrong attachment of harness is responsible for the problem.

Due to these, you will not be able to swivel the chair and command the footrest and lumbar side. To overcome this difficulty, you can go to any mechanic for repair.

Check the attached connectors on their respective terminal. Tighten up all the screws of the terminals to fix them in the respective site. Replace the old wire harness with the new six-way power unit to increase durability.

Repair the power switch

Each RV Flexsteel captain chair is equipped with a power switch to control its function. It is sometimes present beneath the armrest where you can approach it.

When it is malfunctioning, you can not swivel or adjust the armrest position. It is also challenging for the driver to adjust the lumber position and height.

When the power switch is not working, you might feel difficulty moving the seat. It will move slowly or stop moving at all.

These switches also have control of the heating system and body massage equipment. So when you see these problems check the power switch and all the fuses.

Sometimes wire harness is disconnected from the switch, and the chair stops moving. First, check the connectors of the power switch that connect it to the power harness. Then, in case of disconnection, connect it properly to its respective site.

To replace the power switch, you have to remove the chair and disconnect it from all the other parts.

Then place a new switch, and tighten up all the screws after fixing it on its position. Finally, push it gently to maintain its integrity for a more extended period.

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