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Common Problems with Cruiser RV

Common Problems with Cruiser RV

Cruiser RV is famous for manufacturing motorhomes and travel trailers. Their vehicles are famous among people due to their comfortable and luxurious interior.

Common Problems with Cruiser RV include shower leakage in the bathroom due to old or bad quality pipes. The propane from the heaters and stoves also leaks, making the interior smelly and suffocated. The slide-out is also causing the issue and gets stuck due to poor lubrication and dust. The drawers are not appropriately mounted and start to vibrate at high speed or on bumpy roads.

It has some problems but has become famous, and people are purchasing them due to its extended warranty they can repair their parts from customer care centers. In addition, it also has a kingsize bed which is enough for almost two people.

Propane leakage

Propane gas is beneficial for propane heaters, and stoves in the RV are common because they are more valuable than thermostats.

The leakage of propane from these appliances is dangerous; it can cause serious issues, including suffocation because of gas accumulation in the interior environment.

People use them in heaters to make the interior comfortable during a cool environment. In addition, they also play a vital role in the ignition of stoves in the kitchen for cooking your favorite food.

Many people complain that they feel the smell of gas when they awake in the morning from the kitchen area or from their living rooms where the heaters are present.

The leakage in these appliances is due to manufacturing default which can occur during the manufacturing of these travel trailers.

In addition, this problem will also occur when there is leakage in the main pipe that supplies gas to the other parts of your RV.

Sometimes the seal with these appliances that connect these pipes with the stove and heater also corrode due to high humidity, become damaged, and cause gas leaking.

The cracks will also produce in the pipes when they become old or due to low-quality pipes that can damage after some time and propane coming from them.

You can resolve this issue by installing carbon monoxide detectors to sense this leakage and make sounds in an emergency.

It is also better to check the pipes if any crack is present than change them and replace them with new ones. You should also check the seal, tighten them if they are loose, and change the bolts if corrosion is present.

Improper working of slide-out

Slide-outs are a vital component of the Cruiser RVs to extend the space when you need them. Many people open them at night time to sleep comfortably in the large area.

When slide-outs are not coming out, it will cause an issue for people who cannot sleep all night comfortably because of short space.

Many people complain that they are causing an issue because of fault in slide-out motors. The slide-out motors need a high voltage supply of current to work efficiently.

The switches of these RVs have a low current supply that can blow off when you install the socket of these motors, and they will not work.

In addition, when you park them due to continuous rain outside, the water can accumulate on their side.

The accumulation of water can produce corrosion on sides due to which it becomes stuck, and people cannot be able to open them.

They will also jam and cannot come in and out smoothly due to poor lubrication. Sometimes foreign particles, including dust, will also accumulate when you move in areas with high dust.

The presence of these dust particles on their sides can cause hinder their smooth movement and proper functioning.

The continuous friction during movement also burns out the motor because it has to work more and put more effort.

You should resolve this issue by taking proper care and maintenance to last long. In addition, you should lubricate it with good-quality lubricants for appropriate movement.

It is also better to check the moto, wires, and gears to perform their function adequately. You can also lubricate their sides to seal them, preventing the entry of dust particles and water.

You should also use a 12-volt power switch to plug their motors to provide enough power supply for efficient performance.

Drawer not mounted properly

Drawers are also a crucial component of your trailers to store different equipment and other accessories.

People can place their excessive luggage like bags, shirts, files, and other documents during traveling.

If draws are not coming out, it will cause an issue for placement of excessive luggage. In addition, people feel difficulty putting off their files and important documents.

Many people who use Cruiser travel trailers complain that drawers are not appropriately mounted; they come out after some time.

Most of my friends who used them also said that their drawers come out when they drive on bumpy roads.

Due to continuous vibration, they can lose their strength and cause displacement from their original position.

In addition, it can also be a manufacturing fault that they are not installed properly and coming out after some time.

Furthermore, the screws and bolts are also necessary to fasten them longer. The screws and bolts become loose when they become old or driving your vehicle on bumpy roads.

Due to loose screws, the drawers are not appropriately mounted and come out repeatedly. It will also cause disturbance for people.

Moreover, due to improper mounting, they are vibrating continuously and producing uneven noise, disturbing people’s sleep during the nighttime and feeling uncomfortable.

You should resolve this issue by adequately mounting them at their place. If there is manufacturing faulty, then consult with customer repair center to fix them.

You can also tighten the nuts and bolts to fix them at their place. In addition, you can also change the rail slides if there is an issue in them for their correct movement.

Damaged power switch

Power switches are present in RVs, so you can use your electrical equipment like stove heaters and charge your phones.

Sometimes these switches will cause issues, and people face problems turning on heavy electrical devices like ovens and refrigerators because they drain more power.

The power switches of these travel trailers are of low ampere; they are only helpful for less voltage electrical devices.

They do not provide enough power to turn your heavy appliances on them. People complain that their ovens are not working in the vehicles they start to trip because of low power supply from the sockets.

They also complain that when they turn ON their ovens while charging their phones and heaters, the ovens will not start because of no power coming from the sockets.

In addition, the switches will also not work if you are using the refrigerators and ovens at the same time. You cannot use these switches for refrigerators and ovens because they will also blow out due to tripping when there is not enough power supply.

When you see that your ovens are not working, you should check the power supply rather than troubleshooting the ovens.

You can resolve this issue by using switches that supply electrical power more than 12 amperes for running these electrical devices.

In addition, you should also take care that you don’t turn ON the ovens and refrigerators simultaneously to fix this problem.

Bathroom problems

The bathrooms of this travel trailer also have many issues that disturb people’s comfort levels. However, they are necessary because people have to shower to make them fresh.

Cruiser RV shower leaks from the side because of faulty pipes that have become old. In addition, the leakage from the line also occurs due to their loose connection.

The loose bolts from the interconnected regions of the pipes will also cause water leakage at night time.

Many people complain that the leakage of water all day from the shower also affects the quality of the floor and makes white spots on them.

The leakage during all the day will increase the presence of moisture and more chances of mildews to grow there.

The commode is also backflows the water, which is an unstable situation and problematic for people. In addition, the backflow of water will occur due to compacted drain pipes.

In addition, the backflow will also occur in the toilets when you park them for a long time, and something gets stuck in them like dust.

Furthermore, the drain pipes also become clogged due to toilet papers and tissues. There is sometimes an issue in the main sewerage line, which is also causing that issue.

Due to overflow, the water is also leaking from the backside of the commode. You should fix it by checking the pipes and replacing them with new ones if they are old.

In addition, you should also ensure that you are wasting toilet papers, swaps, and tissues properly in the bin.

You can also fix this fault by draining the commode with a mixture of baking soda and warm water so it can clear the pipelines for a steady flow of water.

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