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Common Problems with Chinook RVs

Common Problems with Chinook RVs

Chinook RV is famous for making luxurious motorhomes according to the demand and need of the customers for the last four decades. 

Common Problems with Chinook RVs include inadequate charging of the battery and the use of low-quality cup holders in their motorhomes. The loose connection of the generator will create a vibrating sound in the compartment. Moreover, many people also complain about the leakage of freshwater tanks.

This company closed its business in 2005 and the company did not make the new model. Moreover, it is a small motorhome where you can easily park in small places.

Vibrating sound from generator

The generator in the vehicle converts the mechanical energy into electrical energy. It provides the current to the battery for charging.

Moreover, it also supplies the electrical charge to the whole electrical system in the motorhome. Finally, it produces a magnetic field; the strength of the magnetic field depends on the turns of the coil.

The more and nearer turns of the coil will produce a strong magnetic field compared to the fewer turns. If any of the generator’s components are loose, it will move from its place, and you will hear a vibrating sound in it.

Sometimes the use of poor quality oil in the vehicle also creates the knocking sound. As a result, you will feel vibration during driving.

Chinook RV has almost everything you need, so the electrical appliances get energy from the generator. Sometimes there is not enough oil is, and it jams the moving parts.

When you start the engine, the dryness of the components will produce vibration in the generator compartment.

Many people complain about the displacement of the generator on a sudden brake when the professional does not adjust it properly and tighten the screws.

The spring between the mounting plate and generator is present to absorb the vibration. If the spring or mounting plate loses its ability to work, you feel a rattling sound from the generator.

The vibration also occurs when there is improper fuel ignition by the heat of compression. It happens when the piston moves up in the compression stroke.

When you drive the vehicle at a higher speed, it also creates a rattling sound due to the loose bracket of the exhaust system.

You should change the oil and use a supreme quality oil for proper working. Also, change the old worn-out wires and plugs to transfer the current without distraction.

You can check the spring between the generator and mounting plates if you have a skill. However, it is better to take it to the workshop to tighten and adjust the screws.

Dribbling of the freshwater tank

There is a freshwater tank on the lower side near the chassis. It supplies fresh water to the kitchen and toilet. You fill and drain water manually when you need it.

Most companies used high-quality tanks to store water for a long time. Sometimes it cracks and damages due to some reasons.

As it is present at the bottom side, driving on the uneven road surface touches the water tank and damages its surface for a long time.

The cracks occur when you use the low-quality material tank in your vehicle. Moreover, the heat from the engine compartment also melts it slowly and creates leakage.

It also creates a hole to which water drips from the tank and lowers the quantity of water. The spot can be on the top or rear side of the water tank.

Many people forget to close the valve after filling the tank, so the water leaks and spread under the RV. If you find water, you should check the inlet and outlet first.

When the alignment of the chassis disturbs, it also changes the position of the water tank. As a result, it bends at the side while driving; it losses the joint of pipes due to heavy load.

The water will drip at the loose junction, and people will face difficulty. Therefore, it is better to change the old and cracked tank before going on a trip.

You can also tighten the nuts near the joints to minimize the dripping of water. It is better to take this to the professional for chassis adjustment, which will ultimately level the position of the water tank.

Small Interior

The tiny interior of the Chinook motorhome provides less living space in it for people traveling distant places. It also affects the rest time because it does not have a full-size bed and luxurious interior.

As this is a small vehicle, it lacks furniture and tables. Moreover, it does not have a luxury and medium-sized kitchen; instead, it only has shelves to place kitchen accessories.

There is no proper flow of water to the bathroom and the kitchen due to the lack of space. As a result, it lacks a bathtub; instead, it only has a small toilet.

Many people like to play indoor games such as chess etc., on vacations, but you cannot take these things with you if you have this RV.

When you place the leather couch and sofa in the small interior, they will be near each other. There is no space for proper aeration between the furniture.

The furniture and couches will damage the sides due to the humidity and moisture. 

Furthermore, this vehicle does not have ventilators and oversized windows for aeration and sunlight. Therefore, it will create a suffocating environment and also create a smell.

Many people complain about the growth of mold and mildew in the interior due to a lack of ventilation. You should minimize the other things to create a room for comfort.

It is better to add a sofa bed in the motorhome so that you can use it for both sleep and sitting purpose. Also, opening the small windows for airflow; it will reduce mold growth.

You should avoid the great upholstery furniture to make the space for other items. Instead, take your sports kit with you and play outside the vehicle if you want entertainment.

Battery Problems

The battery supplies the current to the devices and helps the engine start. The type of battery depends on the kind of RV you own.

Sometimes the faulty battery produces excessive heat in the compartment and damages the parts. It also melts the wires and sockets, which ultimately causes the short circuit.

The low-quality mounts, belts, and corroded connections of the battery, and extreme cold or hot outside are the reasons for its damage. In addition, the charging problem and issue in the electrical drainage damages the battery.

The inadequate charging, defective wiring, and faulty fuses all affect the normal working of the battery.

Many drivers forget to turn off the headlights, which remain open for longer. 

If you hear the click sound when you turn the key in the ignition, it is the indicator of fault in the battery. 

Check the working of the radiator fan before going on a tour; otherwise, your motorhome can stop at any place.

Cup holder problems

The cup holders are essential to place the cups and glass in them. It holds the small or large size cups depending on the depth and width of the holder.

This vehicle has a cup holder tray between the seats and at the sides of the couches. Instead, the company used the low-quality glass mate on the sofa’s arm.

There are two types of cup holders; one is a tray having the space for cups. One tray has different sizes, depths, and areas for glasses.

The other type is simply the circular bar with a hanger. You can attach it anywhere you want; mainly, the manufacturer places it at the back of the seats.

When you put the cup in the lower quality holder, it will bend or tilt it. If the company used the lower quality tray at the chairs’ arm, it could break.

Sometimes the poor quality glass holders melt or shrink when you put hot or cold glass in them. You can solve this issue by the replacement of superior quality holders.

Do not place the large size glass holders because the chance of breakage increases. You should know the holding capacity of the holders and do not put the glass filled with a drink on it.

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