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Common Problems with Riverside RV

Common Problems with Riverside RV

Vohne Liche started Riverside RVs in 2008. They are manufacturing the best trailers in America that are lighter, easy to tow, and take less space for parking.

Common Problems with Riverside RV include low-quality furniture; the upholstery of sofas starts to damage after some time due to moisture. In addition, the speakers stop working due to wiring issues. Its heater does not work adequately and cannot provide warm water. The awnings also get repeatedly separated, causing direct heat entry from windows. The paneling of cabinets becomes loose due to the dryness of glue.

Their RVs are famous among people because they are family and pet-friendly. In addition, they are less costly than other ones and decrease the repairing cost by providing a warranty of more than six months to their customers.

Low-quality furniture

The furniture is present in RVs with a wide variety, including sofas, king-size beds, and dinette chairs.

The table is a necessary component because people love to sit on couches during nighttime for gossip with their friends and families.

The high-quality sofas and chairs matter a lot because the ones of good quality will last for a longer time and are also less susceptible to damage.

Many of my friends who use these Riverside travel trailers complain that they have problems with the furniture because of their low quality.

They said that the upholstery of sofas starts to damage after some time. Also, their color becomes dull and looks old due to frequent use.

In addition, the quality of upholstered covers is also poor, which can damage easily due to slight exposure to water or changes in environmental conditions.

Moreover, the upholstery will also become damaged when you cannot maintain its cleanliness for a longer time.

The accumulation of dust will cause the molds to grow there and cause scraping off the layers of sofas and dinette chairs.

You should resolve this issue by proper maintenance and cleanliness regularly. You should clean the dust and dirt from the covers by using a vacuum cleaner.

Moreover, you can also use the dryer to soak out the excessive moisture from their surface.

Damaged floor

The floors of this trailer are specifically made of wooden material to give them a luxurious look.

Furthermore, the manufacturing company also uses this material for floor manufacturing because it is less costly to maintain and contributes less weight.

The issue is that the reliability of these wooden floors is less than aluminum and steel ones.

The wooden materials are at more risk of damage from water presence. The water is dripping from the sliding window on the sidewall and damaging the floor.

The presence of water causes the rotting of wooden materials, and they become fragile and easily breakable. As a result, they become weak, and when you place something heavy on their surface, it starts to sag down.

Moreover, the rotting of the wooden floor will also occur when you place heavy furniture at the same place for a longer time.

This is because the air will not cross from them, and the accumulation of dust and debris will make the surface fragile.

You should resolve this issue in Riverside RVs by changing sofas, chairs, and beds. You can also remove dirt and debris on the lower side of the furniture to prevent this issue.

You can also check the leakage from all sides of your RV that becomes the reason for rooting in wooden floors.

The wheel bearing cap fell off

The wheel bearing caps are present on your tires, and they are beneficial to cover them and provide a protective layer.

The wheel bearings are primarily made of metal material; the outer covering of these caps prevents them from corrosion.

The corrosion will decrease their life and also cause failure. In addition, the corrosion is caused by dust and mud on the road, reducing the longevity of wheel bearings when caps are not present on them.

These caps are falling off from the wheel bearings due to their inappropriate size, and when wheels produce centrifugal force during spinning, it will cause this issue.

In addition, they also fell off due to changes in temperature because they are made up of metal material that contracts on cooling temperature and becomes loose.

The cotter pin is also present on the grease cap to secure their position and movement; when the cotter pin is missing, these caps fall off.

You should fix this fault by properly installing these caps in your trailer’s wheel with the help of expert mechanics.

Moreover, you should also purchase the caps according to their appropriate size so they can fit easily. 

Separation of awnings 

The awnings are crucial for the trailers because they provide shady areas with direct sunlight exposure.

Most people prefer the awnings on the window side to open them when direct light from the sun comes to the trailer’s interior.

Awnings are attached to the doors and windows sides with the help of screws and bolts, so they remain at their place.

Many people complain that they get separated from the widows when traveling on bumpy roads. Due to continuous vibration, the nuts and bolts become loose and cause their separation.

In addition, the screws also come out from the thin walls of the RVs after some time and lead to this fault.

People feel difficulty surviving on hot summer days without them because direct heat from sunlight comes to their interior, which can also decrease the working of air conditioners, and they cannot provide proper cooling.

You should resolve this issue by securing them with good-quality screws that last for a longer time. You can also tighten them after some months so they can keep the awnings at their place.

Damaged Speakers

Speakers are present in these trailers to make the journey enjoyable with friends and family so they can listen to their favorite music.

Many of my friends who used Riverside RVs complain that their speakers are blown out for several reasons.

One of the most common reasons they found is that leakage from the ceiling can cause water entry into speakers, which can cause their fuse to blow out.

In addition, physical damage can also lead to this fault. It will also start to lose its functionality when it becomes old.

The other reason for faulty speakers is that you consistently use them higher than their average frequency and safe listening levels.

The other issue that will increase the risk of their damage is a high power supply to their coil. The surge of power supply from the source will cause overheating in these coils, and they will burn out and, as a result, be unable to perform their function.

You should resolve this issue when you are not hearing any voice from the speakers check the electricity or power supply.

You should also clean the dust from them regularly to last for longer. You should also prevent the entry of water to fix this fault.

Faulty water heater

Water heaters are an essential part of RVs during the cold winter days for baths and other purposes.

Many people complain that their water heaters are not working correctly; they cannot supply hot water after some time.

The problem is that the hot water supply comes when there is some fault in the thermostat of these heaters that helps them ignite.

In addition, this fault will also occur when these devices become old and lose their functionality. It stops working due to the accumulation of sediments that, as a result, clogged the supply of water to the bathrooms.

May times, small-sized water heaters are present in the trailers that cannot work according to the water demand and pressure coming from the tank.

In addition, the problem with electrical connections and sockets will also cause hindrance in working of water heaters and supply of hot water.

You should resolve this issue by changing the broken or damaged thermostats and replacing them with new ones.

You can also check the wiring connections; if there is some fault in the electrical supply, then fix it.

Loose cabinet’s paneling

The cabinets also have paneling to protect their surface from damage and make them look beautiful.

The paneling will start to lose its place due to several issues and starts to scrape off from the surface of cabinets.

The scraping of paneling is due to low-quality glue that loses strength after some time. It will also scrape off from the cabinets due to humidity.

Sometimes the peel off from the cabinets will also occur when they become old. You should resolve this issue by using good-quality glue that keeps them at their place for a longer time.

In addition, you should also protect them from excessive heat and moisture entry.

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