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Common Problems with Braxton Creek RV

Common Problems with Braxton Creek RV

Many people like Braxton Creek trailers and RVs for long tours because it looks like a small home. The manufacturer arranged all the accessories within the small cabin.

Common Problems with Braxton Creek RV include the blinking of lights due to low-quality wires. In addition, the melting of wires can affect the working of electrical appliances. It is a small RV, so there is a storage issue for additional equipment such as sports kits and musical instruments. Faulty installation of the kitchen cabinet does hold the weight of dishes and falls. Moreover, poor ventilation, water heater issues, and uncomfortable bed mattresses decrease their value.

The manufacturing of this trailer is the best and looks stunning in a teardrop shape. It has a protective covering on the outer surface so that you can take it anywhere in any season.

Blinking ceiling lights

The company lightens the internal cabin by placing bright lights. People can use the bright and dim lights according to their needs.

The ceiling lights look charming and brighten the cabin. Moreover, the company designed the trailer so that every wire is hidden and lights are equal to the surface.

Although the lights are of good quality, sometimes the problem occurs. For example, many people complain about the blinking of ceiling lights during traveling.

People turn on the light at the end of the day or when the sun sets, but unfortunately, the ceiling lights do not work correctly.

The blinking of lights interrupts the reading and concentration. It also makes the surroundings blurry for you.

The melting of power supply wires at any point interrupts the flow of charges, and as a result, the lights start blinking.

People mentioned that the loose connection of the wires with the battery is also the reason for the improper functioning of lights.

You should check the battery connection and power supply as soon as possible because it can burn the wires and damage nearby. Replace the old and worn-out wires timely; protect the bulbs from short circuits.

Poor ventilation

There should be an opening for a proper ventilation system in the camper to get enough sunlight and fresh air.

It is not a big trailer, but the company tried to give everything in the small cabin. There is an improper ventilation system because it has a small window.

One side of the travel trailer has a circular or bending wall, so it does not open for ventilation. The closed structure makes the internal environment humid, and sometimes you feel suffocated.

When the sunlight does not enter the cabin for a long time, there is an irritating smell due to moist surfaces, especially in winters.

It also puts a load on the fuel for using more air conditioners to keep the environment cool in summer.

In addition, many people say that its exhaust does not work efficiently and pulls the air and moisture out of the RV.

It is better to open the window and doors when there is sun outside. Then, you can use the room freshener for the smell.

Many people prefer to take out the furniture to get air and sun after returning from the vacations.

Moreover, you can take it to the workshop and get a roof vent in it. So it will work as a ventilator and source of light as well.

Uncomfortable bed mattress

People tow it with the vehicle when they are going far away from their home as it has a bed and couches for rest.

In addition, the quality of the furniture and upholstery matters. For example, I felt uncomfortable when I rested for a while on the bed. It happened due to the low quality of the mattress.

I changed my place and sit on the couch, but its upholstery was hard and uncomfortable for me. The company uses this type of material because it has a low cost compared to the others.

Moreover, the cushions are also filled with low-quality material. The company did not get the mattress size according to the bed in good quality.

As a result, it placed the available things cushions and foam in the trailer. You can take this to the company if the warranty is valid to change the bed mattress.

Place the additional cushions and pillows if you are on a long route. It will give a cozy rest area, and you will have a sound sleep.

Water heater problems

The water heater provides warm water for bath and dishwashing in the RV. However, its working depends on the proper connection with the battery.

Sometimes the propane level drops and affects the working of the water heater. As a result, you will get cold water in winters.

The water heater’s thermostat also affects its efficiency, and the water does not hot when you open the tap.

The low-quality water tank gets rust and creates small holes at the bottom and sides of the tank. As a result, it leaks the water into the trailer, and the quantity of warm water decreases.

In addition, leakage of water damages the nearby area. The malfunctioning of the water heater creates problems in the supply of hot water to all taps.

People complain about the sedimentation of minerals at the bottom of the water tank. When the temperature of the water increases, it separates the minerals. The minerals settle down at the bottom.

It damages the water tank when a thick layer ultimately lowers its efficiency. So first, you should check the valve through which hot water comes. Next, check the thermostat and propane level of the water heater.

The manufacturer recommends cleaning the tank timely to remove the sediments and rust. 

Poor installation of kitchen cabinets

There are small kitchen cabinets in the kitchen area for dishes and spices. People cook delicious food and enjoy their trip.

The manufacturer used wood to make all the cupboards. However, it has the best construction, but the cabinets are loose and fall.

People face this problem when they open the cabinet door to take something. The cabinets swing and fall by leaving the spot on the wall.

The manufacturer did not staple the kitchen cabinets together. It is the main reason for falling wooden boxes. The low cost and poor quality wooden glue also loses attraction to the wall.

In addition, weak wooden shelves do not bear the heavyweight dishes and break from the joining point. The growth of molds and water leakage near the kitchen will spoil the wood and weaken its strength.

You should not place heavy dishes on the upper cabinets. Instead, take it to the workshop and ask the workers to apply the wooden glue.

Remove the molds and weak cabinets from the trailers. You should check the quality of the wood at the time of purchase.

Less Storage

People use the trailer for comfort and transport sensitive material to a distant place. The primary purpose is the home-like and cozy environment. Sometimes people also want to take the sports kit, musical instruments, and other things.

It will be challenging to take these things along with Braxton Creek RV. It is small in size but the professional organized all the things. You cannot add more accessories to it.

It only provides space for two people because it has a small bed. As a result, people feel uncomfortable when they take their children along.

You cannot place the additional mattress on the floor because there is only space for walking.

However, you can arrange the things in the cabin to make the space. Remove the useless stuff if you want to add additional kits.

Remove the chairs to place the small bed or mattress on the floor for more people. The sofa bed is the best option because you can use it as a sofa in the day and bed at night.

Utilize the space under the bend wall for the placement of necessary things. For example, you can also make shelves and small cabins.

Melting of wires

The battery supplies the power to the whole trailer through wires. The company used the cables according to the cost of the RV.

Sometimes the professional does not connect the wires correctly. As a result, the current flows from the wire, causing it to heat up. The heating of the insulation is due to the increased magnetic field around the coils.

First, the insulation melts, and then it weakens the connection. The charges waste from the weak points and increase the heat in the surrounding.

It affects the wires and also melts them. So there are chances of spark and fire when you do not notice for a longer time.

Many people do not change the wiring after a long time, and it starts melting. The melting occurs due to the old and worn-out wires in the Braxton Creek travel trailers.

It affects the lights and electrical appliances. Sometimes the burning odor comes from the switches. The improper functioning of the devices indicates an issue in the wiring.

You should check the connection when you smell the burning smell and blinking of lights. It will reduce the risk of huge damage.

The connection of the wires with the battery should b correct. You should charge its battery when it becomes old and does not supply the required power to the RV.

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