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Common Problems with inTech RV

Common Problems with inTech RV

inTech RV started in 2010 with great features and designs for its campers and trailers. They have some issues with their vehicles, but people are purchasing them due to their exterior aluminum cage. 

Common Problems with inTech RV include less storage space for the placement of extra tires and other plumbing equipment. The walls of these campers are poorly insulated, and people feel uncomfortable during winters due to cold walls. Air conditioners also produce noise due to dust in air filters or faulty fan motors. The blinds of windows also break due to low-quality material.

In addition, they have a luxurious and comfortable dinette space for 3 to 4 people. Their campers have large windows to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the outside environment.

Large bed 

These RVs contain queen-sized beds for the rest of people when they want to sleep at night. Beds are a comfortable place for rest after getting tired from the long journey.

The queen-size bed in a camper is also a problem because they take more space. Moreover, the interior space of these vehicles is less, and people face problems due to large-sized beds.

People also face issues when they want to get out of the bed because they have only one wall on the bathroom side.

People often complain that their feet get injured when they get out of bed. The side tables present on top of one another also take more space.

These tables only bound space from the side of walls, and people also face difficulty moving around their furniture.

It is very challenging when you cannot walk properly in the camper, and only 2 to 3 persons can live in them comfortably.

Due to this large-sized bed, adjusting other furniture in a small interior is also problematic. It only has one side to getting out of bed. It can disturb the sleep of other people when he has to climb over the other person sleeping next to him to get out of bed.

You can resolve this issue by replacing the bed with small ones that adequately fit the interior structure.

You can also fix this fault by removing the tables placed over one another on the window side. It will also be better to put carpets and use floor bedding rather than a large bed frame.

Bad insulation 

The major problem on the interior side is that walls have poor insulation during winter days. Therefore, it will cause an issue because people cannot survive in the winter days.

Many of my friends who used this camper complain that he feels too cold when he travels to cold areas in this vehicle.

The coldness is due to poor insulation that the walls cannot restore and maintain the temperature during winters.

Due to their regular use, propane heaters working on cold days also go wrong. People also complain that they feel colder at night and will ultimately disturb their sleep.

Due to these poorly insulated walls, the water pipes and water tanks inside the camper remain cool during winters.

Sometimes the pipes remain as much cool that they start to burst and leak from different areas due to frozen temperature.

The poorly insulated walls also increase the moisture content, affecting the different parts and allowing the molds to grow there.

You should resolve this issue by placing pillows around your walls to prevent coldness from coming from these walls.

It is suitable to coat them with a layer of fiberglass to prevent heat loss and maintain the temperature according to environmental conditions.

Less storage space

Storage space is always a big issue in the inTech trailers due to their small-sized interior and fewer cabinets. In addition, when you are going on trips, you have to take a lot of luggage, and for camping, you can also take camping tools.

These luggage bags are difficult to adjust the two to three people. In addition, it has fewer cabinets, and people face difficulty in storing their clothes.

When people cannot adjust their clothes and other accessories in the cabinets, the accommodation of this luggage on the floors will also cause the issue.

The luggage bag will irritate people and hurt them when they want to walk on the floor; the bathrooms also have small space, and the height of their roof is also less.

The roof with a small height is also problematic because when water droplets from the shower come in contact with construction material, it will cause leakage and scrapping of roof material.

Due to less storage space, people feel difficulty placing their clothes in cabinets, and they become dirty because of dust from the open area.

Moreover, the storage area for the placement of spare tires is not present in these vehicles. Therefore, people always take the extra wheel to change them in an emergency.

There is no proper storage box for these tires and other plumbing equipment. However, you can resolve this issue and place extra wheels and tires chock under the beds.

You can adjust the space for the placement of cloths by using extenders to hang more than one cloth.

Damaged Window blinds

Windows blinds are necessary to prevent unnecessary light and heat from coming from outside.

Moreover, these blinds also give a relaxed and luxurious look to your camper. Many people complain that their windows blinds start to break after 5 to 6 months.

The breakage can occur when you frequently use their string for up and down, and then it will decrease their strength and longevity.

In addition, it will also break after some when they are made up of low-quality materials, which cannot last for a long time.

Sometimes the windows that come in contact with the direct heat of the sun their blinds become faulty after some months due to excessive exposure to sun heat.

These blinds also have some age when they become old they lose their strength and become brittle thank can be damaged easily.

The slats of blinds will also break due to their exposure to some physical stress. People can also take their pets during their trips which can also cause damage to their blinds.

The long-term exposure to high moisture can also decrease their durability. You can fix this issue by installing new ones when they become damaged ultimately.

If one or two slats become damaged, you can use screws to fix them. However, you should not open and close them frequently at a single time.

It will also be better to turn them close when excessive light and heat are coming from the sun.

Noise in AC fans

Air conditioners are an integral part of RVs because you cannot survive in high temperatures without them for a long time.

Sometimes air conditioners present in inTech RVs start to make noise that is very uncomfortable for people, especially at night.

The noise production indicates some issue in the internal parts of this machinery, and you cannot ignore it; otherwise, it will ultimately damage your AC.

The uneven noise from the ac during nighttime because their motor fan is not working correctly.

It will also produce abnormal sounds when the blower motor is not working correctly to provide warm air during cold weather conditions.

When you are not maintaining its cleanliness, the dust particles start to accumulate in the air filters and coils of the condensers that which will also produce a rattling sound.

Sometimes this rattling sound will also produce due to loose screws of internal parts, causing continuous vibration.

Due to high compressor pressure or leakage of refrigerants, it will also produce hissing sound at night, disturbing people’s sleep.

When you recognize these sounds, you should check all the parts of your AC to fix the issue. You should review the refrigerant leak from the coils of compressors.

You can also access the working of the blower motor that its fan is appropriately running to keep the interior cool and warm according to weather conditions.

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