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Is My Phone Compatible with Ford SYNC?

Is My Phone Compatible with Ford SYNC?

You can check your phone’s compatibility from the Ford website by entering your truck and phone model.

It offers excellent features like voice recognition to open mobile applications, music, calls, and text messages without diverting your attention from the road. 

Is My Phone Compatible with Ford SYNC? Ford SYNC is compatible with most phones from famous brands having Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry operating systems. The only requirement is the availability of a Bluetooth wireless option in your phone to enable pairing with the infotainment system on a Ford vehicle.

Ford SYNC is the popular infotainment system in Ford vehicles to ensure easy driving by access to your phone.

Is My Phone Compatible with Ford SYNC?

To connect your phone with the Ford Sync infotainment system in your Ford truck, it should have few features available as a preliminary requirement.

However, here is a set of attributes whose availability makes your device compatible with the infotainment system. 

Bluetooth connection

This system uses Bluetooth wireless devices in your device to connect with it.

Therefore this feature of your device must be present and enabled for pairing between the two devices.

The ability of Bluetooth pairing

To play music, make phone calls, or send text messages while driving, your device needs pairing to access the SYNC system.

Therefore without pairing between the two, you cannot use the features of Ford SYNC. During pairing, devices identify each other with a 6-digit pin on both of them.

Visibility to other devices

Bluetooth pairing needs the visibility or discoverability of your device is turned ON to connect with the Ford.

Therefore, tap the Bluetooth settings and turn the visibility of your device to nearby Bluetooth devices ON.

Moreover, your phone should be in close vicinity of the sync system in your truck to make a connection. 

Phone Operating system

Compatible operating systems with Ford SYNC are Android, iOS, Windows, and Blackberry.

Android version 5.0 or later, iOS 6 or later, Microsoft Windows 7.0 or later, and Blackberry 10.0 or later versions.

Therefore, check the software version of the operating system on your phone to verify its compatibility and other auto-related apps. 

List of compatible Phone brands with Ford SYNC

Multiple phones with varying operating systems are compatible with the Ford infotainment system.

There are 4 versions of Ford SYNC having several features and upgrades. You can connect any mobile with its Bluetooth service to the Ford system.

However, the available features depend on its model and software version installed in it.   

Operating system Phone brands Examples of the compatible phone with Ford SYNC
Android Samsung





Galaxy S9 plus

Bello II X150

Xperia C5

Defy + MB526

Redmi 5 plus

IOS Apple iPhone 8 Plus
Windows HTC Windows Phone 8S
BlackBerry OS BlackBerry BlackBerry 9720

How to check the compatibility of Ford SNYC with your Phone?

Compatible phones with the Ford SYNC infotainment system can vary for different versions from Ford Sync to Ford Sync 4.0 or 4A.

Moreover, it also depends on the vehicle model and its year of manufacturing.

However, most of them have a single essential requirement to have an enabled Bluetooth wireless device located closely with your truck.

Go to the Ford website

First of all, visit the Ford website to access authentic information regarding compatible smartphones with various models of vehicles.

Then, search on the website regarding your relevant information under the support section.

You will find a page with drop-down menus to select the available information regarding your vehicle.

Select your Ford truck model and its manufacturing year

The first step is to select your truck type and its model year. Next, there are two drop-down menus for your truck model and its year of manufacturing.

All models from Ford F150 to Ford Mustang Mach-E can select from to access the information about mobile phones most compatible with this system.

Select your phone brand and model

The next step is to select your device from available brands and models. It contains three drop-down menus for the brand, model, and software version of your mobile.

You can choose by clicking on the brand menu, and you will find all famous brands like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry to budget-friendly options like Huawei, Xiaomi, and ZTE.

Next, select the manufacturer of your mobile and proceed to the model tab. The company has announced to update this list frequently after testing the compatibility of the latest models.

Next, select the model of your device from the available list. Finally, the third menu is the software version of your mobile device according to the first two selections you have made.

In the case of multiple software versions, you can select the one by checking it from the settings menu of your device.

Select all the three menus of the mobile phones you want to compare and verify which features are available or absent in specific models. 

Check the compatibility rating and available features

The next step shows the compatibility rating based on available features according to your selection of its brand and its model.

Compatibility rating is in the form of 5 stars. They rate the phones based on 8 standard available features, including phonebook download, call history download, making a phone call, Music control, music playback, display media info, text message alert, and send text messages.

You will find a green tick for available features and a red cross sign in front of missing ones. 

Consult Ford Customer Care for Compatible Mobile Phone with Ford SYNC

If you modify or update the available infotainment system in your truck, you will not find the correct information on the website.

In that case, you should consult their customer care or an expert mechanic regarding compatible phones to utilize the available features fully.

Moreover, your vehicle’s owner manual will also provide you with detailed information regarding the Sync version and its features, and how to connect it with your phone.

There are separate procedures and applications like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to use various features and access the Ford SYNC.

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